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Representation of Chromatic Emperor Timmy II, or pineApple in common parlance
Active CanvasesCanvas 25 - 27,
Canvas 34 - present
Pixels Placed~200,000
Faction of the Color Crimson (C25)
Navy Blue Grand Monarchy (C25 - 27, C42 - present)
Principality of Bahamaland (C27, C34 - present)
League of Factions (C37 - present)
Pxls News Press (C37 - 38)
The Pixel Piper (C38 - present)
Pride Faction (C43? - 52?, C70 - present)
Principality of Bulgaria Pxls (C50? - present)
Principality of Nonexistent Canvas (C51 - present)
Chromatic Empire (C55 - present)
Lesser Kingdom of Magenta (C57 - present)
Cell Lattice (C58 - 59)
Principality of FURU Pxls (C60 - present)
Watermelon Province (C60 - present)
Archduchy of Bells (C65)
Archduchy of New Cells (C67 - present)
Lesser Kingdom of Crimson (C67 - present)
Principality of Video Game Artists (C70 - present)

pineApple (known as Liam on Discord) is a user who joined on August 5, 2019 (during Canvas 25), under the name Timmy. He leads the House of Cromburg, ruling over the Chromatic Empire, Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, Principality of Bahamaland and League of Factions. He also had tenures as administrator of Cell Lattice and moderator of Pride Faction. He was a senior writer of the Pxls News Press, but then started writing The Pixel Piper.


He was known as Timmy from Canvas 25 to Canvas 27. In honor of this time period, he began calling himself Timmy II after the revival of the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, which retroactively made the regnal name of his original account Timmy I. He also goes by pineApple, the name of his current Pxls account or Liam.


"I think Liam is awesome, and has helped me plenty throughout my time on Pxls" - Eve

Affiliated factions

Directly affiliated

A depiction of the Chromatic Emperor by Weird_Kit.
Faction Position Time frame Note
Faction of the Color Crimson (FoTCC) Owner and Chief Spokesman Canvas 25 As Timmy I.
Navy Blue Grand Monarchy (NBGM) Grand Monarch Canvas 25 - 27, Canvas 42 - Present As Timmy I and later as Timmy II.
Principality of Bahamaland (BLand) Prince Canvas 27, Canvas 34 - Present As Timmy I during the Bahamas Lattice era and as Timmy II during the Bahamaland era.
League of Factions (LOF) Owner and Senior Councilor Canvas 37 - Present N/A
Pxls News Press (PNP) Journalist Canvas 37 - 38 N/A
The Pixel Piper (TPP) Owner Canvas 38 - Present N/A
Pride Faction Moderator ~Canvas 43 - ~52, C70 - Present N/A
Principality of Bulgaria Pxls (BG Pxls) General ~Canvas 50 - Present As Timmy II.
Principality of Nonexistent Canvas (NEC) Prince Canvas 51 - Present As Timmy II.
Chromatic Empire (ChE) Chromatic Emperor Canvas 55 - Present As Timmy II.
Lesser Kingdom of Magenta (LKoM) Elector Canvas 57 - Present As Timmy II.
Cell Lattice (CL) Administrator Canvas 58 - 59 As Timmy II.
Principality of FURU Pxls Moderator Canvas 60 - Present As Timmy II.
Watermelon Province General Canvas 60 - Present As Timmy II.
Archduchy of Bells Archduke Canvas 65 As Timmy II.
Archduchy of New Cells (NC) Archduke Canvas 67 - Present As Timmy II.
Lesser Kingdom of Crimson (LKoC) Lesser King Canvas 67 - Present As Timmy II.
Principality of Video Game Artists Prince Canvas 70 - Present As Timmy II.

Indirectly affiliated (through membership or vassalage)

See Chromatic Empire and League of Factions.


Canvas 25

He created the account Timmy (Timmy I) and established the Faction of the Color Crimson (FoTCC), serving as its chief spokesman. He briefly defended a German Empire map template from the Lunatic Cultists before making peace with them and withdrawing from the fight. The FoTCC griefed ManePxls, Tetris Lattice, and The Cozy Vault before disbanding.[1] It was replaced by the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy (NBGM), with Timmy taking the provisional role of Co-Monarch and eventually Monarch.[Note 1] The nearby Yellow Faction, led by Chalkless and Flagunion, attempted to attack the NBGM on several occasions. This provoked the Yellow War, a decisive victory for the NBGM despite numerous false reports and unjustified bans for alting that were later reversed. During this conflict, yellow and green faces[2] were created on the territory of the Yellow Faction by NBGM Generals; they would inspire the creation of the first Buddy template on Canvas 26. NBGM was antagonized by Pxls Roads and later invaded by Woke Cells, but the canvas reset occurred before either conflict could be resolved. Timmy attempted to make an alliance with the Ocean, but was rebuffed, likely on account of their ties to Woke Cells.

Canvas 26

Timmy and his faction were embroiled in a prolonged low-intensity war with the nearby Hungarian Lattice (HL), led by Nmadyx, for most of Canvas 26. Timmy conducted diplomacy on behalf of the NBGM for the entire canvas. The NBGM experimented by making "art domains" on their solid background during this canvas, in response to criticism that they were too similar to a void. The first Buddy template ever built was created during this time, along with an area for flags that eventually spiraled out of control when new users started variously expanding and/or griefing them.[3] This, combined with constant pressure from Hungarian Lattice, resulted in the loss of much territory, which radicalized some NBGM Generals to pursue an even more warlike policy in the future.

Canvas 27

The Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, Bahamas Lattice, and Nutya factions attack Spurdos and Casino Wheel during the Great Bear War, under the leadership of pineApple.

Canvas 27 saw the creation of Bahamas Lattice, a "sub-faction" of the NBGM. This idea would be expounded on much later in the form of vassals. Timmy's forces built a unique lattice pattern based on the flag of The Bahamas over a solid blue background, mixing the themes of the Grand Monarchy and Bahamian faction. However, their lattice was located inside the claim of the Casino Wheel project. Realizing they would eventually be forced to give up their territory, the NBGM attacked the nearby Spurdos in an event called the Great Bear War. It drew in historic rivals of the NBGM, such as volunteers from Hungarian Lattice and even the old Yellow Faction, one of whom was using an alt to evade a ban. This conflict also forged a connection between the NBGM and the Nutya faction, which assisted in the initial attack on the Spurdos. The attackers were eventually repulsed and forced to relocate, but retaliatory griefing against the Spurdos and members of Hungarian Lattice persisted for days after the war and inflicted serious damage. NBGM generals began to act increasingly independent and warlike, suggesting a lack of interest in the site. They heavily griefed Hungarian Lattice members in the Villager Golem conflict, but Timmy remained neutral in this fighting. When Blue Lattice and France finally destroyed the remnants of the relocated Bahamas Lattice, they faced almost no resistance from the NBGM. This event signaled the end of Timmy's presence on until Canvas 34.

