Super Serious Pixel Group

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Super Serious Pixel Group

SSPG's discord icon
Units involved
IWBTG Pxls (Canvas 60-62)
Frog Pixels United (Canvas 60-62)
Genshin Impact Chibi Clan (Canvas 60-62)
Touhou Project Pxls (Canvas 60-62)
KRTOG (Canvas 60-62)
MikuAM (Canvas 61-62)

The Super Serious Pixel Group (SSPG), is a group of Pxls factions that work together to defend eachother and is in many ways similar to the League of Factions. Following Miku and More leaving the group it became very inactive and eventually (informally) died during Canvas 62.




Canvas 60 / Space Collab

SSPG started because of the Space Collab of Canvas 60. There were plans for Space Collab factions to continue working to defend eachother in future canvases, and it was promised that all faction leaders would be represented, however, there was a lot of dislike towards Liam, ChE and LoF. Tension was rising and many faction leaders felt like their views weren't being heard by dog, the leader. This led to aliceNobodi creating a new server which complied with Liam and worked alongside the LoF.

Canvas 60a

In Canvas 60a, there was a mini-war between krtog and x190. Some SSPG factions helped krtog in this war while others remained neutral. It's also worth noting that a lot of members helped the Chromatic Empire in the Crucible War. (see: X190-SSPG conflict)

There was no SSPG collective template this canvas.

Canvas 61

Final SSPG collective template of Canvas 61

During this canvas SSPG made a huge focus on helping IWBTG Pxls defend against The Chicanery, while it failed to defend the art, after the attacks stopped, SSPG managed to rebuild the art within two days. This was also the last canvas MikuAM was involved, as the faction often found itself siding with opposition during disagreements with SSPG.

This was also the first (and maybe only) canvas to have an SSPG collective template.

Slow death

After the Canvas 61, when Miku and More left SSPG and SSPG had failed to protect IWBTG Pxls from a relatively small attack, many members didn't see the point and stopped caring.