Grayscale Pxls

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Grayscale Pxls
Part of the Chromatic Empire as an Immediate Vassal

Grayscale Pxls

Grayscale Pxls is a faction that creates art using only the grayscale colors on the Pxls palette. This faction builds highly detailed art and on some canvases this faction takes on a challenge of only using 2 of the greys (mostly black and white) to keep things fresh. It is also a vassal of the Chromatic Empire; in that capacity, it is known as the Principality of Grayscale Pxls.


Grayscale was founded on canvas 33 by user "drake" or other known as koro on discord. This faction has made various arts ranging from 7k pixels to a three way Collab with tnt, Pxls zoo and skelly gang just over 138 thousand pixels.

History of grayscales art up to November 2021