Canvas 34

He returned to, but had lost access to his old account and requested a new one. This second account was named pineApple (Timmy II). He organized a poll in the NBGM Discord server that reconstituted it as Bahamaland, though many of the traditionalist generals voted against this change. With NBGM and Bahamas Lattice things of the past, pineApple organized a series of attacks that took over small templates with Bahamian flag lattice on central Canvas 34. He negotiated borders with Dragon2075's lattice and created an alliance with ValcoLattice. During this time, Tam, the leader of Proggity Prog OwO, also established an alliance with Bahamaland and recruited it to join the anti-Legion War Council. He supplied lattice designs and offered advice about the state of Pxls, painting a picture of a platform dominated by Legion.

Canvas 35

The Anglerfish War galvanized members of the anti-Legion cause, including pineApple, who sent the War Council (primarily Proggity Prog OwO, Bahamaland, France Pxls, and Nutya) as well as the Unibrothers to fight in defense of Simian Sculptors. It also highlighted differences in the leadership style of pineApple and Tam.[Note 2]

This was an infamous canvas in which a combined Legion, YOIB, Veil, and Cozy Vault dominated. Bahamaland's core (a 3D Bahamian flag) found itself in YOIB's claim, and after requests from both Pixelstuck and YOIB's leadership, pineApple polled his members to decide whether to give up and relocate. Once again, traditionalist generals voted in favor of war with YOIB, while newer members (along with a YOIB alt) voted for relocation.[Note 3] Despite the clear majority voting in favor of relocation, Bahamian hardliners resisted YOIB in a full-blown conflict, and pineApple quietly supported them. Victory was never viewed as a likely outcome due to YOIB's vigorous hatred for flags. Upon YOIB's eventual victory, Bahamaland relocated. However, its new position was covering an Irish flag which was, unbeknownst to pineApple, part of the Irish Republic, a faction he had allied with near the end of Canvas 34. This misunderstanding kicked off a period of tensions and subterfuge that culminated in the Irish-Bahamian War. The war saw some participation by Bahamaland's allies, including ioanBG of Bulgaria Pxls. It resulted in the occupation of the Irish Republic's territory and the faction's division into two smaller groups, both of which disbanded soon after.

Canvas 35 saw pineApple's increased involvement in anti-Legion political circles. He joined the NCR on this canvas, and birthed the "GREETINGS, LEGION DIPLOMATIC CORPS IS SPEAKING" meme by forwarding a message addressed to him by Uhbyr1 to the NCR. He also recruited for the Prog War Council, but eventually became disillusioned by Tam's method of leadership, believing it was reactive rather than proactive, and sought to reform the organization, which greatly offended Tam. This disagreement was temporarily muted by the Anglerfish War, in which pineApple served as the de facto commander of anti-Legion forces originating from the War Council. The largest contributions to the war effort were provided by Bahamaland and France Pxls, which altogether provided more users to support Simian Sculptors than the NCR did. He also oversaw Nutya's reorganization as an anti-Legion faction, which attacked the Legion's Caesar template to distract them from their war on the Simian Sculptors. pineApple also created the Unibrothers on Canvas 35 to serve a similar purpose.

The peace treaty that ended the Anglerfish War made peace between the Simian Sculptors and Legion, but did not address the large contingent of external parties to the war. pineApple quickly negotiated a formal non-aggression pact between Legion and Bahamaland, the first of its kind observed by the Legion Diplomatic Corps. It lasted for the duration of Canvas 36.

Divides between Tam and pineApple led him to create Defiance, an alternative anti-Legion alliance, but problems quickly abounded. Tam announced his intention to reconcile with Legion and disband the War Council; the diminished NCR, Nutya, and Unibrothers faded into the background once more; and Legion's diplomatic solution to the Anglerfish War had reduced popular opposition to their faction. All these factors caused pineApple to set aside his anti-Legion views and reconcile with them as well.

Canvas 36

The template for this canvas was a modified map of New Providence. A brief claim conflict with Magenta Squad compelled Bahamaland to relocate the map from its original position. They were subsequently griefed by a bitter Tam, and prevented from retaliating due to his only art being a collab with YOIB. However, they did intervene during the Flag Incursion to protect Flag Zone from griefs by Tam, furthering the alliance with ioanBG.

Bahamaland also stepped in to protect the Bing Dynasty from Elias during the Siege of Bing. Some of the old generals griefed ManePxls out of nostalgia for the FoTCC, but the two groups later reconciled permanently.

He organized alliances with Stem Place, Tea N' Tea, Flag Zone and Cell Lattice (CL) on this canvas. Tam attempted to instigate a war between Cells and Bahamaland, but was unsuccessful. He later sent pineApple a proposal to create an "Anti-Legion Coalition", but this was dismissed as a honeypot trap - leverage he could send to Legion and provoke a raid on Bahamaland.

pineApple also joined Pxls News Press (PNP) shortly after it was created.

Canvas 37

Bahamaland's largest-ever template was built on Canvas 37, a rendition of the Bahamian Coat of Arms manually defiddled by pineApple himself.

Relations between Bahamaland and Cell Lattice cooled on this canvas. It was discovered that McGuff22, the leader of Cells, was colluding with Tam to attack the Bahamian template before it could be completed. pineApple responded by reinvigorating his faction to place more pixels than ever before, which caused the raid plans to be abandoned and the alliance with Cell Lattice to be retained. He never let on that he knew of the raid plans. pineApple also intervened against Tam during the Battle of Eliasville, which improved his previously sour relationship with Elias.

pineApple created the League of Factions (LOF) on June 7, 2020. It was conceived as a counterweight to the overpowering influence of large factions such as Legion and YOIB, and thus catered specifically to the small factions of Pxls. Its founding member-factions were Bahamaland, Stem Place, Magenta Squad, ERROR Gang, BFDIPxls, Blob Bois, Minecraft Pxls, Blobs, and Roman Empire Pxls. The Cursed Clan and Deutscher Phoenix factions joined the alliance on June 9. Pxls WHO, TSFTW Pxls, and The Graphene Order joined on June 10. The Void and Pagoda Pxls joined on June 11. The Conch Republic was admitted on June 12. Finally, PokePxls joined on June 22, marking the end of the first phase of the League's growth.

He later participated in the Pride Fist Invasion as a volunteer defender of Pride Faction, which joined the League of Factions soon after (despite Tam's attempts to sabotage its accession).

The LOF intervened in the Chicken Hunt, an attack by Tam against Minecraft Pxls, and successfully repulsed the grief in cooperation with Atelier. It remained neutral during the Cursed–Cell Wars after both sides requested its support. However, pineApple offered advice and diplomatic support to Cursed Clan, advising them to pursue a separate peace with Veil. Ultimately his advice was not heeded and Cell Lattice emerged as the undisputed victor in the conflict after the Second Cursed–Cell War.

Bahamaland griefed a template of Adolf Hitler's face on Canvas 37, using the color navy blue.

pineApple started renovating the old Pxls Wiki, hosted on Fandom, during this canvas.

