Space Collab Incident

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Space Collab Incident

The area in dispute at the conclusion of the Space Collab Incident.
Date8/28/22 - 8/30/22

Chromatic Empire victory:


Space Collab

Chromatic Empire

Commanders and leaders

The Space Collab Incident was a background claim conflict between the Chromatic Empire (ChE) and Space Collab (SC) on Canvas 60. It arose when The Purple Empire, an Imperial Subject of ChE, laid claim to an area that was later claimed by SC. After the collab had finished all of its art, they announced plans to expand upwards.

This caused a long argument in the Space Collab Discord server which continued until Temriel, the Chancellor of the Chromatic Empire and Emperor of The Purple Empire, made a template aimed at satisfying both parties. The new template did not meet Ceadog's standards due to his plans for the collab to push directly into the canvas's "tentacle" and his pre-existing hatred of the Chromatic Empire. Thus, Temriel's repeated attempts to resolve the conflict with a provisional template fell on deaf ears.

The arguing put many people off placing for Space Collab, and not everyone was willing to place for Temriel's template. The Chromatic Empire, on the other hand, finished TPE's template while Space Collab was still arguing. In the end, very few Space Collab members actually had problems with the new art.