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Flandre is a Pxls tag and faction led by Fruity and created on Canvas 55. It is primarily a griefing and general art faction.

Its name is a reference to Flandre_Scarlet, a griefer that joined on Canvas 47, and to the Touhou character Flandre Scarlet.



Throughout its history the tag and faction has primarily been used by Fruity and her close friends as a personal tag up until Canvas 59 where it saw its first real appearance on canvas. This faction exists to revive the pure griefing spirit of the user Flandre_Scarlet. This "pure griefing spirit" that Flandre_Scarlet has is described to be to "grief without causation". This is quite different from other pxls.space users, whom usually grief artwork to retaliate in something else. Flandre_Scarlet, however, griefed because they could.

Canvas 59

Due to external arguments between Fruity and aliceNobodi, a griefing campaign towards IWBTG Pxls was launched and supported by Mcdoodlydoo and others. After diplomatic ventures unknown inside of direct messages on Discord, this was eventually stopped.

A small grief by Fruity and her friends in Flandre was performed this canvas on Pixelstuck, where the name was turned into "Pixelsfuck." These griefs were not permanent, and were fixed a short time later.

Fruity also performed small, general griefs across canvas, switching targets and having what she would call "griefing fun."

Canvas 60

Used by Fruity as a common greeting, she would begin covering NBGM's background in rose pixels, and in response the military forces of the Chromatic Empire were called in to deal with it. A raid was planned to take place on Fruity's dual-ego with Roaka, but with Temriel conversing with her in private this was avoided. Fruity and Roaka would later apologize for this by placing for The Purple Empire's background .

After a few weeks of minor griefs Fruity and others in the Flandre faction would see Flandre_Scarlet grief an art made by mare077 and decide to join them. However, mare077 was unbeknownst to them a member of Legion. A few days after this, they would seek revenge and quickly cover the dual ego-artwork in the well-known Legion lattice. A deal was eventually reached between Fruity and Snegovich later however, which would end the conflict in exchange for Fruity's help with Legion's artwork next canvas.

During this canvas, the Foxhole community decided to come to pxls after someone had recommended it to them inside of a /r/place2 discord server. This would lead to a x2 up-scaled artwork being made on canvas, de-fiddled and re-worked by emi_x. Fruity then saw an opportunity to completely convert the artwork after a few weeks, which would later escalate into the Flandre–Foxhole War. While still being outnumbered, Flandre fought a hard battle, surprising many by only lasting about a day or so. Flandre eventually won the fight, when it was expected to take at least 3-4 days more to conquer them entirely.

Canvas 60a

Flandre would stay largely inactive during this canvas, with no Flandre-specific artworks being made. Notable things that happened this canvas is both the Crucible War and the L+Ratio faction attacking ManePxls unsuccessfully. Flandre would not get involved in these conflicts however.

Canvas 61

This canvas would start a new era for Flandre, where the faction would make artwork in the beginnings of the canvas in partnership with Gura's Supermarket. This canvas, it depicted the characters Nanachi and Faputa from the anime series Made in Abyss (MiA) next to an ego artwork for both Fruity and Roaka.

Very early on into the canvas the efforts of the L+Ratio faction would get support by Flandre due to Waffle's (previous pxls mod and ManePxls leader) opinions of botting on /r/place2 where it should be allowed. This was considered unacceptable by Fruity and would proceed to help L+Ratio in removing the main ManePxls artwork and replacing it with a large "L", with a speech bubble saying "Botting is a sin" on it next to it. Several more of these raids would occur throughout the canvas, where for example a :cirWiggle: and Flandre Scarlet with a "Botting is a sin" speech bubble being built over ManePxls artworks. The faction would particularly begin to target a user known as EpicVon due to their toxic behaviour in chat and attempts at guilt tripping members of Flandre several times, and at several points directly insult Fruity and others.

Members of Flandre would in the last day before reset was announced attack a "skinny-cell" lattice and simply covering it with Rose pixels. Some members of Flandre would also jokingly call this the "third Opcellog," directly meaning the sequel to the Second Opcellog of Canvas 59.