Canvas 38

Bahamaland's art for Canvas 38 was a postcard of a sunset. It was smaller than the coat of arms but still quite large. On this canvas, the Eastside Legal Team (ELT) was formed by Bahamaland members specifically to troll Elias and his faction, Eliasville. A complex drama rooted in the C36 Siege of Bing resulted in an ELT attack on Eliasville. However, Elias was a LOF staff member, so the League of Factions intervened against the Eastside Legal Team and quickly defeated them. But this act resulted in the ELT members' separation from Bahamaland and several griefs.

The League of Factions was the primary opponent of the Vaktovian Empire (VAK) during its titular war across the canvas on Canvas 38. It stepped in to defend Pixel Pets, PokePxls, and Pride Faction, resulting in the capitulation of VAK.

Pride Faction's "flag heart" template was attacked by YOIB on C38, resulting in a large LOF operation to retake the area. It was the first major war under the exclusive jurisdiction of pineApple. LOF members, along with volunteers from Pixelstuck and other sources, gained ground on YOIB, until Legion and Veil intervened to crush the attack. A hasty non-aggression pact between both sides was mediated by the Legion Diplomatic Corps, but tensions remained astronomically high for months afterward and the prospect of general warfare between LOF and YOIB remained very real up until the latter's disbandment on Canvas 50.

pineApple recruited Pixel Pets, Kilroy Gang, and Smol Dumb Dragon into the League of Factions on Canvas 38.

Nutya was griefed by Legion on Canvas 38 in retaliation for their activities during the Anglerfish War.

Canvas 39

A claim conflict with KAYC caused pineApple to voluntarily abandon his Bahamian art claim for Canvas 39. He helped the Woke Cells part of the Unholy Amalgamation collab project to rebuild his relationship with the Pxls Refugees and prevent them from launching independent raids against the LOF.

Most of Canvas 39 was spent developing a "mega-collab" that would represent the vast majority of the members of the League of Factions. It was scheduled to be released on Canvas 40.

Canvas 40

The League of Factions "mega-collab" of Canvas 40 contained dozens of factions. It asserted itself around the canvas by repairing griefs on Cursed Clan and by crushing Turkey during the War of the Waves. It was also unsuccessfully griefed by Tam and the Grilled-Scrung Fan Club.

pineApple continued recruiting for the LOF throughout Canvas 40, absorbing the United Nations of until its leader TopsDailyYT attempted to start a war between the LOF and Legion. He was quickly expelled by pineApple and quit Pxls not long thereafter.

The 2ch Incursion saw the return of Russian imageboard 2ch to the Pxls community. pineApple watched with apprehension but remained neutral.

Imperium joined the LOF on Canvas 40 after its art was destroyed by 2ch and Woke Cells. pineApple planned a counterattack called Operation Primarch that was designed to recapture its art, but this was eventually abandoned.

Canvas 41

Rather than a collab, the disparate members of the League of Factions combined their respective artwork into a megatemplate called a Safe Zone" at the start of Canvas 41. This massive megatemplate was faced with several overlaps and disputed areas, which were addressed by pineApple's Pestle Plan. He also organized the F1 Pxls Intervention, to protect F1 Pxls against ChoppCord, which later joined the League of Factions.

This canvas was dominated by the now-famous Troll Face War, in which a large coalition of Discord servers, 4chan and 2ch users, and volunteers from the Pxls community attacked Pride Faction, which was defended by the League of Factions. pineApple organized Pride's defense during the First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Battle of the Trollface, and served as the supreme authority for League operations during the the Lira War, Operation Crux/Jabroni, and the Gyarados Raid. He was also responsible for diplomacy, recruitment and records-keeping during the war. He managed to keep YOIB out of the conflict, but faced 2ch starting with the Fifth Battle onward. He created the LOF Pride Defense Force and a system of "Watch Groups" to protect Pride Faction artwork during Russian peak hours.

During a lull in the Troll Face War, members of Bahamaland created the High Church of Liam (HCoL) to satirize the Grilled-Scrung Fan Club (GSFC). The GSFC mistakenly attributed a grief on their art by Filipus098 to the High Church, which instigated the Organized Religious War. The High Church emerged victorious from the war, setting the Fan Club on a permanent downward spiral.

Canvas 42

The LOF decided not to make a Safe Zone on Canvas 42, but Helptrt decided to make an unofficial one of his own. It overlapped YOIB's claim and was quickly covered. The League's main operations during this canvas were to defend Pride Faction from 2ch, which raided it twice. It also participated in the Osu War, destroying an Osu! logo on behalf of Corner Gang.

pineApple revived the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy (NBGM) with ioanBG during Canvas 42, recruiting members and growing it to such an extent that YOIB attempted to cut off its expansion. The subsequent YOIB–NBGM conflict saw a failed YOIB invasion of NBGM, but dramatically worsened YOIB's opinion of pineApple and set the stage for imminent future conflict. The Eastside Legal Team also attempted to raid the NBGM but was unsuccessful.

Canvas 43

This canvas saw an immense reinvigoration on the part of 2ch, who created additional threads about Pxls on pineApple was informed of their intention to raid Pride Faction once again, but, seeing their increased strength, decided not to contest the raid at all and simply launch a full-scale counterattack with the entire LOF at a later date. This proved disastrous when 2ch defeated the counterattack and began retaliatory raids against those who had participated. Despite huge LOF counterattacks, many of which were successful, 2ch always managed to undo pineApple's gains. What is now called the C43 War was the largest defeat of the League of Factions in its history, and this loss was attributed by pineApple to a failure on his part; inability to evolve his tactics from the Troll Face War, which was fought in distinct, neatly organized battles, made him vulnerable to the endless torrent of 2chers who could place pixels almost 24 hours a day. The LOF Reserve Forces were created on this canvas, an evolution of the early LOFREP. They were various factions and Discord servers that could be used an auxiliary force in support of the LOF. He deployed members from the High Church of Liam, Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, and even The Dark Wave against 2ch through this program.

A cold war broke out between the major flag factions of Pxls on Canvas 42. ioanBG's Flag Zone was opposed by Youj's Hall of Flags; since both were in the League of Factions, Youj and UnragedUS created their own sub-alliance called the Confederacy of United Pxls (COUP). It technically remained loyal to the LOF, but was designed to promote the Hall of Flags' interests relative to Flag Zone's, and discourage any potential raids by ioanBG. When Polonian Pxls, a LOF member-faction also led by Youj, had a claim conflict with Green Lattice, the LOF refused to do more than diplomatic mediation, which resulted in COUP's "secession" from the League.[Note 4] ioanBG raided the Hall of Flags, starting the War of the Flag Factions, which ended in the de facto disbandment of COUP.

Canvas 43a

pineApple served as commander plenipotentiary of the factions defending against the Legion invasion of Canvas 43a and took the opportunity to reform the League of Factions. He created a "rapid operations" unit of the League and expanded the LOFRF. Early in the war, he orchestrated the rebuilding of Hive and the Pokemon Campaigns, as well as the First and Second Battle of the Witch King over Cursed Clan territory and the Battle of Cell Lattice. In addition to the LOF, he coordinated with Cell Lattice, Woke Cells, Tea N' Tea, and "The Void" at various points. He also created a pineapple ego in the path of Legion's lattice, "fortifying" it by preparing members of Bahamaland and the High Church of Liam for its defense, but an attack never came.

