Cell Lattice

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Cell Lattice

Cell Lattice (CL), often shortened to Cells, was a lattice faction and one of the oldest and most enduring groups on Pxls.space.

It had a complex history, with ownership of the faction changing hands from Canvas 3 to Canvas 49. It was destroyed and disbanded as a Pxls faction by the Chromatic Empire during the Second Opcellog.

Cell Lattice inspired the creation of Woke Cells, Zimbab Cells, Void Cells, Skinny Cells, and the Archduchies of Bells and New Cells.

Abridged history

Canvas 3

The first cell appeared on Green Lattice.

Canvas 4

The first Cell Lattice server was created on Canvas 4. This canvas was a donut with green sprinkles, and Cell Lattice exploited this through the practice of virgin abuse to expand quickly.

Canvas 6

Nudl, the leader of Cell Lattice, instigated the Cell Lattice-Soul Lattice War, which ended in defeat for the faction.

Somekid joined Pxls on this canvas.

Canvas 13

The original Cell Lattice Discord server was nuked in Haykam's nuking spree, erasing most of the faction's history prior to that point. Faction operations were moved to JadeX's server.

Canvas 15

Super Army of Potatos joined Pxls on this canvas.

Canvas 19

Nudl transferred ownership of Cell Lattice to JadeX on this canvas, including original Cell Lattice Discord server.

Ownership was eventually transferred again, this time to Somekid.

Canvas 34

Cell Lattice had little to no presence on Canvas 34. However, the Discord server was stricken with instability after Somekid (then known as “CellCatKid''), transferred ownership to another user known as Xantic.

Xantic's reign over the faction was described as "brief and brutal," and he presided over the expulsion of many longtime members of Cell Lattice. He also attempted to invade Woke Cells but was roundly defeated. Xantic himself lost the support of the faction, was ousted, and promptly deleted the Cell Lattice Discord server. The faction teetered on the edge of complete disbandment.

Canvas 34a

Cell Lattice had a small, loosely organized presence on the bottom left corner of the canvas. Despite having only a small amount of territory, Cell Lattice was still one of the more successful lattices on Canvas 34a.

Canvas 35

User M_the_OG and Super Army of Potatoes decided to revive Cell Lattice on the canvas. They were eventually attacked by Legion in a punitive operation to retaliate against Potatoes griefing there art that canvas. During this time Super Army of Potatoes attempted to gain control of the the Original Cell Lattice Discord server to better coordinate there forces against the legion and to further revive the faction, eventually getting SomeKid to transfer the server to him. To avoid a total disaster they agreed to not attack legions small art on the raindrop but was allowed to rebuild the cells around it.

Canvas 36

Canvas 36 marked the re-emergence of Cell Lattice as a major faction. The lattice joined headed coalition and created a united core with the Coalition of Backgrounds, in an effort to revive some pxls factions which consisted of Pxls Roads, Rainbow Road Redux, Cell Lattice, and Green Lattice. Cell Lattice also collaborated with babadrake to create a piece of art. As Cell Lattice grew, they came in contact with Scrappy Pixels and Bahamaland, collaborating with both (though the collab with Scrappy Pixels was significantly larger).

Due the canvas being unusually long, Cell Lattice expanded its “core" and created two colonies: a grey one in collaboration with Nonexistent Canvas, and an unfinished forest green one in collaboration with Pixel Zoo that could not be completed prior to the canvas reset.

Canvas 37

Cell Lattice began this canvas by doing a beach themed core using past cell and creating new ones, half the core would be water(Blue Cells) and the other half would be sand(yellow cells). Once the core was completed they expanded upward until running into the Legion Lattice then moved downward all the way down to BaBa Lattice. After which they attacked a lattice that was on the "flag" of the Sand Castle Canvas completely destroying it under the justification of, "Refusing to let any art be built over it" expanding a colony that was already there, taking over most of the flag.

Following this war they began a colony near Cursed Clan's lattice which, would cause the First Cursed-Cell War

Cell Lattice invaded Cursed Clan's lattice, starting the First Cursed-Cell War. Cells struggled to gain the advantage, but Cursed Clan ultimately conceded a small part of their lattice to end the war.

When Cursed Clan attacked Green Lattice, they lost the community support they had gained during the first war and Cells intervened, starting the Second Cursed-Cell War. Cells decisively defeated Cursed Clan destroy the rest of the lattice

Canvas 40

The rivalry between Cell Lattice and Woke Cells came to a head. The so-called fall of Cell Lattice saw the complete erasure of CL by Woke Cells.

Canvas 43a

Cell Lattice was initially neutral amid the Legion invasion of Canvas 43a, working with Inverted Anarchist to attack Polonian Pxls with "Anime Cell Lattice Girl" - a conflict that came to be called the War of the Anti-Youj Coalition.

Later, Legion and their auxiliaries launched an operation to move and completely erase Cell Lattice's core art from the canvas. The only art that remained was the artwork from the Anti-Youj Coalition.

Canvas 44

Because of the invasion from the previous canvas, Legion decided that it would appropriate for Cell Lattice to build close to Legion. Cell Lattice also managed to place a significant amount of its lattice on Canvas 44. It was even considered one of the biggest lattices.