Crucible War

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Crucible War

Heavy fighting as the Chromatic Empire builds its "Gun Grubby" template over the Gura's Supermarket core



Chromatic Empire

Trollge Confederacy
Eastside Legal Team
Miku and More
Frog Pixels United (later)
D2 (later)

Gura's Supermarket


  • Auxilia

Grayscale Pxls
Femboy Café (initially)

Frog Pixels United (initially)
Commanders and leaders
(ChE) pineApple
(ChE) Temriel
(ChE) ioanBG
(GSm) Gaudi999
(LEG) Snegovich
(TFC) DelilahVR

The Crucible War was a massive conflict that encompassed most of Canvas 60a, a snip canvas that ran during September 2022.[4][5][6][7] The conflict was conceived as a "friendly war" to be fought exclusively between the Chromatic Empire and Gura's Supermarket; both sides agreed to conduct the war. However, it gradually escalated in scope, which in turn saw the involvement of more factions and users as it progressed. Controversy surrounded the recruitment practices of the two sides throughout the war.

The two opposing blocs of the war were led by the Chromatic Empire (ChE) and Gura's Supermarket (GSm). The GSm-led bloc was joined by Legion, the Femboy Café, and Grayscale Pxls. The Imperial bloc was joined by x190, the Trollge Confederacy, and elements of the Super Serious Pixel Group. Frog Pixels United was also briefly involved in the conflict as a third party, before generally supporting the Chromatic Empire until the x190–SSPG conflict. Both major sides of the war also received extensive support from volunteers.

Order of battle

Imperial coalition

The Chromatic Empire fully committed itself to a war for the first time since the Second Opcellog of Canvas 59. All of its Imperial Subjects participated heavily in the fighting: the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy (NBGM), The Purple Empire (TPE), Orange Gang (OG), Green Gang (GG), and Teal Kingdom (TK). Multiple principalities and vassal factions of the Chromatic Empire were also active participants in the war: the Metallic Monarchy, the Principality of Bahamaland, the Principality of Imperium, the Principality of Big Trans Flags, Candies n' Curses n' Pxls, and the High Church of Liam. Two allies of the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy — x190 and the Eastside Legal Team — also participated in the war on the side of the Chromatic Empire. In fact, the cooperation with x190 led to the creation of a formal alliance between it and the Empire as a whole.

The Trollge Confederacy supported the Chromatic Empire during the Crucible War, primarily during the second day of the fighting against GSm. The members of the former Super Serious Pixel Group (SSPG) were not all involved to the war, but several of them declared their support for the ChE bloc: these were IWBTG Pxls, Miku and More, and later Frog Pixels United.

GSm-led coalition

Gura's Supermarket and Idle Slayer committed themselves to the war. Later, the Legion apparently committed its forces entirely to the support of GSm, including its Auxilia unit. The Femboy Café was also involved on the side of Gura's Supermarket for a time. The members of Grayscale Pxls also fought for GSm during the war.

Frog Pixels United was initially a third party in the war, but its actions during this brief time frame benefited Gura's Supermarket over the Chromatic Empire. They switched sides soon after, committing to the Imperial bloc.



GSm attack on the Balloon Buddy

The war commenced with a Gura's Supermarket attack on the Chromatic Empire template known as the "Balloon Bud." It was repelled in less than twenty minutes, at which point GSm moved to attack the Imperial Core and were repulsed just as quickly.

Imperial occupation of GSm (creation of the Gun Grub)

The Chromatic Empire retaliated by attacking the Gura's Supermarket core. Though meeting heavy resistance they successfully covered it with a template called "Gun Grub" along with an x190 piece. The war had now been moved from ChE to GSm, putting them on the defensive.

First Legion attempt to invade the Imperial Core

Gaudi999 brought Legion and the Femboy Café into the war at this time, alleging that pineApple had brought external factions into the war on his side. pineApple maintained that he only contacted members and vassals of the Empire, but adapted to the new situation by calling the Trollge Confederacy and IWBTG Pxls into the war.

On the GSm side, the Femboy Café quickly withdrew from the fighting due to its formal alliance with ChE.

Legion launched an independent attack on the Imperial Core to distract the Chromatic Empire. However, the attack failed and they were thoroughly defeated by the ChE side.

FPU raid on the Balloon Bud and subsequent involvement

Left wanted to be remembered as part of the historic war, so they led a Frog Pixels United raid on the ChE Balloon Bud template. They were easily defeated, and subsequently joined the ChE side of the war.

x190–SSPG conflict

The x190–SSPG conflict had been developing throughout Canvas 60a, and finally x190 called upon ChE to intervene. As x190 was a formal ally of the Empire and had been helping extensively throughout the war, the two factions were expected to cooperate on defense if asked. Though he preferred not to anger the Super Serious Pixel Group (SSPG), as some of its member factions had also been supporting him in the Crucible War as a result of complex diplomacy, pineApple called for the intervention. The assembled forces of the Chromatic Empire quickly brought the dispute to an end by crushing SSPG and KRTOG. The Empire lost the support of Frog Pixels United in the Crucible War by intervening here, but it had little impact on the ultimate course of the war.

Second Legion attack on the Imperial Core, expansion of the war, and destruction of of the Gun Grub

Legion made a second attack on the Imperial Core, allowing GSm to gain ground in retaking the Gun Grub. Though they were heavily resisted, GSm was able to retake their territory. Gaudi quickly made a deal with Temriel to withdraw GSm from the war, preventing ChE from rebuilding the Gun Grub. During all this, Legion managed to successfully occupy the Imperial Core for a time.

Imperial recovery of the Core

A counterattack by the Chromatic Empire pushed Legion off the Imperial Core and reclaimed it for ChE. As usual, they were heavily resisted.

Third Legion invasion attempt

Legion tried to come back after being forced off the Imperial Core. Their invasion started to be beaten back as ChE reinforcements filtered in. pineApple approached Snegovich mid-battle and the two negotiated Legion out of the war, allowing the Chromatic Empire to complete their repairs in peace. The Crucible War ended with this agreement.


The incident left unresolved bad feelings between the participants. pineApple supported a D2 raid against Gura's Supermarket near the time of the canvas reset, which significantly worsened relations between the Chromatic Empire and GSm.

However, relations were repaired during Canvas 62 with the signing of the October Agreement.