The most significant theater of the invasion was the Megumin campaign, which was divided into three main battles; the first, a limited victory for Legion, allowed it to cover 2/3 of the Megumin characters; the second, a slugfest but eventual LOF victory, saw the entire template restored; and the third saw Legion retake the area. pineApple prepared a final counteroffensive to keep Legion occupied until the canvas reset, but cancelled it due to external factors.

He remained neutral during the War of the Anti-Youj Coalition.

Canvas 44

The LOF endured through the two major wars of Canvas 43 and 43a, creating a Safe Zone in the bottom right of Canvas 44, similarly to Canvas 41. He secured its frontiers during the Club Penguin–SUP conflict. There were minor raids against its member-factions, such as the Fat Bart Raid, Operation Tired Judge and griefs against BFDIPxls, which caused him to establish the LOFCOB. Elias's "hapcat" emoji caused problems in the Hapcat conflict. All of these were fairly low-level disputes and quickly resolved by pineApple, however.

The Confederacy of United Pxls, an anti-LOF alliance, continued to embarrass itself on this canvas; they were thoroughly defeated by YOIB during the Operation "Phase 5" War against the Hall of Flags. Soon afterward, Inverted Anarchist attacked Flag Zone, and the peace terms of the raid obligated ioanBG to "stop participating in flag drama." pineApple remained neutral in these conflicts.

Canvas 45

There was no LOF Safe Zone on Canvas 45, but the NBGM created a template. The Trollge Confederacy emerged on this canvas, inspired by a popular YouTube video of the Troll Face War. pineApple delegated LOF authority to Cazy_Man during the Trollge Land Dispute and associated conflicts, but it remained apparent that the Confederacy would continue to represent a threat to Pride Faction and the LOF. pineApple thus lobbied Inverted Anarchist to declare war against the Confederacy; the negotiations lasted over two days, but he was ultimately successful. In the end, IA officially launched the First Siege of Trollge, but almost all organization of the war was done by pineApple himself. He sent the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy and Pride Faction (of which he was now a moderator) to join the besiegers. Inverted Anarchist's involvement in the siege crippled the revived Confederacy of United Pxls (COUP) and it once again de facto disbanded.[Note 5] One day later, the Trollge Confederacy attempted to relocate, instigating the Second Siege of Trollge, which pineApple and Pride Faction played an even larger role in. His goal was to prevent a second Troll Face War from occurring. As a result of the sieges, the Trollge Confederacy was drastically weakened and merged with the remnants of the old Trollface Coalition from Canvas 41.

Canvas 45a

pineApple's main role in this gimmick canvas was to build the "Hi Liom" chain that demarcated the border between YOIB and the black void.

Canvas 46

The League of Factions made a Safe Zone this canvas. pineApple was preemptively informed of the Trollge Confederacy's attempt to raid Pride Faction and recapture the glory of the Troll Face War, and made the necessary preparations to crush the raid. When the attack commenced it was decisively defeated by the LOF.

pineApple was once again made aware of 2ch's plans to attack Pride Faction well before they actually attacked. He conducted a broad plan to better protect Pride artwork. It was known as Operation Great Shield within the LOF and the CID. This included creating pre-emptive nonaggression pacts with YOIB, PokePxls, the once-again-revived Confederacy of United Pxls, the Trollge Confederacy, the Pxls Refugees, the Warsaw Pact, and others. By creating such nonaggression pacts, it theoretically denied 2ch potential allies. The attack ultimately commenced, starting the 2ch–LOF War. pineApple beat back the first attack before it was finished, but a follow-up attack could not be dislodged, and just like on Canvas 43, 2ch began targeting other LOF members. YOIB, the Trollge Confederacy, and the Pxls Refugees discarded their Great Shield nonaggression pacts and began fighting for 2ch. PokePxls, COUP, the Warsaw Pact and others remained neutral, honoring their nonaggression pacts.

Once again, pineApple was placed in charge of the war effort against 2ch, and took great pains to evolve his philosophy in view of the C43 War. The goal became to slow down and exhaust 2ch's advance, maintain the unity of the League, and prevent additional unrelated artwork from being destroyed. To this end, pineApple used Watch Groups and LOF Reserve Forces, as well as CID monitoring operations to keep an eye on 2ch's plans.

pineApple negotiated with Pink Gang, Pixelstuck, and Hollow Knight Pxls; all three factions agreed to join the war, but only on the condition that Legion joined also. Legion refused to join, so this group of external factions did not intervene. The war was fought on the territory of Pride Faction, Hive, Gura's Supermarket, Grayscale Pxls, The Helpers, and Musical Pxls, but only the last of these was ultimately a LOF victory. YOIB and Dani's Bizarre Adventures involved themselves more in the conflict on the anti-LOF side as it progressed. In spite of the territorial losses, the war was viewed as more successful than the C43 War because no "secessions" occurred, the LOF stayed united, and there had been more sustained resistance to 2ch's advances. Still, most members of the League were exhausted by the time of Canvas 47, and indeed pineApple was not able to muster as many fighters for the Corner War.

The Navy Blue Grand Monarchy remained neutral in the 2ch–LOF War, but Bahamaland was heavily involved.

Canvas 47

The LOF remained defiant to 2ch in the absence of any formal resolution to the war. It created a Safe Zone on Canvas 47. When Legion chose to pick its own fight with 2ch separately from the LOF, pineApple surged the League back into action, in what came to be known as the Corner War. The LOF was critical in breaking the "first stalemate" of the war and successfully rebuilding Corner Gang's ghost, but such gains did not last, even with Legion support. Eventually 2ch retook the area and both Legion and the League stopped contesting the area. Even though everyone believed a nuke of 2ch was now imminent, pineApple chose to contest their last-ditch raid against Pride Faction as a matter of principle. The Second Nuke of 2ch occurred on May 25, 2022, triggering jubilation in the LOF and resentment in YOIB, which went on to formally quit the site on Canvas 50.

The League of Factions pursued a policy of neutrality in the politically-motivated Left Pxls–Trollge Confederacy War, except during the Lattice Concern. pineApple also organized an intra-LOF wargame on Canvas 47.

pineApple began to develop the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy even further after the expulsion of 2ch. It became highly expansionist, occupying a significant portion of the canvas's east end. After Pee Gang griefed the NBGM's Buddy template, pineApple invaded them. The NBGM forcibly acquired more favorable borders with the Touhou Fanclub-led Anime Collab. They also briefly invaded Polonian Pxls, believing it had attacked Blobs by covering their art, but this was revealed to be a consensual coverage, and the invasion was called off.

Canvas 48

The LOF rested on this canvas, but the NBGM made a sizeable template.

