Aquatic Monarchy

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Aquatic Monarchy
Part of the Chromatic Empire as a vassal of the Elemental Confederation
Commanders and leaders
Butyron I

The Aquatic Monarchy (AM), previously known by other names, is a faction themed around water that was originally active from Canvas 43 to Canvas 56, before being revived on Canvas 62. It is currently in a union with the Metallic Monarchy called the Elemental Confederation and a vassal of the Chromatic Empire. The current Monarch is Butyron I.


It was founded as H2O Lattice on Canvas 43, keeping this name until it went inactive on Canvas 56. It was revived under the lattice identity on Canvas 62.

It adopted the name H2O Fan Club upon its union with the Metallic Monarchy on Canvas 64 and rebranded for a final time on Canvas 67, taking the name Aquatic Monarchy in the context of the Titular Reform of the Chromatic Empire.



On C43 H2O Lattice was founded by ibutter and was started as a small Project that began below the left of the star. H2O Lattice started slowly and made a handful of small artworks throughout the canvas but nothing major. After that it went into a battle with an unnamed faction (whose name I cannot remember) but it ended quickly. Then after that iButter (Who was still very new and thought that every single artwork here had been collaborated) accidentally on-purpose griefed NBGM and filled up their bottle with water but it got destroyed by ioanBG and there were no consequences. Also after that Cell Lattice shenanigans.


H2O Lattice began on the Right eye on this canvas and started slowly and made a couple of artworks but nothing major and some user made artwork too. Then Legion appeared and thus, The Legion Invasions of C43a began. When Legion came into contact with H2O Lattice it started attacking H2O Lattice but H2O Lattice fought back. Eventually Legion stopped and H2O Lattice began to make slow advances on Legion's territory and Legion didn't pay much attention to it but then Legion bonked H2O Lattice from existence because H2O Lattice invaded on one of their allies but It was a misunderstanding (I think). H2O Lattice has was created inside of Legion twice to try to keep presence on the canvas but none were successful.


H2O Lattice began at the top but soon stopped for no reason. After this Inverted Anarchist (Who was one of H2O Lattice's allies) created a mini H2O Lattice inside of their territory. On this canvas some users made another H2O Lattice on the top right of the canvas.


H2O Lattice began on the Handle of the couldron on this canvas and became massive as time went on. Later on NBGM absorbed a part of H2O Lattice to make some art (Which was allowed) and resulted in H2O Lattice getting Smaller. After that an unnamed Faction attacked H2O Lattice from the North which made H2O Lattice smaller again but overall was still pretty big.


H2O Lattice started in the Bottom Left and expanded over it rather quickly. It made a couple of small artworks during it's time there with 1 medium artwork. But after this, H2O Lattice was voided by Ryeam and he made a fair amount of progress but with the combined efforts of ioanBG and iButter, his void was quickly destroyed, Ryeam also did small amounts of griefing but it was quickly stopped. During this the Alliance between NBGM was formed.


H2O Lattice started slowly near the top left of the canvas but sped up as time went on. A couple of artworks were made during this canvas but still, nothing too major. During this canvas H2O Lattice also came into contact with The Purple Empire and made a small artwork dedicated to The Purple Empire and also started the Alliance between each other.




Social Hierarchy

The Social Hierarchy of H2O Lattice is simple and very easy to understand and goes like this:

Permission Roles

Leader: iButter

Other Rulers: PineApple, Temriel

BIG BOI H2O PLACER: anotherone

Very H2O Placer: Evelyn, Helium

H2O Placer: GreenCatKid, Weird_Kit, Yournansflipflop

Vanity Roles

Simp: iButter

Colour Roles: (Nobody



The Purple Empire: H2O Lattice formed an official alliance with TPE on C52.

Navy Blue Grand Monarchy: H2O Lattice formed an official alliance with NBGM on C51.


The Chromatic Empire: H2O Lattice joined ChE on C55 because all of H2O's Allies also joined.