Big Trans Flags

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Big Trans Flags
Part of the Chromatic Empire as a vassal of The Purple Empire
Commanders and leaders

Big Trans Flags (BTF), officially known as the Principality of Big Trans Flags,[1] is a faction created by Tazgirl on Canvas 51. Its goal is to make a trans flag that starts on one side of the canvas and ends on the other. It is currently a principality of The Purple Empire and the Chromatic Empire.


Canvas 51

BTF started between the middle and the end of canvas 51, it started on the left wing of the bat.

As soon as the flag reached NBGM's lattice multiple members of the faction started trying to push it back into non NBGM territory, even though it had permission to pass through the lattice it kept getting pushed back every time it reached NBGM.

After a lot of fighting it was eventually let through, the flag was not allowed to go past The Pattern and stopped at the end of the left wing.

Canvas 52

In canvas 52 the flag started on the handle of the mug, it expanded right quite fast and ended up making it to the other side of the mug way before the end of the canvas, there was only one grief and it got dealt with by the mods because the griefers were being transphobic.

Canvas 53

The flag had issues with finding a spot so it started ~1 day late, this canvas it went from the top of the grandfather clock to the bottom, D2 did not want the trans flag to go near them so it turned left and continued expanding until it reached the border.

Canvas 54

This canvas Big Trans Flags, The Purple Empire and Candies 'n Curses 'n Pxls collaborated. The flag was slowed since it was griefed by rkntg, due to a minor conflict between them and Evelyn29 in C53.

There were several other flags made next to BTF by other users, including a non-binary flag, a genderfluid flag, an agender flag and multiple demigender flags.

Canvas 55


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