Canvas 49

The Confederacy of United Pxls was officially unveiled and created a megatemplate on Canvas 49. It was subsequently raided by community volunteers, most notably Sidestep. The NBGM also raided COUP castle with a Buddy template and destroyed the Orange Empire. pineApple attempted negotiations to merge the League of Factions and COUP into a single alliance called the "League of United Factions" (LOUF), but these negotiations collapsed and COUP was significantly damaged as a consequence. Under the direction of Youj, the original COUP rejoined the League of Factions.

Legion created a gimmick "arena" on Canvas 49 where individuals could fight each other without consequences. To test its strength, the NBGM occupied the entire arena, fending off counterattacks by the Pinkchat Militia and asserting uncontested control over the area. For unknown reasons, this compelled Legion to attack the NBGM's arena template, but the NBGM did much better than expected and beat them back for two days before withdrawing. The event was immortalized in meme videos by pineApple.

Canvas 50

The Navy Blue Grand Monarchy had a collab with Pink Gang on this canvas. It also heavily supported Sidestep's Clothing Raids against the Femboy Volunteers.

NBGM once again fought in Legion's Arena, this time against Pixelstuck and third-party volunteers. There was less fervor for the occupation, but it was successful for a time. The whole arena was contested by PS, leading to an early withdrawal by the Grand Monarchy.

Canvas 51

pineApple started reorganizing NBGM-aligned factions as "principalities" on Canvas 51, starting the process of codifying vassalage rules that would be used by the Grand Monarchy and eventual Chromatic Empire. The most notable early converts were the Principality of Bahamaland, Principality of Imperium, Principality of Bulgaria Pxls, Principality of Nonexistent Canvas, and Free Military Forces of Anti-Amogus. The NBGM had a massive template this canvas, and made an alliance with the recently-formed Purple Empire.

Canvas 52

He was at his least active during this canvas and even considered retiring. There were no substantial threats to either the League of Factions or Navy Blue Grand Monarchy.

Canvas 53

pineApple re-focused on Pxls with the advent of D2, a faction created by recently-unbanned 2ch and Veil members. He revived the League of Factions and created the D2 Defense Council in response to the faction's attacks on Twenty Techno Pxls. The Navy Blue Grand Monarchy also fought D2 directly during the Navy Colony War, an unsuccessful protracted siege against an NBGM colony in the bottom-left corner of the canvas. He remained neutral in the Komi-san War, but supported The Purple Empire against ImperialGuardism.

The Trollge Confederacy attempted to make a comeback on this canvas, but were defeated by the combined forces of the League of Factions and Navy Blue Grand Monarchy in the so-called War of the STB.

Canvas 54

The NBGM, Trollge Confederacy, Gura's Supermarket, and The Purple Empire collaborated to destroy and partition Cell Lattice in an event called the Cell War. This war saw the creation of a navy blue troll face and allowed GSm and TPE to expand their backgrounds over the former Cell territory.

Both peace conditions of the war were ignored almost immediately from the Cell side. Tensions with Cell Lattice remained high until the faction was finally disbanded following the Opcellogs of Canvas 58-59.

pineApple was also informed that r/place would probably be revived on April 1, 2022 during Canvas 54. He began preparing his factions for an inevitable surge of new users.

Serious discussions about the creation of a "Chromatic Empire", adapted from pineApple's previous proposals for a Chromatic Commonwealth or Treaty of Chromatic Unity, began on Canvas 54.

Canvas 55

The Trollge Confederacy joined the League of Factions on this canvas, encouraged to do so by pineApple in order to prevent further conflict with Pride Faction.

This canvas saw the negotiations that led to the creation of the Chromatic Empire by merging the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, The Purple Empire, Orange Gang, and H2O Lattice. pineApple took the position of Emperor, serving as the head of state and chief diplomat for the faction. He presided over the defense of the NBGM template from heavy griefing during the Place Invasion and intervened at the end of the Northeast Void War. He also used the combined forces of the League of Factions and Navy Blue Grand Monarchy to destroy The Swarm in the titular Swarm War, viewing the massive r/place faction as a potential existential threat to the Pxls community.

Canvas 56

This canvas saw the largest League of Factions Safe Zone ever put together, and was also the first canvas to feature a unified Chromatic Empire core template. The Great Diplomatic Strife of Canvas 56 involved potential wars between Left Pxls and the Anti-Communist League, between Left Pxls and the Trollge Confederacy, and between the Femboy Café and the Trollge Confederacy. pineApple was able to suppress the conflict between Trollge and the other factions, but the Communist Crisis continued unabated. It resulted in the Anti-Communist League using Green Lattice to cover a Left Pxls-aligned faction called Proletariat of the Wired, which promptly disbanded.

pineApple also oversaw the evolving response to the Place Invasion on this canvas; in particular, organizing the Star War against The Galactic Republic, which ended in reconciliation. The Galactic Republic joined the LOF soon afterward.

Canvas 56a

pineApple did not contribute in any meaningful capacity to this gimmick canvas.

Canvas 57

This was a quiet canvas, and the institutions of the Chromatic Empire continued to take shape. H2O Lattice was expelled as an Imperial Subject by vote of the Council of Representatives on Canvas 57. It was later re-affiliated with the Empire as a vassal of the Elemental Confederation, rebranding as the H2O Fan Club and finally as the Aquatic Monarchy.

Canvas 58

Canvas 58 contained a Chromatic Empire core template, and separate templates representing its various Imperial Subjects. The faction began conducting unified raids and other operations on this canvas, beginning with the Pepe Raid against the Sigma Confederacy, which was resisted by Cell Lattice and volunteers. This was the last straw, as Cell Lattice had only been barely tolerated by the Empire during the preceding four canvases. They had disregarded the terms of their peace deal. High officials of the Chromatic Empire conceived of a massive destructive attack to erase Cell Lattice, which pineApple termed "the Opcellog" (a portmanteau of "Operation Cell-Prog").[Note 6] He put together a coalition consisting of the entire Chromatic Empire as well as the Trollge Confederacy, Gura's Supermarket, Eastside Legal Team, Femboy Café, Galactic Republic, Teal Kingdom, x190, MPSZ, Lunes, and other volunteers.[Note 7] The attack, now called the First Opcellog, was extremely fast, due to the large number of attackers and almost nonexistent public support for the defenders. pineApple and ioanBG insisted on being promoted to admins (and de facto co-leaders) of Cell Lattice. These demands were met by Nudl, the owner of the Cell Lattice Discord server, who had come out of retirement following the Place Invasion. It would end up being the first of many Opcellogs, a blanket term for raids against Cell Lattice or its derivatives.

The Navy Blue Grand Monarchy also destroyed HaxWay's personal artwork in the immediate aftermath of the First Opcellog in the aptly named Raid-upon-Hax.

The insignia of Cell Lattice during the period of Chromatic Imperial administration.

