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Welcome to the wiki!

The wiki currently has 128 registered users, 789 pages, 2,032 files, and 18,674 total edits!

If you wish to explore around the wiki, the Useful Categories page is a good place to branch out from.

If you wish to bring up an issue or request, edit or create any pages, or have your account or any of your edit history removed, please ask an administrator in the wiki's Discord server.

Be sure to follow the rules listed here when making any edits.

What is is a clone of the r/place social experiment performed by the social platform Reddit on the 1st of April 2017. (April Fools Day). After several weeks, the canvas resets and takes on a new shape.

Join the official Discord server here:

Official archives:

Third-party site with archives: (Data past canvas 54 is missing)