Lunatic Cultists

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LC on Canvas 14

The Lunatic Cultists (LC) was a faction that was founded late Canvas 14. It started when Ddewing found a blue Lunatic Cultist from the game Terraria and turned it red. Placeh0ldr made LC an official faction and handled diplomatic affairs until the end of Canvas 17 when Ddewing became the leader.


The Lunatic Cultists also had the biggest Pxls streamer, EssAyyEmm. He goes by many names, including sambendo, EssAyyEmm, FattyEss, and Sam. Although he doesn't place much, he used to stream Pxls and got anywhere from 5-26 viewers. On Canvas 25, he made EssAyyEmm themed art; he built his iconic rainbow squid hat that he usually wears on stream.