Canvas 59

Canvas 59 was a combined canvas, featuring a lattice design that incorporated the different colors of the Chromatic Empire's Imperial Subjects. Cell Lattice, under the Imperial administration of pineApple and ioanBG, created only an art template and no lattice. Eventually, Nudl banned all Chromatic Empire members from the Cell Lattice Discord and replaced them. The CL members attempted to pose an ultimatum to pineApple, but he rejected it and quickly organized the Second Opcellog. Another coalition was built, consisting of the Chromatic Empire, Lunes, x190, the Eastside Legal Team, and other volunteers.[Note 8] The Cell template was overrun and replaced by Imperial artwork.

Cell Lattice promptly disbanded permanently as a Pxls faction and emigrated to another r/place clone.

pineApple remained neutral during the Sigma War, but sympathized with the Frog Pixels United side.

An alliance called COTA was signed by the Chromatic Empire, Lunes, Frog Pixels United, KRTOG, and Pxlsomori (the last of which later withdrew).

Canvas 60

The Ministry of Art of the Chromatic Empire planned for Canvas 60 to be a "background canvas," an experimental new theme. This meant that background was to be prioritized over art, and that Imperial Subjects (the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, The Purple Empire, Orange Gang, Green Gang, and Teal Kingdom) would make their own backgrounds as opposed to a combined lattice, such as the one on Canvas 59.

Canvas 60 was a separated "background canvas", where every Imperial Subject of the Empire worked on solid-color backgrounds of their respective color. pineApple had to contend with griefs by Cell Lattice and by FrodoFraggins in the wake of the Second Opcellog.

When the canvas reset and factions began to stake their claims, the Chromatic Empire was found to be overlapping the Space Collab claim, a onetime project consisting of numerous small factions. To avoid a claim war, pineApple directed the Ministry of Art to relocate the ChE template to the center of the canvas.

pineApple set his sights on resuming the Master List he had written at the end of Canvas 59. To this end, he successfully recruited IWBTG Pxls, Frog Pixels United, When the Red the Red, Lunes, Splatoon Pxls, Twenty Techno Pxls, and MikuAM to the League of Factions. He also formed an official alliance between the Chromatic Empire and MPSZ, and vassalized Character Pxls under the Chromatic Empire.

The next major project on pineApple's list was Imperial Reform, a sweeping idea that involved discussing with the Chromatic Empire's most notable detractors or anyone who had shared concerns about ChE in the past. This dialogue would allow them to share their concerns and potential improvements for ChE, while increasing the public image of the Empire. pineApple contacted DefensiveLobster, Nizrab, and SenkoBread in the first wave of discussions. The primary theme of the discussions centered on the Chromatic Empire's removal of most foreign artwork built over its background. pineApple hammered out a compromise that would allow much more art to exist on ChE-associated backgrounds: anything within reason as long as it was 10,000 pixels from the main core, and anything with the permission of the Chromatic Empire closer to the main core. In talking to Nizrab, he also promised to increase the efficiency of the Ministry of Art's template updates and in return vassalized the Metallic Monarchy to the NBGM and ChE. The process of writing out the terms of Imperial Reform lasted until Canvas 62.

Meanwhile, all of the Imperial Subjects of the Chromatic Empire continued to expand apace. The NBGM and TPE were expanding at roughly the same speed, but TPE was in a much better position to flood across the north-eastern quarter of the canvas. In contrast, NBGM was much more boxed-in by factions like Pixelstuck, Schlatt and Co., Green Lattice, 22 Lattice, and fellow ChE Imperial Subject Orange Gang. Thus, the Grand Monarchy required more territorialism to keep up. A hard push eastward was announced, aiming to extract as much territory as possible before Pixelstuck could get to it. This led to a brief period of heightened tensions between Pixelstuck and the NBGM, and to a lesser extent the entirety of ChE. pineApple's negotiations with Nanineye led to a redrawing of claims in a way that satisfied both parties to the dispute, and Pixelstuck artist Karma worked with pineApple to create a custom border.

A claim conflict between the NBGM and its fellow ChE Imperial Subject, Orange Gang, emerged shortly after this. pineApple was one of the people to resolve it.

A few days later, the Chromatic Empire would find itself targeted by the third band of serial griefers in a single canvas: this time, it would be Fruity and her supporters, the Flandre tag. Despite having aligning interests against banned users and no previous tensions, Fruity and Roaka began severely attacking NBGM territory with the color red on the 26th of August, 2022. Remembering Canvas 56, when the Trollge Confederacy was able to stop Fruity's raids by destroying her art, pineApple began preparations to launch a Chromatic Imperial raid against the Flandre art. The conflict was resolved peacefully before these could be put into action.

Later in Canvas 60, an event called the Liamist Revolution occurred. A huge influx of new users joined the High Church of Liam tag (which had not being seriously used since Canvas 41), dominating Pxls chat and getting the tag to be the 3rd-highest on the canvas. Some of the users involved in the event were LenEnjoyer, DisguisedDevil, Temriel, Evelyn29, TheWaffleLord, squidfromwillyousnail, mozzapple, reissecup, Shimanas, LEEROYJENKINS, and _Etta.  Multiple Liam-related templates were built around the canvas, including the original High Church template from Canvas 41 and a new piece designed by TheWaffleLord. They were added to the Greater Chromatic Empire (GChE) template. A second "revolution" later occurred.

KingSammelot, a Twitch streamer, briefly joined on Canvas 60. pineApple organized an unofficial alliance between his community and the Chromatic Empire.

Meanwhile, the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy portion of the GChE template was running out of viable routes of expansion. Thus, a new operation was launched to take parts of the canvas that had been claimed, but not built on, by Schlatt & Co. The operation was designed and run by pineApple. It resulted in a new border being established by S&C, who agreed that they had overclaimed on Canvas 60. It was reminiscent of the NBGM–Anime conflict on Canvas 47.

The most significant event of Canvas 60 in which pineApple was involved was the Space Collab Incident, in which the Space Collab contested The Purple Empire's background claim toward the top of the canvas. It resulted in an Imperial victory, the creation of the Super Serious Pixel Group and the Imperial vassalage of what is now called Scallywags.

Canvas 60a

The Chromatic Empire created an Imperial Coat of Arms template (the Imperial Core) on this gimmick canvas. It also created a template called "Balloon Bud," which depicted Grubby under a number of balloons. Following a suggestion by Ryeam, plans for a "friendly war" against Gura's Supermarket (GSm) were drawn up. Gaudi999 rejected proposals to limit the fighting to a pixel farm, similar to Legion's Arena, and promptly launched raids against the Balloon Bud and Imperial Core. Both of these were rapidly defeated by the Chromatic Empire, which counterattacked by invading GSm's core with a large "Gun Grub" template. This invasion was successful, kicking off a period of occupation that was heavily resisted by GSm. Despite the resistance, the Chromatic Empire kept the former GSm territory well under control, even adding an x190 template to the occupation.

pineApple was responsible once again for the direction of the war, and his efforts at recruitment, especially of TPE members who were also in GSm, greatly angered Gaudi, who viewed it as an escalation of the conflict. In response, he brought Legion and the Femboy Café into the war. Legion attempted to attack the Imperial Core but were defeated by the Chromatic Empire. pineApple also crushed an independent raid against the Balloon Bud template launched Frog Pixels United and subsequently converted them to the Imperial side of the war. However, Imperial involvement in quelling the x190–SSPG conflict put an end to this support.

