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MPSZ aka Magyar Pixelrakó Szövetség (English: Hungarian Pixelplacing Alliance) is a Hungarian faction founded by bmartin on Canvas 57. It is formed from its predecessor community MAP (Magyar Akarattya Párt - Canvas 56). The faction makes drawings mostly about Hungary and Hungarians but different arts or even collaborations with other factions may occur.

Canvas 56 (as Magyar Akarattya Párt)

The newly formed faction's (Magyar Akarattya Párt) goal was to make the logo of the MAP community. An art about the lake of Balaton inside a red circle. The plan failed due to Idle Slayer's offensive.

Timelapse of MAP on Canvas 56

Canvas 57

Shortly after the start of Canvas 57, MPSZ was formed by bmartin, KelZoR and Ritka. The faction had no clear goal, although a few arts has been made with a lattice around. Timelapse available here.

Canvas 57 - MPSZ

Canvas 58

On Canvas 58 MPSZ collaborated with PixelHungary and Polonian Pxls. A hungarian-polish art has been made together. Timelapse available here.

Canvas 59

The theme for Canvas 59 was the England-Hungary football match (UEFA Nations League - June 14th 2022). The Hungarians managed to score 4 goals against England (0). As a tribute of this historical success, a drawing has been made in this topic.