Nutshack Pxls

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Nutshack Pxls

It's the Nutshack!
Commanders and leaders
Joint ownership between sun & Nizrab

Nutshack Pxls is a one-off joke faction created for Canvas 63 by Sun and co-owned by Nizrab. It exists to grief DreamPXLS with art based on one of the worst cartoons of all time - The Nutshack. The faction pretends to unironically like the show to wind up the people they're griefing.


Nutshack Pxls was a direct response to members of DreamPXLS being extremely rude to members of Scallywags on Canvas 62. Many griefs were attempted by Scallywags on said canvas but the only somewhat successful one resulted in a giant letter E being left over their template. Afterwards, Sun and a few members of Scallywags had the idea to grief DreamPXLS again if they were present next canvas. A few choices for art were thrown around but they quickly settled on artwork depicting Nutshack character Tito Dick.

The Raid

See Nutshack Sweep.

Potential Comeback

The idea of bringing back Nutshack PXLS in another disrespect-fuelled raid was thrown around in chat around Canvas 67. The template would have been used against WindySpoon's New Cells faction despite it allegedly being backed by ChE. Due to lack of interest the idea was swiftly dropped.