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I Wanna Be The Guy Pxls (shortened to IWBTG Pxls) is a faction based around creating art from various I Wanna Be The Guy fangames. It was founded on April 12th, 2022 during Canvas 56 as a small collective inside IWBTG fangame related discord servers. It eventually expanded to its own dedicated server during Canvas 58. The original founders were Fruity, vvn, Canus, and Verve, with Nearigami and aliceNobodi joining shortly after. The current owner is aliceNobodi, with Nearigami being second in command.


IWBTG pxls has been in quite a few conflicts during it's time on pxls, mainly due to the transfer of ownership from Fruity to aliceNobodi & controversies surrounding SSPG.


IWBTG Pxls creates artwork based on different fangames of IWBTG. Each artwork contains references to the respective games, as well as usually containing a depiction of the player character, "The Kid". Each artwork is also accompanied by text showing either "fangam.es" or "fangam.es/intro" to direct people whom haven't heard of IWBTG to a resource where they can learn more about the subject matter. All artwork is made by aliceNobodi, unless otherwise noted.

The following is a collection of previously done artworks created by IWBTG pxls as well as links to the games which are referenced in them with a brief description of the game.

Canvas 56 - I Wanna Be The GB / I Wanna Be The GBC

I Wanna Be The GB is a game made in late 2009 by 足元注意警報発令. It is an adventure game going through various gameboy themed worlds in which the player attempts to know what GB stands for. I Wanna Be The GBC was made in early 2021 by 38 makers, of which aliceNobodi was one of them. GBC consisted of references to GB, namely the first screen of GB used as a template for every screen in GBC. (artwork by Fruity and aliceNobodi)

A mural of references to I Wanna Be The GB, included a depiction of the first screen, arts of fangame players JGB and Ninz, and a portrayal of "The Kid" and "The Boshy" on a background of brown bricks.

Canvas 57 - I Wanna Be The Guy

I Wanna Be The Guy is a game made by Kayin in late 2007. It is the original game that all IWBTG fangames are based off of. It is famous for rough difficulty and unforgiving traps and triggers, as well as being the subject of many popular rage game Let's Plays in the late 2000s.

Artwork of the logo of I Wanna Be The Guy, as well as pictures of The Guy, a Delicious Fruit, and a Zombie found in the game.

Canvas 58 - I Wanna Kill The Guy

I Wanna Kill The Guy is a game being made by Thenewgeezer. The most recent version of it is v0.52, and it was uploaded in early 2012. The game has become known in the IWBTG fangame community as a game that probably will never be finished, despite constant efforts on the maker of the game as well as other projects by Thenewgeezer having been made and released after the creation of Kill The Guy started.

Canvas 59 - I Wanna Be The LoveTrap

I Wanna Be The LoveTrap is a game created in early 2011 by ねころん. It has become popular in IWBTG fangames due to spawning a new genre of fangame known as "avoidance". In it, you must survive the entire length of a song while a boss throws projectiles at you. You cannot do any damage to the boss, you must simply wait out the timer. In LoveTrap, Hatsune Miku serves as the avoidance boss. This artwork was done in collaboration with MikuAM.

Artwork of various things from I Wanna Be The LoveTrap, including The Kid, Spelunker, 9 11, Red Light/Green Light, a Delicious Fruit, a Stick Figure, and Hatsune Miku. The art also features a small Gura from Gura's Supermarket, which was adapted by IWBTG pxls and Miku&More to fit the template.

Canvas 60 - I Wanna Be The Galaxy

I Wanna Be The Galaxy is a game created in early 2012 by Sureiru. It is known to IWBTG fangame players for being structured similar to a metroidvania, asking the player to explore detailed worlds to find hidden items and collectables to be able to progress further into the game. The game focuses on a heavy theme of space, which is why it was represented as IWBTG pxls's part in the Space Collab.

Canvas 60a - Gamemaker 8

Gamemaker 8 is a game creation tool released in December 2009 by YoYo Games. It is a very common tool for creators of IWBTG fangames to use to make their own games. Several premade engines have been made for Gamemaker 8, its follow up Gamemaker 8.1, and the fan made update Gamemaker 8.2. (artwork by AgarDastro)

The logo of the game creation software Gamemaker 8.

Canvas 61 - I Wanna Be The ChokoChoko

I Wanna Be The ChokoChoko is a game created in early 2012 by oboro. It is used as the first screen in very many "Medley" games, due to it quite literally just being a vertical shaft which the player climbs up. Due to its simplicity, it is often the easiest game found in most medley games.

Canvas 62 - I Wanna Be The Crimson

I Wanna Be The Crimson was created in late 2011 by かーにばる as a sequel to an earlier work of his named ZeroTrust. The game features mandatory secret collectables, as well as a very basic plot not found in most other IWBTG fangames. The final boss of the game is based off of the Four Fiends from the Final Fantasy series, represented as simple balls known as "Prince Shiritama" by the maker. This artwork was done in collaboration with AVG. (artwork by mChilldo)

The Kid standing on floating blocks dodging flying fruit and the Four Fiends with text reading "I wanna be the Crimson"

Canvas 63 - I wanna kill the Kamilia

The final time IWBTG Pxls was seen, an artwork made by aliceNobodi for the game "I wanna kill the Kamilia"