Canvas 18

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The initial canvas
The final canvas
The canvas placemap

2018/11/10 - 2018/11/27 (17 days)

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Canvas 18 started as an image of an MS Paint window for users to place on. During this canvas, 2ch took over almost the entire canvas.

2ch started with a bounded territory on the top right, and worked outward as arts were altered or taken over altogether.

Many factions and projects were enveloped in the uneasiness in the community as well. Resisting 2ch would lead to a takeover, and succumbing to 2ch was faced with heavy scorn. The Isle of Dogs project, for instance, allied with 2ch and had the character's necktie recolored in reference to the Soviet Pioneer movement. In response to this, some community members sought to grief the art.

Communication between 2ch members and the Pxls community was rather limited. 2ch members would occasionally enter the Discord server, and some Pxls users viewed the main discussion thread on 2ch for information on their plans. This however lead to more confusion, as their work was very loosely headed. Most attempts to ally with 2ch members were responded with allegations of being a "provocateur."


This canvas was designed by Andrew.

The size of the canvas was 1076x838 and 700,000 of the 901,688 total pixels were placeable. (77.6%) There were also 201,664 unplaceable colored pixels which can be seen highlighted in red in the placemap image to the right.

An interactive version of this canvas showing the names of factions and where they were located can be found here.

More detailed info such as timelapses, the final virginmap, and more can be found on the official archives.

Major Events

  • Third 2ch Invasion: An invasion where 2ch was able to destroy many smaller factions and got revenge on several PATO members. This ended in major victories for 2ch.



#announcements in the Pxls Discord server