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4chan is an imageboard website that has had some presence on Pxls in the past.


Canvas 1

It had a heavier presence in the earliest canvases, presumably involved in the France-Kekistan War.

Canvas 36

Later in Pxls.space history, smaller groups bearing the name Kekistan continued to exist until at least Canvas 36.

Canvas 37

On Canvas 37, a group of 4channers were brought to the site for the purposes of raiding Pride Faction, though they were largely repelled and many were banned for breaking site rules.

Canvas 41

Others were involved in the Troll Face War on Canvas 41, where Pride Faction was again the target. This time, they were helped by some Pxls veterans as well as 2ch. It would start one of the larger conflicts in the recent history of Pxls.space, with the League of Factions resisting them.


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