New Cells

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New Cells, later the Archduchy of New Cells, was a faction that existed from Canvas 64 to Canvas 67 under the leadership of WindySpoon. It endeavored to establish a cell-themed faction after mainline Cell Lattice was taken over, destroyed during the Second Opcellog, and reoriented around a separate Pxls clone on Canvas 59.


Upon its creation on Canvas 64, New Cells created a lattice identical to the old Cell Lattice design, but this was destroyed by Flandre during the Second Red Opcellog. It then agreed to only make cell-themed artwork starting on Canvas 65 and became an ally of the Chromatic Empire. It came under fire during the Rosarian War and was defended by the Empire. It fought in the Bingo Raid and Opflanell on the Imperial side.

The faction rested on Canvas 66.

It built an aquatic template similar to the old Cell Lattice contribution to Fish Collab on Canvas 67. However, the Cell Lattice imagery was removed during the Aquatic Opcellog.

New Cells became a vassal of the Chromatic Empire patterned after the Archduchy of Bells following the Titular Reform of Canvas 67.

It was disbanded later on Canvas 67.