Navy Blue Grand Monarchy

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Navy Blue Grand Monarchy
Part of the Chromatic Empire as an Imperial Subject
Commanders and leaders

The Navy Blue Grand Monarchy (NBGM) is a navy blue-themed faction that has operated from Canvas 25 to Canvas 26, and again from Canvas 42 onwards.

It is a founding Imperial Subject of the Chromatic Empire.


The NBGM is a monarchical faction with a militaristic ranking system. The national anthem is Eiffel 65 - I'm Blue.



Canvas 25

It all started when a bunch of friends decided to play They created their very own faction called Navy Blue Grand Monarchy and started making a navy blue lattice (hence the name), with Timmy taking the role as Leader (or monarch in this case).

As Navy Blue Grand Monarchy grew bigger and stronger, they started to become the enemy of the Yellow Faction and their leader, Flag Union.

The two factions would constantly fight for territory and engage in plenty of battles. Navy Blue Grand Monarchy eventually declared all-out war with Yellow Faction. But Yellow faction was strong in numbers and was ultimately the victor. This however would not last forever.

A high-ranking member of Navy Blue Grand Monarchy known as CubicalThinker, known for his brutal sieges and attacks on other peoples art, decided to "join" Yellow Faction claiming "If you can't beat em, join 'em". This, however, was actually a plan to humiliate and virtually destroy Yellow faction from the inside out.

CubicalThinker conducted this by creating his own face right next to Yellow Faction's, making it look like the two were conjoined twins. He even made a third face that wasn't connected to the other two, but was distinctively Pea Green. Despite how awful this looked, Yellow Faction couldn't do anything because technically CubicalThinker wasn't breaking any of their rules and was simply "adding" to their art. This infuriated Flag Union, who was unable to stop this due to the rules he and his faction implemented.

After ranting, raging, and just being annoying, Flag Union was banned, not only from his own faction, but from entirely. Chalkless, the new leader of Yellow Faction, decided to move the entire faction somewhere else on the canvas and allowed Navy Blue Grand Monarchy to have all their land. This was a cause for celebration for the entirety of Navy Blue and marked the very first war they have ever won in

On the day the canvas was supposed to reset, the Woke Cells went to war with Navy Blue Grand Monarchy. The NBGM did not expect this attack, and was partially covered while they were all away from pxls. However, in the minutes leading up to the reset, they mounted a fierce counterattack and pushed back the Woke Cells as far as they could until the canvas reset.

Canvas 26

When Navy Blue Grand Monarchy joined the next canvas, they chose a bad place to live. Side note, during this canvas, NBGM changed their traditional Navy Blue colored lattice to a brighter normal blue to make it easier to see on the canvas, due to the background being black instead of white this time. The place NBGM chose to start off their lattice was in the bottom left corner of the canvas. This might have been fine, if it wasn't for a large faction creating a gigantic piece of art right above Navy Blue Grand Monarchy. Though this isn't the main reason NBGM essentially failed this canvas, since they could've just continued the lattice around the artwork.

Once Navy Blue Grand Monarchy started picking up pace and becoming marginally larger, they encountered a new problem. A faction known as Hungarian Lattice, led by Nmadyx and his apprentice Jeancar2, conquered almost all of the unclaimed territory next to the artwork before NBGM could. This led to Navy Blue Grand Monarchy raging war against Hungarian Lattice, only to be absolutely demolished in battle, due to the large number of people Hungaria had.

Most of the battles that took place where centered in "the Crevasse," an area of unclaimed land in the massive artwork.

Eventually, after many battles, it was revealed that Jeancar2 was actually Flag Union the entire time! At the start of the new canvas, he managed to make an alt account and get back on to pxls. This insane reveal explained as to why Hungarian Lattice was so hell-bent on destroying NBGM, not only for more land and power, but for revenge.

Navy Blue Grand Monarchy decided to stop fighting and end the conflict with Hungarian Lattice, with a peace treaty that allowed them to have one half of the crevasse and NBGM the other. This meant that NBGM couldn't really grow, since there was no land that wasn't already taken. So they decided to start making some of their own artwork in their claimed territory.

User bacononlegs1 and a few others decided to make a collection of national flags, including the Bahamian Flag. CubicalThinker, on the other hand, noticed that his old face he created on the lattice was horribly defaced and decided to initiate what he called "Full on Furious Face Faction Catastrophe", which resulted in him creating a giant face named Big Blue, that would become famous for its face-like beauty.

