Polonian Pxls

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Polonian Pxls
(Canvas 38-Current)
Commanders and leaders

Polonian Pxls is a faction that is dedicated to making Polish artwork. The faction has made arts, lattices and flags on each canvas. Polonian Pxls was founded by Youj on Canvas 30, yet was not popular until Canvas 38. On each canvas, a particular topic gets picked and the faction makes art about that topic.


Canvas - Main Topic

Addtional Arts


Pre-Canvas 38 Arts


Canvas 38 - Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth

  • Polonian Woman 1.0
  • Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth Coat of Arms
  • PolandBall with sword and PolandBall Hussar

Lattice: Polonian Lattice V1

Canvas 39 - Flag Waving Polonian Flag

  • Polonian Map with Latin Cross
  • Mini Polonian Coat of Arms
  • PolandBall happy

Lattice: Polonian Lattice with Spurdo half Polish and Half Hungarian Flag, then changed into normal lattice with Hungarian and Polish flag combined

Canvas 40 - Polish Hungarian commonwealth

  • Polonian Woman 2.0
  • Polonian Coat of Arms with title of "Poland"
  • PolandBall of Polish Hungarian commonwealth
  • Polish Air Force checkerboard Art
  • Polonian Mario
  • Polonian Arstotzka Eagel Art
  • Szarik Dog Art

Lattice: Polish Hungarian commonwealth lattice (one pixel by each strip of the flag)

Canvas 41 - Great Polonian Empire

  • Polonian Castle
  • Great Crown of Polonia art
  • Mini Polonian waving flag
  • Cat with lowered Polonian flag

Lattice: Polonian Lattice V1

Canvas 42 - Polonian Woman 3.0

  • Polonian Coat of Arms V1
  • Polonian Map with Latin Cross

Lattice: Polonian Lattice V2, waved Polonian Flag with Shading at the ends

Canvas 43 - Polonium Element

  • Polish Cow (meme) art
  • Polonian Map of the 2nd republic
  • Mini Polonian Coat of Arms

Lattice: Polonian Lattice V3 One by one pixel with the colors of Polonian Flag plus shading

Leader YouJ decided to pull Polonian Pxls out of League of Factions and claimed that it was a faction that had no care for small factions.

Canvas43a - Proboscis monkey Art

  • Polonian Coat of Arms V2
  • Polonian Woman 4.0 (continued on Canvas 44)

Lattice: Polonian Lattice V2

YouJ's artwork was heavily raided during the Anti-YouJ League vs Polonium.

Canvas 44 - Polonian Riding Horse

  • Polonian Woman 4.0
  • Polonian Coat of Arms V3
  • Proboscis monkey Art
  • Mermaid of Warsaw Art
  • "POLSKA" Label Art
  • Polonian Map

Lattice: Polonian Lattice V3 One by one pixel white and red colors

Polonian Pxls was heavily neutral and was considered to be the faction's peak.

Canvas 45 - Polonian City

  • Great Polonian Tank
  • PolandBall happy
  • Polish Air Force checkerboard Art
  • Polonian Map

Lattice: Polonian Lattice V3

Polonian Pxls managed to squeeze themselves into a part of the canvas. After the first half of the canvas, it went into border conflict with Inverted Anarchist. This resulted in an agreement to war on user "Homi" and his artwork but these plans were halted and was considered abandoned.

Canvas 45a - Polonian Map

  • Mini Polonian waving flag (due to limitation of colors, the art didn't got fully completed)

Lattice: Polonian Lattice V3

YouJ built his invite link and a "YouJ Lattice" text artwork. But it ended up getting griefed and removed from the canvas by outside users.