Troll Face War

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Troll Face War
LocationPride Faction, YOIB, and Turkey artwork
CanvasCanvas 41
Time span10/14/2020 - 11/23/2020 (40 days)
OutcomeLOF victory:
The Trollface Coalition

Volunteers from YOIB
Other volunteers

Turkey (briefly)
League of Factions

Grilled-Scrung Fanclub
Volunteers from Pixelstuck, PokePxls, Tea N' Tea, Based Pxls, and Proggity Prog OwO
Other volunteers

YOIB (briefly)

The Troll Face War was a major war that took place over the course of 40 days on Canvas 41. It was the largest war on since the invasion of Pixeltugal on Canvas 29; no single conflict has reached its scale since. On one side was the League of Factions, acting in defense of Pride Faction, and on the other side was The Trollface Coalition, consisting of users from multiple Discord servers, 2ch, and 4chan. The conflict started with a plan to cover Pride Faction's template with a troll face, which manifested in many serious attacks. Roughly 440 accounts were confirmed to have participated over the course of the entire war, including multiple alts.

Throughout the conflict, the battles ratcheted up in intensity until a decline in tensions between October 24th and November 1st, at which point a very large attack force invaded the Pride template. The resulting battle lasted 9 hours and resulted in the ultimate LOF victory over the troll facers. However, the subsequent night attack by Russian trollfacers surprised the League and the Pride forces, allowing the trollface to be rebuilt. Due to pressure from YOIB, the LOF agreed to a peace deal; however, this deal was continuously violated by many members of the Trollface Coalition. They griefed the relocated Pride template until the leaders of Pride announced a temporary break in Pxls projects.

The trollfacers also refused to honor an agreement with YOIB to move their troll face so that Yoibers could construct a "World Gachi Day" template over the original face. As a result, YOIB and the LOF jointly launched Operation Crux/Jabroni to cover the trollface which resulted in the area being taken on November 4th. The remaining trollfacers moved to create their second face.

Griefs against the Trump 2020 sign, which was built by many of the trollfacers, and griefs against LOF possessions, continued until the most severe attack (a raid by trollfacers against Cursed Clan) occurred on November 22nd. Later that day, the League of Factions started an invasion of the new trollface, successfully covering it up with a rainbow version of the pokemon Gyarados. The trollfacers surrendered on November 22nd; however, there was a raid by some trollfacers on the main LOF logo shortly before the canvas reset the following day. When the canvas reset, the war was considered over.

The conflict started with the Troll Face War continued through Canvas 42, and arguably until Canvas 47, due to the 2ch Pride Raids and 2ch–LOF Wars, respectively.

At the moment, a documentary is being made about the entire conflict. Current Progress is unknown.




First Battle - Oct. 14

Repelled by Pride with some LoF help. A projected 40 users were involved. It was mainly organized on a private server of close friends.

Second Battle ("Operation Backspring") - Oct. 17

The trollface got alarming progress but faced an overwhelming counterattack from Pride and the League of Factions. The largest battle yet, LoF was heavily involved, more than 115 accounts fought in this battle alone.

Smaller skirmishes - Oct. 18-23

Many griefs against the Pride template of varying intensity.

Third Battle - Oct. 24

A smaller battle which was won by Pride and the LoF after an intense and slow counter-invasion. Around 90 accounts were involved.

Trump sign attacks and griefing - Oct. 24-29

Pride made two concentrated efforts to cover a Trump sign made by some of the trollfacers; these were repelled. The Grilled-Scrung Fan Club and its affiliates also tried later but were defeated.

"Fourth Battle" and heavy griefs - Oct. 30

The smallest attack, repelled by Pride without LoF help. A projected 30 users were involved.


Fifth Battle ("Operation Iris") and peace talks - Nov. 1

The troll facers flattened Pride resistance, and the LoF rushed into the conflict with not enough troops, leading to a defeat for the Pride-LoF side. This was the first time the trollface was fully completed. The defenders later reorganized and waged a 9-hour counterattack--resisted vigorously by both The Trollface Coalition and 2ch--to retake the template. During this time peace talks broke down between the two sides; LoF had negotiated a ceasefire but Pride Faction rejected it, leading the hostilities to continue into the next day.

Night Raid, peace deal, and Turkish lira - Nov. 2

Recognized by Pride Faction, League of Factions, YOIB, Troll Face builders

- No more Pride or LOF attacks will be conducted against the current trollface
- Pride faction moves its main template ("Today's Fight") to the Turkish lira coin
- No troll facers, or their allies from 4chan, 2ch, et al. will attack Pride's projects or the LoF

-- pineApple

While many Pride and LoF members were sleeping, a group of trollfacers rebuilt the troll face to somewhat light resistance. Peace talks restarted, leading to a non-aggression agreement and allowing Pride to build its template somewhere else--over the Turkish lira. However, the treaty faced immediate problems as 2ch rejected it and a large section of the other trollfacers followed Pride to their new location, spearheading continual attacks. Finally, Pride Faction announced that due to stress and it being so close to the US presidential election, they would temporarily stop Pxls projects. The League of Factions pulled out shortly after the announcement, effectively ending this stage of the war.

