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Canvas 9, 17 - 18, 30, 40 - 47

2ch (pronounced: duhva-ch) is a Russian imageboard website and umbrella term for any group of users coming from the website http://2ch.hk

They are most well known for their multiple invasions of the site.


Loosely organized but able to muster numbers on a scale unparalleled by any other group in Pxls history, 2ch is largely known for its successful invasions on Canvases 17 and 18, during which they crushed resistance from veteran Pxls users and situated themselves as the leading power on the site, as well as its subsequent nukings on Canvas 19 and 47.

Despite being most well-known for the invasions on C17 and 18, 2ch also conducted an invasion on Canvas 9 and cropped up again on Canvas 29 and Canvas 30, sparking major wars each time. However, all of these resulted in defeats for 2ch, as large groups of users came together to defeat them and the 2chers simply lost interest in the site.

Since the classic invasions, 2ch has made a return to Pxls. On Canvas 40, a smaller group of users conducted an "Incursion," griefing a variety of small factions but cementing themselves as a regular faction on the site. Their involvement in Pxls would continue to grow, drawing them into wars such as the Troll Face War, 2ch Pride Raids, and C43 war.



Canvas 9

Main article: First 2ch Invasion

The first real "2ch Invasion" took place on Canvas 9. A force of 2chers struck the canvas with surprising numbers, replacing a Russian flag with a 2ch logo as well as converting the nearby Canadian flag to a USSR one. The greatest extent of this invasion was their construction of a small Yoba nearby before a broad group of volunteers from the active Pxls community came together to strike back against them. A significant amount of the active Pxls community fought against 2ch during this invasion, regardless of regular faction loyalty.[1]

The counterattack first destroyed the Yoba, then later reverted the USSR flag back into the Canadian one. However, the conflict would devolve into an even messier war as third-party groups voided the battlefield and griefed all sides. During this period of chaos, 2ch mounted several counterattacks, at one point rebuilding most of the USSR flag.

Despite heavy griefs, the main 2ch logo that was first built by the invaders remained intact, as they were able to deflect even the most intense raids. It wasn't until near the end of the canvas that a Ukrainian flag covered that 2ch logo—the last bastion of the site's presence on Pxls. Even then, however, there were notable attempts to rebuild over the Ukrainian flag.

As 2ch suffered a defeat in their first invasion, it was not until Canvas 17 that they would make a return in any serious capacity. However, when they did return, it was with even more users and coordination.

Canvas 17

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Canvas 18

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Canvas 19

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Canvas 29

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Canvas 30

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Canvas 40

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Canvas 41

Canvas 42

Canvas 43

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Canvas 46

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Canvas 47

Main articles: 2ch Claim War (Canvas 47), Nuke of 2ch (Canvas 47)



The Classic "2ch Invasions"

Other Conflicts


  1. As described by one contemporary user.