Proggity Prog OwO

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Proggity Prog OwO
Foundedmid-Canvas 34
ActiveC34-C38, C40
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Proggity Prog OwO was a faction created on 21/03/2020 during mid Canvas 34 as a joke after a discussion on Pxls' chat about what's the best animal on the earth. A few people liked frogs and tam turned the word frog to prog. In 5 minutes the server was created with the name "The Progs Channel".

History of the name

The first name of the faction was "The Progs Channel", but the name was changed after a few days to "The Progs Server". The creator, tam, didn't like the name and changed it several times until he invented "Proggity Prog". The name stayed the same until xxxxx99 recommended tam to add OwO to the name. The current name is "Proggity Prog OwO"


Canvas 34

Proggity Prog OwO started activity the day after its creation with two frogs templates. During the first days of activity, the faction had over 10 members. After a few days, Chinpachi, back then the leader of France Pxls, joined Proggity Prog OwO and allied with the faction. tam and Chinpachi instantly became friends. That friendship brought Proggity Prog OwO to participate in organizing the 1st war against Legion. After losing the war, all the frogs were erased by Legion. After that, no more frogs could be built because they were constantly removed by Legion. tam attempted to build only 2 more frogs:

  • 1 above Legion (How it happened is still unknown, probably because the template wasn't posted on the Discord);
  • 1 over the abandoned Fiddle abused Rick Astley art.

Canvas 35

The canvas caused several problems for all the small factions:

  • The canvas was very small;
  • All the big factions took a lot of space.

Due to these problems, tam decided to not build any frogs to save space. He only posted one project: Rick Astley (from his second faction Rick Astley Fan Club).

God Rick: a small grief to Rick Astley made by tam and ScareCr0w. Was made to look good on the timelapse, it started on the 2020-04-30 at 17:50 CET and ended 2 hours later at 19:21 CET. God Rick grief was inspired from the previous grief made by ERROR Gang (back then called Missing Texture Lattice) where two extra eyes were added to Rick: . *Small annotation: tam, the owner of Proggity Prog OwO and Rick Astley Fan Club is a griefer, was known on canvas 33 and Canvas 34 to grief a lot. That activity stopped on Canvas 35, the griefs were done under his consence and were fixed when finshed.

Canvas 36

The new canvas started very good for Proggity Prog OwO. For this canvas the owner, tam, gave to yoib his frogs and were added to the template, one collaboration with the faction The Thargoids was programmed but it died when the faction lost his members and stopped activity on canvas

Bye Bahamaland: A grief to bahamaland made by tam on 05/05/2022 that started at 9:20 CET and ended at 12 CET. This grief was made to show Proggity Prog's power after the decision of tam to end the alliance with Bahamaland. It consisted of the change of the sign from Bahamaland in Progs Land, Bahamaland's discord invite link was changed with Proggity Prog's one. The work was done at 11:20 and lasted untill 11:30 CET. tam continued attacking Bahamaland and stopped at 12:00 when he apologized and started to help Bahamaland to fix their sign.

Bahamaland before and after the attack:

Flag Incursion was started on mid canvas and was organized to grief all the flags. It managed to remove several flags, but was ultimately stopped by Flag Zone.

Prog Invasion: built prog on ERROR Gang, Magenta Squad, Pink Gang, YOIB. The main objective of Prog Invasion was to build a many progs as possible on each faction's territory

Canvas 37

Proggity Prog started with a collab with Pink Gang: a 150x150 pixels square with a Tsuyu pixel art. the faction started being more active after the first invasion of the Battle of Eliasville. After the first invasion, the Progs began using melon as its official background color. Later, tam created a ceasefire with eliasville, but went on to break the ceasefire and wipe out elias's territory. However, elias's allies and other volunteers fought back and restored eliasville.

Canvas 38

Creation of Bubble Lattice that expanded near PokePxls, Ve1l and ??. A short battle between the spurdo lattice and the bubble lattice happened but it shortly ended thanks to diplomacy. The faction mostly focused on expanding its lattice and building 3 progs. Two of them being the main prog figures and 1 frog version of Sakura.



  • None due to faction's inactivity

Former (reason)


  • 1st War Against Legion: Conspired to disrupt Legion's dominance on the canvas. The organization was discovered and Prog artwork was destroyed by Legion.
  • Flag Incursion: A griefing campaign organized by the leader of the Progs to remove flags from the canvas. It deleted several flags but was unsuccessful at doing lasting damage to Flag Zone.
  • Battle of Eliasville: An attempt to cover eliasville's area with a Prog-related template. The attack was repelled by eliasville and other volunteers. After long periods of continuous fighting the groups stopped fighting and held negotiations on a Google Doc, causing the conflict to die out. After an agreement to let Progs surround eliasville with melon, the Progs reneged on the ceasefire and invaded, successfully taking out most of eliasville before being beaten back a second time by elias's allies and volunteers. After this defeat, tam announced a 2-canvas break from Pxls. After tam stepped down, the eliasville defenders covered the melon background with the eliasville background.
  • Chicken Hunt: An attempt to cover the fiddle abused Minecraft chicken made by Minecraft Pxls. The attempt failed at the beginning, with tam abandoning the project. Two hours later, tam decided to surround the chicken, but Minecraft Pxls didn’t like the idea and decided to surround the chicken themselves and invade the Proggity Prog melon background. In the end, Minecraft Pxls and Proggity Prog came to an agreement and Minecraft Pxls stopped attacking the melon background.