Canvas 3

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The initial canvas
The final canvas

2017/05/08 - 2017/06/21 (44 days)

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The third canvas brought with it new mechanisms: the ability to undo a single pixel placement 15 minutes after the previous undo, and placing on a location that had not yet been placed on resulting in a lower cooldown between pixels. It also introduced four new colors: true black (the previous 'black' was a very dark grey), beige (by popular demand for characters), a dark red (maroon), and a new hot pink (magenta).

In social terms, the third canvas saw an explosion of lattice and lattice-like factions which many felt were threatening the creation of art, as these 'background' factions essentially meant art placed on them would be slower to build than on actual empty space. In spite of this, many large piece of art were fashioned, with the Blue and Purple art from the Touhou Faction easily being one of the most admired for its visually stunning look, the merger of the Fox Meadow and the Crimson Tree into further territory - largely with custom pieces of art, and the Avogadro Project which reflected the canvas in its actual state being some of the stand-outs.

Despite a few skirmishes between the lattice factions - especially between Green Lattice and the Deus Vult (red) lattice - in the end the lattices ended up co-existing on the canvas as a larger perceived threat became the target of the majority of the canvas: the Spurdo Lattice. While Spurdo builders had clashed with others on the previous canvas, the situation escalated on this third canvas when some of the Spurdo builders had overtaken other projects, barred others from building on their 'lattice', and were threatening the Fox Meadow; the canvas, almost collectively (excluding Deus-Vult, as their members were mainly from the previous German Empire Faction, an Allie of Finland and therefore the Spurdos), had had enough: war was declared. While some wanted all Spurdos removed, others merely wanted to teach them a lesson - but one thing that rallied most groups was the building of the Anti-Spurdo Tree - later renamed Ente-Spurdo (German: Duck-Spurdo, as part of the Void-Duck War). After its building, the Spurdos main driving force eliminated (their image forum suffered a server crash and its discussion thread was among many lost), and narrow negotiations resulting in Spurdo Knights (built by Spurdo-Vult, a sub faction of the german Deus-Vult group to prevent the complete destruction of the remaining Spurdos) bordering a new Spurdo territory, the canvas returned to a relatively peaceful state once more. Toward the end of the canvas, when most of it was filled, one subtle change was made to the Green Lattice territory - see if you can spot it!

It was also on this third canvas that a truth was finally revealed via magnifying glasses: pixels were made up of Spurdos. A microscope further showed that Spurdos were made of heart lattices.


The size of the canvas was 1500x1500 and all of the 2,250,000 total pixels were placeable.

An interactive version of this canvas showing the names of factions and where they were located can be found here.

More detailed info such as timelapses, the final virginmap, and more can be found on the official archives.

Palette 2 (maroon, beige, magenta, and black were added. The old black was renamed to darkGrey)

Major Events

Minor Events

  • Spurdo Duck War: Battle between Void and others over a "Duck-Spurdo" (part of Great Spurdo War) to avoid the creation of black void-root for the Anti-Spurdo Tree



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