Orange Gang

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Orange Gang
Commanders and leaders
Canvas 45a
Yougottrolled182, ioanBG, 7H3Thomas22, Monster_Chicken
Canvas 51 - present
7H3Thomas22, Monster_Chicken, Universe

Orange Gang (OG) was a faction based around making arts centered around the color orange (which, at the time was the 11th on the color palette). It existed on Canvas 45a and was revived on Canvas 51. It was apart of the Chromatic Empire from Canvas 55 to Canvas 80, being one of the founding factions. The faction has had 4 representatives in total during its lifespan, those being Monster_Chicken, Universe, Mowkitty, and Woahdang_Jr. Monster_Chicken and Universe are notable for being the two effective leaders of the faction.

Its successor is Darkhood


Canvas 45a

Canvas 45a was special, as it initially provided users with only 1 color, based on their pxls ID number. There were many people whose selected color was orange (currently the 11th color on the palette, back then the 16th), and as such ioanBG created a discord for organizing. The initial admins included him, Yougottrolled182 and 7H3Thomas22.

At the beginning, Orange Gang focused on helping gaudi999's art, which included orange. After all of it had been done, members began expanding around an area that had been placed by MonsterChicken, then YOIB genewuw. The expansion was quick, as evidenced by screenshots of the heatmap. By the second day it had reached Sidestep's void, who threatened to invade in the pxls server. The response was asking for a border consisting of small pikachus, made by gaudi999, to which Sidestep agreed. Other borders included ones with the Pink Background (achieved by destroying the neighboring magenta area), hazard12100's lattice, an unknown lattice and the hi liom chain. The last one sparked some controversy, as Liam did not permit Orange Gang to go under the text. Yougottrolled182 refused to cooperate, expanded underneath the text and left the discord server. However, he was pushed back, with other OG members continuing expansion elsewhere, leading to them surrounding the pikachu art they helped at the start, which was on the opposite pole of the canvas. At the end of the canvas, their area had became home to YOIB's core art, as most OG members were YOIBers, as well as several arts made by Inverted Anarchists.

An idea that existed since the start was that orange should surpass black on the color leaderboard, which was not unfeasible. At the beginning, it looked like black would be first, however soon orange surpassed it, ending up with 52,714px, as opposed to 33,912px of dark green (mostly placed by LycorisRadiata) and only 32,378px of black. A total of 4 orange gang placers ended up on the final top 10 leaderboard - 7H3Thomas22 (2nd), ioanBG (6th), gaudi999 (7th) and Yougottrolled182 (8th)


Post Canvas 45a, Many things happened such as the main faction of the OG placers YOIB Announcing it will end on canvas 49 Canvas 50.

This led to a conundrum for the remaining pxls YOIBers, such as Monster_Chicken 7H3Thomas22 & Universe. After a small discussion over whether or not to use the least used color of canvas prior, they would decide to return to the old favorite of orange, even using the old discord server made for c45a. They would start placing orange on the canvas after YOIB's finale.

Canvas 51

Orange Gang began as planned, surrounding some of ManePxls' artwork.

Canvas 52

By accident, a collab was formed with d2 this canvas. Both factions used the same coloured artworks and backgrounds, and decided to work together. Due to the artworks involved, some users on the canvas displayed dislike towards them. Notably, users from Pixelstuck showed the most dismay.

Canvas 53

Due to the rapid expansion of the newly created TPE, a purple focused background faction, Orange Gang had their expansion paths cut off. This caused the faction to expand elsewhere, creating a colony in the top right of the canvas, near Legion.

Orange Gang would fight Bulgaria Pxls this canvas.

Canvas 54

The faction would make transitions with several neighbouring factions, including DuoPxls, the Helpers, and The Purple Empire. Notably, Orange Gang removed a large cross this canvas. Concerning the large Cell War, Orange Gang would stay neutral.

Canvas 55

Nothing too notable happened to Orange Gang on canvas this time around. The initial claim for the faction went well, and the artworks were finished before reset. However, the formation of the Chromatic Empire was ratified this canvas. Monster_Chicken would serve as Head Representative of Orange Gang within the Empire, while Universe would server as a normal Orange Gang representative, and moderator of the Chromatic Empire Discord server.

Canvas 56

More information on the history of Orange Gang during its period in the Chromatic Empire can be found here.