League of Factions

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League of Factions
Commanders and leaders
232; including pineApple, laurelblue23, TheWaffleLord, stefffff, ioanBG, UnragedUS (formerly)

The League of Factions (LOF) is a coalition focused on the collective defense and security of smaller and mid-sized factions on Pxls. It also has an emphasis on autonomy; member-factions do not collaborate on each others' artwork, nor are they expected to help the productivity or watch the templates of other member-factions.

Attacking one member of the League is equivalent to attacking all members, and threats are countered with collective action.



Canvas 37

C37 was spent mostly forming and organizing the LOF, through cementing its rules and gathering member-factions.

Canvas 38

ELT Conflict (Operation Legal Defense): Attempted to repair Eliasville against attacks by the Eastside Legal Team. Result: ELT driven off, Eliasville repaired.

Operation Sugma: Attempted to repair Pride Faction's flag heart template, which had been covered by YOIB's ahegao template. Result: Fended off by Legion, YOIB and Veil. Flag heart moved to a new location.

Vaktovian Campaign (Operation Curse the Darkness): Attempted to protect PokePxls, Pixel Pets and Pride Faction against voiding from the Vaktovian Empire. Result:

Voids removed, Vaktovian Empire defeated in all engagements.

Canvas 39

There were no LOF operations on Canvas 39, although some member-factions made templates.

Canvas 40

Created a collab representing many member-factions.

War of The Waves (Operation High Water): Attempted to repair the Great Wave against a strong invasion from the Turkey faction. Result: Great Wave restored, Turkey defeated.

F1 Pxls intervention: F1 Pxls was under attack by a griefer ring and in response, many LOF members intervened to stop the attack. Result: F1 Pxls protected, griefers stopped.

Defended against various griefs on the collab.

Canvas 41

Created a "Safe Zone" that contained the templates of many member-factions. Enacted the Pestle Plan to secure it.

Fought alongside Pride Faction during the Troll Face War. Result: Pride Faction relocated with new template, troll faces destroyed.

Crafton vs. Alea (Operation JandaPoe): Protected NASCAR Pxls from ChoppCord. Result: Diplomatic deal with ChoppCord leads them to move their template off NASCAR.

Canvas 42

Took part in some of the final diplomacy of the Hui-Legion conflict, relocating two art pieces (CSGO and mini Cirno) in order to protect BFDIPxls.

Defended Pride Faction from 2ch two times.

Canvas 43

Fought a war with 2ch and others over the Pride Faction, Ravenclaw, and other arts.


Canvas 43a

Defended various arts and acted as opposition against Legion's invasion.

Canvas 44

Created a second "Safe Zone."

No major operations or conflicts.

Canvas 45

Enacted many reforms to the LOF structure and leadership system, including the creation of a "Council."

Canvas 45a

Had an April Fools theme of "London & Overseas Freighters."

Canvas 46

Created a third "Safe Zone." Fought against 2ch again.

Canvas 47

Created a fourth Safe Zone.

Fought in the Corner War.

Staged a wargame to train new members and LOF staff.

Canvas 48

Safe Zones are now traditional, which meant a fifth one was made.

Canvas 49

A sixth Safe Zone was created. A discussion was held to unify small factions, resulting in the de jure unification of LOF and COUP.


Canvas 53

Canvas 54

Canvas 55

Canvas 56

Canvas 57

Canvas 59

Canvas 60

Permanent organs and branches

LOF staff

There are four staff members within the League; two senior councilors and and five councilors. There are also several "Advisors" to the LOF staff while other advisors called "Helpers" are also present in the Discord server.

Current staff:

  • S. Councilor pineApple
  • S. Councilor CP_Pixels
  • Councilor day-jay
  • Councilor Kanji
  • Councilor Mikarific
  • Councilor RC-2222
  • Councilor woodsfiield

Reserve Forces (LOFRF)

The Reserve Forces is a coalition of Pxls factions and non-Pxls Discord servers in agreement to act as auxiliary troops for the LOF.

Temporary organs and branches

Safe Zone

An area claimed on Canvas 41, this space was intended to provide a secure location for the smaller member-factions of the LOF. The Safe Zone includes:

Pride Defense Force (LOFPDF)

A provisional formation of the LOF founded after the Second Battle of the Trollface to keep watch over the Pride Faction template and repel griefs. It consisted of roughly one-third of the member-faction who volunteered for the job. It was later archived following a de-escalation of the trollface griefs. When later attacks arose, the LOFPDF was replaced with more straightforward intervention.


This list does not include repair operations that were not resisted.

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