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  1. Do not wipe any pages of all their content. (If you want a wiki page removed, you can join the wiki's Discord ask an admin to delete the page.)
  2. Do not enter gibberish/spam into any pages. (Random strings of letters/numbers/symbols, ascii art, etc.)
  3. Do not harass others or insert any hate speech or slurs into pages. (Racism, sexism, ableism, etc.)
  4. Do not insert NSFW/NSFL content into any pages or upload any NSFW/NSFL content to the wiki. (Pornographic material, realistic gore, etc.)
  5. Do not share anyone's personal information that they do not want shared. (Names, locations, passwords, etc.)
  6. Do not add extremely limited info when making a page. (If you were making the page "Green Lattice", don't just write "A lattice.")

A violation of any of these rules will result in either a warning not to break that rule again, a temporary ban from editing any pages on the wiki, or a permanent ban depending on the severity of the rule broken.