The Purple Empire

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The Purple Empire
The current flag of The Purple Empire.
ActiveCanvas 51 - Present
Emperor: Temriel
Generals: Evelyn29, E-Aria

The Purple Empire (TPE) is a purple themed faction that was started on Canvas 51 dedicated to spreading a purple background throughout the canvas, with purple arts accompanying it. It was a founding Imperial Subject of the Chromatic Empire, officially joining on March 26th, 2022. Two years and two months later, on the 26th of May, 2024, TPE would leave the Chromatic Empire due to a dispute between Temriel and pineApple.


Canvas 51

It all began with the returning user Temriel, who after a several month hiatus decided that he was gonna make his own empire, where it was originally called "The Magenta Empire". This was later scrapped, and replaced with "The Purple Empire", which is what we have today.

TPE at the end of c51 (highlighted)

It started as a small project in the very top of the "bats" head, where it remained a small regional power, only really having it's emperor Temriel as the main placer. This changed however when both Rockbatgirl and iButter joined the faction. The Empire quickly expanded, and took it took over smaller surrounding arts that were no longer being worked on. It was also during this that an alliance with the NBGM was formed. This would prove to be an invaluable alliance later on.

Near the end of the canvas many people came to help both it and another faction finish their undone bg.

Canvas 52

It was during this canvas that major expansion was achieved, with an official alliance formed with the H2O Lattice as well. Starting in the top right of the canvas, it slowly but surely expanded to claim massive areas, and faced almost no competition.

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TPE at the end of c52 (highlighted)

Despite the Empire only starting on canvas 51, the sudden growth was stunning. By being so isolated (except for it's ally to the south-west, H2O Lattice) it could expand into very large areas without much resistance. During this time Evelyn29 sort of joined the faction by helping the Empire expand west, officially joining next canvas. She (and later E-Aria) would later prove to be invaluable on canvas 53. The Empire was originally only going to stay in the north-east of the canvas, but it saw a very large opportunity to expand south into unclaimed land.

Later on, it came into contact with another large pattern, and very soon reached an agreement to settle the border on something favorable for both factions (although the Empire largely lost ground here, but it was deemed favorable by the emperor), so the Empire could focus on expansion west. It was at this time too that E-Aria asked to make a small to medium sized pixel art from the game Candies 'n Curses, which was finished later that same canvas.

Canvas 53

Starting in the mid-west, the faction made a medium sized pixel art to begin with, which later lead to major purple expansion around it.

With the addition of E-Aria to the Empire last canvas, it granted the ability for the faction to expand around her art in the southeast. This lead into very major expansion around her art for a very long time.

TPE and all her colonies at the end of c53 (highlighted)

In the Komi-san War the Empire intervened to finish the 5 pixel thick outline of E-Aria's megaproject. This was successful at the start, but when a de-fiddled version was created, the Empire lost almost all of its investments into the war. Later, when it was decided that it was to be majorly expanded, the Empire could only sit back and watch, as d2 expanded it.

During the Splatoon 2 partition drama, TPE was offered a lot of territory, but it took more of a neutral stance during this. The Empire only pushed to the border of the logo, and never actually fought against anyone. This proved to be the right thing to do, as the logo was later redesigned and was spared.

In the bottom right of the canvas the Empire found itself in small, short lived border conflicts with several d2 members, but never d2 itself. It was also in this area that a massive controversy was spawned, where a Trump art threatened to take over a lot of TPE territory in later reveled plans. This sparked a conflict where several pxls users took sides to either defend the art, or defend the Empire. It started with small incursions into TPE territory, which eventually lead to the executive decision of Temriel to stop this once and for all. He was himself aware of the small incursions, but did not intervene. But when it was revealed that ImperialGuard was recruiting several people of another Discord server, the order was announced. When both sides were basically equal, a deal was signed where it would remain the same it was pre-war, however during the time that both Temriel (+most of the Empire) and ImperialGuard was offline some other pxls users took over almost all of the Trump art, giving it to the Empire.

When there were no more expansion paths in the bottom left, the Empire picked a new location in the top right and expanded very rapidly. Considering it was near the end of the canvas, the Empire gained a lot of external support, and basically doubling the placement speed for the Empire. It was also at this time that an Empire-wide template was finally established and grief reports were added to the Discord server.

Canvas 54
TPE core at the end of c54 (highlighted)

With the confusing shape of the canvas, the Empire started it's expansion with a very large template on the left of the canvas, where E-Aria had a pretty massive template to begin with. This was also the first canvas where BTF and the Empire collaborated.

TPE colony at the end of c54 (highlighted)

Further into the canvas, a border was established between both the Empire and the Femboy Cafe, and was finished very rapidly due to it getting help from both sides. Not much more happened after this, except a small bit of controversy due to the Russian Z/V flag, this was due to the Z being attributed to supporting Russia in the Russo-Ukrainian war. Thankfully, TPE did not suffer any backlash due to this existing.

When the Empire had taken as much land as possible in this area (not including the territory taken from Cell Lattice, that was later), Temriel decided it was time to, in his words "have some #colonyfun". This meant that he had decided to establish a colony down south next to d2 and the League of Factions, and progress on this colony began shortly after. The colony was at first only really being built by Temriel and Evelyn29, however this changed later as me6, the person with the most placed this canvas, decided to come help. The next day, the colony had expanded way beyond the original scope of what Temriel originally had planned. A day later, a transition border with both the Workers and Orange Gang was established.

