First War Against Legion

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First War Against Legion

Decisive Legion victory:

  • Conseil de Guerre raid is unsuccesful
  • Prog and French artwork destroyed in retaliation for the raid
  • Frog Village artwork spared after Somekid publicly apologizes
France Pxls
Proggity Prog OwO
Frog Village
United Nations of
Corona Chan
Commanders and leaders

The First War Against Legion (officially called Operation Rise Up) was a short war that served as the primary challenge against Legion on Canvas 34. One side of the war was the Conseil de Guerre, an alliance which consisted of France Pxls, Proggity Prog OwO, Frog Village, the United Nations of, and Corona Chan. These factions united to attack Legion, but were unsuccessful. Legion retaliated extensively against the artwork of the factions and users involved in the attack.

Legion's retaliations destroyed the French and Prog artworks, and heavily damaged Frog Village art before its leader publicly apologized. The war is known as the "First War Against Legion" because of the formation of the Prog War Council, which was purported to carry on the conflict until Canvas 36.


Conseil de Guerre strike

The Conseil de Guerre attacked by attempting to build a scroll saying "This Land is Claimed" over Legion's collab with Veil. However, Legion had discovered the organization because someone within it gave them information. As a result, Legion beat back the attack quite easily and immediately counterattacked.

Legion Counterattack

Legion began to aggressively attack the artwork of its conspirators. This resulted in the artwork of France Pxls and Proggity Prog OwO being completely destroyed. France Pxls was replaced with a grave sign reading "не стоипо" (not worth it) and the art of Frog Village being griefed. Frog Village was spared from total destruction because its owner apologized publicly in the Legion Discord server.


The Conseil de Guerre was disbanded, in favor of the Prog-run War Council.

People involved


  • Molodoy

Conseil de Guerre

  • Chinpachi
  • tam
  • Somekid
  • xxxxx99
  • ioanBG
  • Woko100

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