As the faction grew with bright colorful national flags and a giant blue face, most of the members grew bored as they couldn't grow the faction any further and were seemingly trapped in the corner of canvas 26 forever. So they started coming on Pxls less and less. This gave Hungarian Lattice an advantage at finally destroying them.

Nmadyx completely destroyed the Big Blue and replaced it with a diamond with its very own rainbow lattice. This proved to be the final nail in the coffin for Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, as they never had a chance to reclaim their territory because of the low number of people they had, from lack of interest. This was the last canvas they went by Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, as they decided to change into Bahamas Lattice.


Canvas 41

A memorial to the NBGM was created in the LOF Safe Zone by IoanBG and pineApple on Canvas 41. It featured the famous :buddy: face.

Canvas 42

It was revived by ioanBG and pineApple as a memorial faction on Canvas 42, building a flag as well as its traditional navy blue background. After entering a short claim conflict with YOIB, they expanded to fill a significant amount of the top left of the canvas, also making peace with KagaamiX's nearby void. NBGM became one of the largest backgrounds on Canvas 42, expanding rapidly.

Canvas 43

It was created again, though at a bit smaller size, on Canvas 43. It was located to the east of 2ch, but was hardly touched by the War.


Canvas 44

NBGM rested on Canvas 44.

Canvas 45

On C45, the NBGM was located far to the east once again. It supported the Siege of Trollge, overtaking some of the Trollge Confederacy's previous territory alongside Inverted Anarchist's coalition forces. It also began to form custom borders on this canvas.

Canvas 45a

Due to the gimmick, the NBGM rested on Canvas 45a.

Canvas 46

The NBGM was located far to the west on Canvas 46. It was not involved in any major conflicts, peacefully expanding in all directions until forming borders with the nearby Pixelstuck, Pink Gang, and Inverted Anarchist backgrounds.

Canvas 47

Canvas 47 would prove to be the apex of the NBGM's expansion tactics. Continual operations pushed the boundaries of their territory in all directions, becoming the foremost power in the far east of the canvas.

The rapid expansion of the NBGM led to skirmishes. The Invasion of Pee Gang would occur midway through the canvas in retaliation for griefs against the :buddy: face. The invasion was decisive; at one point the NBGM was placing over 750 navy pixels/hour.

With Pee Gang removed from the political scene the navy blue continued to expand downward, bringing them into conflict with Touhou Fanclub and their supporters, who had planned an ambitious lattice for the area. This led to the NBGM–Anime conflict, a protracted claim war that led to the severe reduction of the Anime Collab's size and the free expansion of the NBGM to a more favorable border. Ultimately, Touhou Fanclub faction leader Korgi negotiated a deal with pineApple where the Anime Collab Lattice would be restricted to a certain area and changed to a more "blue" color scheme.

With the area cleared, the NBGM turned its attention towards northward expansion. It agreed to a border with cutiefruity's Rainbow Lattice and spent the rest of the canvas moving upward and claiming virgin pixels.

Canvas 48

The NBGM was located towards the middle of Canvas 48, starting out as a square with a discord link and several egos, later filling a moderate amount of space; no major conflicts took place, though it did carry out one force-defiddle.

Canvas 49

The NBGM started in the bottom right of Canvas 49. It expanded significantly across the canvas and created a colony, with its total pixel coverage being around 120k by the end of it. It fought in many conflicts, most notably in the Arena, starting out against small arts placed there, later fighting volunteers from Pxls chat who tried turning the arena pink, ultimately removing them, and then Legion for two days, along with a third-party template built by dani26795, Sidestep and others, before pulling out and focusing on expanding elsewhere. Other conflicts included the removal of Orange Empire (which later served as a basis for the Monarchy's Northern Colony) and a battle between the NBGM and COUP, resulting in the emote :buddy: being added to their castle. Canvas 49 is currently NBGM's largest canvas, in terms of pixels placed (over 100k).

Canvas 50

The NBGM built on the bottom of C50, in a collab with Pink Gang. It again fought in the arena, against Pixelstuck which was supported by Legion members.

Canvas 51

The NBGM occupied a large amount of background space on the left side of Canvas 51. They also established several principalities, including Nonexistent Canvas, Bahamaland, and Imperium.