YOIB-Trollfacer conflict- Nov. 3

The last nail in the coffin for the peace deal arrived between the days of November 3rd and 4th. YOIB started to cover the background near the finished trollface with their own art, intending to move the face somewhere else as had been agreed by the trollfacers. However, trollfacers went back on their word, refusing to let YOIB cover the trollface, but accepting a copy being built within YOIB territory.

Operation Crux/Jabroni - Nov. 4

This angered YOIB, who already included covering the trollface with their arts to their plans and ceded Luigi Panda territory; however, any actions to single-handedly make it deemed generally unsuccessful. YOIB began to reach out to other groups, including the League of Factions, to strike back and cover the trollface. The LoF accepted, and soon Operation Crux (known by YOIB as Operation Jabroni) began. After facing fairly light resistance compared to what they were used to, the joint attack steamrolled the trollface. What remained of the trollfacers began to redesign the copy built in YOIB territory.

Skirmishes - Nov. 4-22

Griefs continued against the Trump 2020 sign, which was built by many of the trollfacers. The LOF logo was also griefed. However, the most major raid took place on November 22nd.

Cursed Clan attack and Gyarados raid - Nov. 22

A group of trollfacers attacked Cursed Clan on November 22nd, eventually being repelled. Later in the day, the League of Factions launched an operation to place a Pride Faction template over the new trollface, which was successful after about 3 hours of fighting. They had been given advance permission from YOIB to launch the incursion as the new trollface was situated in their territory. After the attack, a small LOF logo was built that overlapped the planned borders of some YOIB artworks, so it was modified as necessary. Multiple pride flags were also built in the area, but YOIB, which is generally very opposed to creating flags, removed them.

Final griefs - Nov. 23

Some 2chers and other trollfacers made persistent attempts to rebuild the trollface on the day of the reset, but the LOF's guard groups were able to repel them from making any serious progress. Shortly before the reset itself, Pride Faction made a push to build its own pride flags in YOIB territory; at the same time, some troll facers griefed the main LOF logo with magenta. Once the canvas reset, the war was considered effectively over by all major parties involved.


On Canvas 42, 2ch and its supporters, including some of the remnants of the Trollface Coalition, started two major raids on Pride Faction's art. Both were repelled by the LOF.


Groups involved

Trollfacer Side (The Trollface Coalition)

All Hail the Troll Empire

-- BennoVonArent/Senca the Younger/SENECAtheINFANT, leader of the Popvlares

  • Pxls Peaceful Protest: The main raid server for the Discord volunteers. Approximately 115 members. Spawned several subgroups which are detailed below.
    • Trollistan: A subgroup closely aligned with the main raid server that messed around on the site and served as extra troops for the Coalition. "We did it for the laughs"- ghast, leader of trollistan.
    • Trollface Peaceful Protest: A distraction/trick server that was meant to lure in Pride members and defenders so they could be "boofed".
    • Taco Bell Clan: Another subgroup; its exact purpose and size are generally unknown.
  • Popvlares: A Discord server with around 360 users that formed a pillar of the attacking group. Described itself as "eternally supportive of the troll-empire."
  • 2ch: A decent chunk of 2chers were recruited to join the raids late in the war, starting with the Fifth Battle of The Trollface and taking an active role from then on.
  • 4chan: During at least two of the trollface battles, the attackers turned to 4chan as a measure of gaining reinforcements to stop a counterattack. Later, they directly recruited from 4chan in order to grow their numbers starting during Operation Iris. It is unknown exactly how many people came from 4chan to help the trollfacers; its likely that only a small amount of placers originated from the site. Despite this, the trollfacers are often correlated with 4chan.
  • The Refuge: Members of the Pxls faction The Refuge played a key role in organizing the Coalition, and The Refuge also officially fought in the First and Second battles of the Trollface.

Defending Group

  • Pride Faction: Fought against the trollfacers in every battle.
  • League of Factions: Supported Pride Faction throughout the war, launching multiple operations to ward off and combat the trollfacers. Also aided in diplomacy.
  • Grilled-Scrung Fan Club: Acted as co-belligerents during the war, protecting a rainbow Sans template against trollfacers but eventually being defeated. Also offered minor support during the various defenses of Pride Faction's first template.

Operation Crux Group

Numbers and Recruitment

This was the first war in many canvases with over 200 placers, coming out to around 380 placers total across both sides. The attacking side recruited from 4chan and 2ch, while the defending side recruited from various Pxls factions within the League of Factions.


Chronological list of battles

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