Canvas 55

This canvas TPE started between the middle top and top left next to Femboy Cafe and above GSm, and this time the Empire included a discord invite, name and emblem, with the two last being a first. The Empire could sadly not expand to previous levels due to both /r/place coming back and the site due to several DDoS attacks that would occur over several days. This made the placing times way longer than normal (from 20 seconds to around 35) and the downtime of the site made getting in a miracle. Later on however, Vanilla, the site's owner changed the cooldown to 65% of the normal one as compensation for the attacks on it.

When the site had stabilized once again, proper expansion of the Empire's territory could be resumed. No more drama that involved the Empire occurred under the canvases time, except for the continuous onslaught of griefers which Temriel and many other Imperial members had to defend against.

It was also during the latest days of this canvas that the Chromatic Empire was founded, with TPE serving as a founding member and Temriel becoming and serving as Lord Chancellor.

TPE at the end of c55 (highlighted)

Canvas 56

More information can be found on the Chromatic Empire page.

During this canvas, TPE got the offer of joining the Fish Collab. Initially it was accepted, but considering her vassal position in the Chromatic Empire, this was eventually turned down. However, the offer was extended to the Chromatic Empire as a whole later on. Though, seeing how much of a mess this would be, they pulled out a few days before reset.

Canvas 57

This canvas saw The Purple Empire be directly represented with a background present on canvas, with purple themed arts to fit. Below it, was the mixed core of the Chromatic Empire. The three arts built there all represented each Imperial Subject, with a lattice to match.

TPE's crest was first built on this canvas, with it serving as an ego for Temriel.

More information can be found on the Chromatic Empire page.

Canvas 58

The Empire was represented in ChE's main centre piece art as one of the smaller factions, due to the artists wanting everything to fit nicely together. This would not matter however, as TPE would go on to make one of the largest backgrounds during the canvas, stretching out to over 86k before reset.

TPE participated in the First Opcellog this canvas, and got a sizeable amount of territory from it.

Canvas 68

This canvas saw the return of The Purple Empire in full, and it showed TPE's ability to evolve around the current reception of "flat" backgrounds, by making it very detailed.

At the end of the canvas, TPE would stretch over vast amounts of the canvas and cover 162k pixels, the largest in recorded TPE history.

Canvas 80

The Purple Empire would officially leave the Chromatic Empire on this canvas due to actions done by pineApple. A revival and eventual collab with FURU Pxls was planned for next canvas.

Foreign Relations



Conflicts and Wars

Canvas 52

  • Border dispute with 25's red lattice (editors note; I have no idea if it was 25 or not, I honestly can't remember): the Empire conceded a small bit of territory so 25 could finish their lattice's pattern. Partial TPE loss.

Canvas 53

  • Border dispute with 2Lattice: This conflict (involving d2 member Shelky's unauthorised expansion of SilentPixel's 2Lattice) continued for several hours (in spite of Silent ordering Shelky to not expand the lattice any further), and was eventually solved due to the Komi-san War, and d2 expanding the art to a way larger size. Major defeat for TPE, as it could not stop d2 from expanding the Komi art.
  • Trump art conflict: It started with Nino (or ImperialGuard) who went onto another right-wing discord server to expand the trump art, taking territory from several arts in the process. This eventually lead to the complete wiping of the art from the canvas, and also subsequent banning of ImperialGuard from the site. Complete TPE victory.

Canvas 54

  • Green Lattice Colony Dispute: The Empire tried to establish a colony at the very edge on the left of the canvas, but Green Lattice claimed it as their own. To avoid fighting, Temriel conceded the territory, in return for peace and Booooo helping the Empire in the future. As the colony was barely developed at the time, it became only a minor TPE loss.
  • The Great Cell war of C54: the NBGM and several other factions decided to once and for all get rid of Cell Lattice. This resulted in the partition of the Cell Lattice, and the "cell core" (the main part of the Cell Lattice, which also hosted the invite) going to a troll face. Complete coalition/TPE victory

Canvas 55

  • Place Invasion: Due to the revival of r/place, several users joined the site and subsequently attacked many different art pieces, and also primarily background factions, such as the Empire. This drained the resources of the Empire due to both the attacks from newer users and the higher player count, which made the cooldown much longer. This was not really a single conflict, but several that happened after April first. Small loss for TPE, both in territory and placing power.

Canvas 58

  • Pepe Raid: During this canvas, the Empire participated in a retaliatory attack on griefers of the Empire, after FUCKTHISWEBSITE, or FTW, had been banned for multi-accounting. This had sparked conflict in chat, where Jabo (and his allies) said that the ban was unfair, and that it was not deserved. This was the final straw, as Jabo had also been weird in chat, and his allies griefers of the Empire and her Imperial Overlord, the Chromatic Empire. In a little under an hour, a large Bahamaland-themed "buddy" was built over their art, with help from several users. The victory was quick, and can be considered a complete TPE/ChE/Coalition victory.
  • First Opcellog: To eradicate every single last bit of Cell influence on the site, pineApple, Temriel, and others conceived behind the scenes to launch such a destructive attack on Cell Lattice. When the attack was finally launched, quick progress was made with about 10k pixels in six hours, or a third of the initial template. TPE would gain sizable portions of Cell Lattice added to her domain and would also gain a lot of external support to take the parts that were outlined in the template. This was a complete TPE-aligned victory on all accounts.