Legion attempted to attack the Imperial Core again, this time successfully. The distraction allowed GSm to destroy the Gun Grub, retaking the territory they had lost to the Empire. Gaudi hastily made a peace treaty with Temriel, ensuring a renewed assault on his core would not take place. The war was now only between the Chromatic Empire and Legion occupiers. The Empire launched a counteroffensive, retaking their Imperial Core. Legion made a third and final attack on the Core, but it was sluggish and lost momentum quickly. The Chromatic Empire began to retake its Imperial Core, while pineApple subsequently negotiated Legion out of the war. This reverted the situation on the canvas to the status quo ante bellum, where none of the occupations that began during the war survived to see its end. The Empire's dominance against a coalition of fellow major factions led pineApple to dub the conflict the "Crucible War."

D2 conducted a raid against GSm after the Crucible War had formally concluded; they were supported by pineApple, who later apologized for his support.

Canvas 61

This was a canvas similar to Canvas 58 in that there was a unified core, but every Imperial Subject had its own lattice. One notable operation was the defense of the Principality of Big Trans Flags from griefers. pineApple supported x190 during the x190–CPSF conflict and launched operations to help them during the Green Lattice–x190 conflict. The NBGM also launched the Raid of Justice against Tam, who had recently returned to Pxls. The result of this raid was reconciliation between pineApple and Tam.

Legion accidentally went over the Watermelon Syndicate's claim on this canvas; pineApple launched an operation to recover the area after they withdrew.

He also vassalized MikuAM on this canvas and worked to improve the relationship between the Chromatic Empire and the Pain, Dithering and Fiddle Abuse (PDFA) faction.

Canvas 62

The Chromatic Empire had a large unified template this canvas, including a combined lattice, and collabs with x190, Polonian Pxls, and FURU Pxls. pineApple advocated for a larger template to match the Gura's Supermarket–Idle Slayer collab and deter potential raiders. He created the October Agreement, a permanent non-aggression pact ratified by the Chromatic Empire, Gura's Supermarket, and Flandre factions, amid the Schizo War. This signified the relative normalization of relations with GSm, which had been strained since Canvas 60a. The parties to the agreement created a group chat called LGFT (Liam, Gaudi, Fruity, Temriel) to facilitate diplomacy between themselves. The Magenta Colony War took place, pitting a Lesser Kingdom of Magenta colony against Nations of Pxls. Volunteers from the Femboy Café started griefing the Lesser Kingdom of Magenta and Chromatic Empire, but eventually stopped and an alliance between the Chromatic Empire and Nations of Pxls was established.

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 504k, which was about 25.3% of the canvas.

Canvas 63

The Chromatic Imperial core art for this canvas was a Cyberpunk 2077 template painstakingly designed by Beanie, the owner and Head Representative of Green Gang.

Relations with Femboy Café degenerated on this canvas, resulting in the Knight War, an Imperial victory that inadvertently brought about the dissolution of the Café as a Pxls faction. pineApple and Temriel also helped negotiate an end to the Nutshack Sweep, designing a Steven the Cat template to replace both Dream PXLS and Nutshack Pxls. pineApple initially endeavored to keep the Empire neutral during the Errata Wars, but eventually supported x190 and allowed the Principality of Big Trans Flags to intervene on its behalf.

He negotiated with WindySpoon to create the Archduchy of Bells on this canvas; it was formally launched on Canvas 64.

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 493.8k, which was about 28% of the canvas.

Canvas 64

The Chromatic Imperial core for this canvas was a Medieval knight. The Empire destroyed a hostile overlapping claim from Zim Art at the start of the canvas. The Archduchy of Bells was launched on this canvas, but after a while, WindySpoon broke off from the project and instead created New Cells. However, this new faction was subsequently destroyed by Flandre in the Second Red Opcellog. pineApple also released the Second Imperial Reform on this canvas.

He talked to Lana and created Rosaria on this canvas.

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 335.4k, which was about 22.3% of the canvas.

Canvas 64a

He made Universe the Warmaster of Canvas 64a and supported Chromatic Imperial operations during this gimmick canvas.

Canvas 65

This canvas saw the largest GChE template to date, featuring:

pineApple remained neutral in the Determination Raid by Flandre against ManePxls, but was soon attacked by them during the Bingo Raid. The Empire quickly defeated the raid and made peace arrangements with the main belligerents. He also oversaw operations during the Rosarian War and the Opflanell, a "friendly battle" against Flandre over occupied Red Cells, which also ended in a victory for the Chromatic Empire. During this canvas, however, heavy griefs by Ceadog and Mcdoodlydoo targeted the Chromatic Imperial core; none made lasting progress. pineApple also organized a ChAP (Chromatic Assistance Program) operation on Roger's.

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 701k, which was about 42.7% of the canvas, the largest in Chromatic Imperial history.

Canvas 65a

pineApple was one of several joint Warmasters of Canvas 65a. He supported Chromatic Imperial operations during this gimmick canvas.

Canvas 66

The Chromatic Imperial core of this canvas featured a number of disparate color-themed arts bound together by a unified lattice. There was also an enclave of Metallic Monarchy lattice. Progress was made fairly slow at times due to heavy griefing by Ceadog and Mcdoodlydoo, and by minor attacks such as the Nose Raid. The Empire successfully intervened during the Raid and Relocation of Minecraft and during griefs against the Knights of the Blue Corner.

pineApple negotiated with the League of Associated Realms of Pxls (LARP), a faction created to parodize the Chromatic Empire, averting conflict between the two groups.

Canvas 67

Choosing to rest after the comparatively intense Canvas 66, the Chromatic Empire created a small unified core art, and collaborated with Gura's Supermarket and Flandre to create a background. With the extra time in the canvas, it ran ChAP (Chromatic Assistance Program) operations on Schizophrenia, Gura's Supermarket, Schlatt & Co., solo art by E-Aria, Angelica, and Narj0s, Chalkless' Nonsense (``), Hoer, the Miku Monarchy, Flandre, Shoryuken, Grayscale Pxls, FURU Pxls, Video Game Artists, and x190.

The tradition of weekly "game nights" in the Chromatic Empire Discord server was established on Canvas 67.

The Chromatic Empire participated in the April Knights Circle of Trust event. It later launched the Imperial Void War, destroying the "Void Every Place" faction. The Aquatic Opcellog targeting New Cells also occurred on this canvas.

The Empire and its leader, pineApple, remained neutral during the partition of Freestyle Pxls by Flandre and Schizophrenia, and during the Flandre–Grayscale conflict. After the latter of these events, pineApple established an alliance with Grayscale Pxls.

pineApple created the Titular Reform of the Chromatic Empire on this canvas, significantly reorganizing the Empire's structure and external relations. Some of the changes included:

Canvas 68

This was a "separated canvas," meaning the Imperial Subjects of the Chromatic Empire possessed separate templates. pineApple focused on the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy collab piece with the Principality of Imperium, located in the upper left hand corner of the canvas. He organized the Knights of Buddy to conduct the First Budsade in defense of a Liuddy template and launched operations to help the Elemental Confederation and Gang Gang templates finish on time (in the former case, he also organized the Imperial defense of the Elemental Confederation). He supported the Hugh Mungus Raid and defended the Knights of the Blue Corner near the end of the canvas. Finally, he helped Pixelstuck build their background.