Canvas 52

The NBGM made a large piece of art, colorized by Grayscale Pxls' leader drake. After its completion, it filled a moderate amount of space around the art and established a colony on the opposite end of the canvas.


Canvas 53

The NBGM made a small artwork on the lower left section, then expanded into the surrounding areas. The NBGM established several colonies, along with one at the bottom left, which suffered heavy griefs from three D2 members from its establishment until the canvas reset. This canvas was also especially large for NBGM (reaching just over 100k).

Canvas 54

During Canvas 54, the NBGM made a medium sized artwork of a dragon, and a large buddy along with some other artworks. Midway through the canvas, it was griefed by some people building a rainbow flag, resulting in the NBGM destroying it. Nearing the end of the canvas, the NBGM along with other factions raided Cell Lattice, destroying a large portion of their territory.

Canvas 55

The NBGM is currently making a large anthropomorphic buddy on the top right corner, as well as some other art made by faction members. NBGM is also making a goodbye art for Pink Gang.

Organization Structure

Original Era

The original Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, controlled by Grand Monarch Timmy I, was a hyper-aggressive faction with a strong emphasis on the military. Its top generals had a high degree of autonomy, and even the Grand Monarch had no codified ability to overrule them. These generals started the Villager Golem conflict and prolonged the Hungarian–NBGM conflict and Great Bear War.

Revived Era

The revived Navy Blue Grand Monarchy was more strictly hierarchical; while military Marshals and Generals retained a high degree of power, they were ultimately subject to the decrees of the Grand Monarch.

  • Grand Monarch(s): pineApple
  • Marshal(s): ioanBG
  • General(s): IronHebo, Chikubi, The_Great_Cod, Duk, Arexy
  • Major(s): HealthyKawk, SilentPixel
  • Lieutenant(s): 7H3Thomas22, zelt_anna, SkrillyD, Kanji, Evelyn29
  • Sergeant(s): Sen_Ruoka, Temriel
  • Private(s): Chinpachi, flox987, iamegg, snoots, SkrillyD, SuperSniper2011
  • Other misc. members from previous ranking constructs: BabyWolf, darkmoon, elias, mullen, BeanBB, itzAki, VOLTS, Kevin, waddledee, RicERocket, TooBlue, JadeLove, Mr_Sneke, korb, Lacken, CaptainCream, Jiro, thetigerko, y3tiboy, Crosseye_YT, DysKorD69, zelt_anna, pronnie, Nep73, Jack34590, hazard121000, 7H3Thomas22, superdutch, SlitherDoodle (pixel deal),


The NBGM maintains a policy of friendly relations with fellow national factions and color factions. However, it has other allies and associates that do not fall into this category.



Though allied to all fellow Imperial Estates of the Chromatic Empire, the NBGM agreed to alliances with the following factions at some point in its history.



  • Yellow War: The first war ever fought by the fledgling NBGM. Waged against the small Yellow Faction, which had antagonized the NBGM up to that point. The NBGM launched the first strike, cutting into Yellow Faction territory before orchestrating a ceasefire. Then, they cut off all of the Yellow Faction's attempts to expand by encircling them with navy blue lattice. Annoyed, Yellow Faction leader Flag Union continued to insult and criticize the NBGM, resulting in a final invasion that obliterated the last of the Yellow Faction territory in the area. The Yellow Faction proceeded to move to a new location.
  • Woke Invasion: At the end of c25, the NBGM was taken entirely by surprise by the Woke cells. The Woke cells managed to secure a large chunk of NBGM territory with orange circles before being pushed back a bit by NBGM defenders. The canvas promptly ended.
  • Hungarian–NBGM conflict: Invasions and counter-invasions launched by the NBGM and Hungarian Lattice factions. After many hours of fighting over the course of several days, a border in the Crevasse was decided upon. However, tensions didn't end there as the Hungarians eventually built art pieces on NBGM territory and attempted to break through the border. The NBGM pushed back through the border and shoved the Hungarians north to a small corner of the Crevasse. The canvas ended with a stalemate, as both sides achieved strategic victories.
    • Beginnings of a rainbow lattice remained intact on NBGM territory at the end of the canvas, and a diamond art piece placed directly over NBGM art remained intact at the end of the canvas
    • The NBGM destroyed a Hungarian flag built over its artwork

Revived NBGM