During this canvas, Eve created the Anti-_Etta Confederacy; to avoid retaliation by _Etta against ChE states, which would ruin a recent non-aggression pact, pineApple asked for the Confederacy to be disbanded.

He began preparations for an "Imperial Regeneration" ceremony scheduled for Canvas 70 on this canvas.

Canvas 69

Doing later

Canvas 70

The central Imperial territories of this canvas included a core designed by Layla, a large lattice designed by Temriel, and the collab piece between the Principality of Shoryuken and Principality of FURU Pxls. Many other vassals and allies were represented on the GChE template. Also on this canvas, pineApple assumed the title of Prince of Video Game Artists after Avery retired from the faction's leadership. He then appointed CodexCracked and Sohiimfine as his Imperial Regents (local officers in a vassal faction).[4] pineApple's first ego since the invasion of Pee Gang on Canvas 47 was created during this time period; he was represented by the coat of arms of the House of Cromburg.

pineApple launched Chromatic Assistance operations to rapidly build Pebble's personal art and to complete the lattice of the High Church of Luigi on this canvas.

He also proposed the revival of Pride Faction under Eve's leadership on this canvas, with Mikarific eventually authorizing the plan.

Canvas 71

On this canvas, the collab between the Chromatic Empire and Legion (which had been an objective of pineApple since Canvas 68) was finally unveiled. The Imperial portion of the collab was a depiction of a Landsknecht of the Holy Roman Empire, while the Legion was represented by an archetypal Roman legionnaire. In addition to the collab, the Imperial claim contained the artwork of ManePxls and numerous vassals; the Miku Monarchy/Pride Faction collab; the Principality of PokePxls; the Principality of Beansland; the Principality of Shoryuken; the Principality of Video Game Artists; the Principality of FURU Pxls; the Principality of Lunes; the High Church of Luigi; the Knights of Buddy; the Knightly Helpers; the Eientei Province; the egos of Temriel, Nizrab, IronHebo, and Layla; and finally, the Watermelon Province, which came to replace VGA on the claim.

Grayscale Pxls was reorganized as an Imperial vassal, the Principality of Grayscale Pxls, with pineApple's supervision shortly after the canvas reset occurred - it was consequently added to the GChE template.

The HoYoverse Arts Society and Catboy Castle were vassalized on this canvas, and were added in a later wave of GChE expansion along with the Principality of Toon Pxls and Principality of Pop'n Pxls.

pineApple spear headed a program to create coats of arms for various vassals of the Chromatic Empire on this canvas, notably the Miku Monarchy, Lesser Kingdom of Crimson and Principality of Imperium.

The Dyadic War ended on this canvas after eight months of continuous fighting and griefing.

When the United Gacha Alliance (UGA) joined Pxls and attempted to build their template over Schizophrenia - a close partner of the Chromatic Empire - at a time when most of their members were asleep, pineApple organized Imperial intervention and forced UGA to relocate. However, their relocated position went over Reissecup's Principality of Pop'n Pxls. pineApple once again organized an Imperial operation that drove them off the Pop'n Pxls art. They relocated again, this time over Layla's ego, which was on the proper Imperial core. pineApple considered another intervention, but had by this time become disillusioned with the toxic behavior of external volunteers who helped the Empire fight off UGA in the two earlier battles. He decided that continuing to drive away the UGA would only hurt the long-term community growth of Pxls and opted to spare their art. He talked to Layla about allowing UGA to take his territory, a proposition to which Layla agreed. This and pineApple's conversations in the United Gacha Alliance's Discord server established friendly relations between UGA and ChE. He also planned to relocate Layla's ego over Hilderos's fiddled NPC art, but outside parties attacked it before he got the chance. Despite continued sporadic griefing from Senko, the UGA managed to consolidate their newfound position and rescale their art to largely resolve community hate toward them. This ended the Gacha War.

Sometime during Canvas 71, Nizrab created a flag of the Bahamas to represent the Principality of Bahamaland, one of pineApple's oldest holdings. pineApple supported the effort, helping build the flag and personally adding it to the GChE template. Sometime later, it was attacked by KaiSakurai of Hakurei Shrine, whose intention was to erase all flags from Canvas 71 in a manner reminiscent of the old Flag Incursion. Like that conflict, pineApple found himself on the defending side out of necessity. He organized some initial Imperial defenses of the flag before negotiating with Kai. During these talks, he told Kai that if the Bahamian flag continued to be griefed, ChE would intervene and defend every flag on the canvas. The options were to either stop attacking and accept that the Bahamian flag would continue to exist, or refuse the terms and be unable to inflict any damage to any flags anywhere. After demonstrating the strength of the Chromatic Empire (even including some forces from Bahamaland), pineApple formed a deal with Kai that gave him free reign to grief flags as long as he did not target the Bahamian flag. If he ever did, the Empire would automatically destroy his art and defend all flags he griefed. These terms brought peace for several days. However, Kai continued to annoy Nizrab and ToeBeans, who later defended a different flag out of dislike for him. pineApple spoke to them and clarified the terms of his agreement with Kai, causing them to stop their defense of the flag and adhere to his terms. Thus, a second conflict, the Bahamian Flag War, came to an end.

Canvas 72


  1. Faction_of_the_Color_Crimson#Canvas_25
  2. "Proto-buddies"
  3. Buddy
  4. An existing moderator of the Principality of Video Game Artists, and the Prince of FURU Pxls, respectively.


  1. This time in his career would later be dubbed Timmy I, in comparison to Timmy II, who led the Principality of Bahamaland, revived NBGM, Chromatic Empire, and other factions. The position of the leader of the NBGM was changed from "Monarch" to the more consistent "Grand Monarch" after the revival.
  2. pineApple created Defiance soon after.
  3. Some of the traditionalist generals of Bahamaland later split off into the Bing Dynasty and Eastside Legal Team, and some of the newer members later formed the High Church of Liam.
  4. It was standard procedure for the LOF not to intervene in claim conflicts besides through diplomatic channels.
  5. COUP had been largely co-opted by Inverted Anarchist, which was the largest member-faction of the alliance. However, the Trollge Confederacy was also a member, and by pitting the two members against each other COUP effectively collapsed.
  6. The original version of the First Opcellog would have included a raid on Proggity Prog OwO, which had begun associating with Cells. However, Progs had once again become inactive by the time of the attack.
  7. Imperial participation consisted of forces from the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy (and the Principality of Bahamaland), The Purple Empire, Orange Gang, and Green Gang
  8. The Imperial participation in the war consisted of forces from the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy (including the Principality of Bahamaland), and The Purple Empire