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France Pxls was a faction created during late Canvas 29. It was created when leader Chinpachi realized that no French faction was created yet. It builds French related art on Canvas and is currently led by him.


Chinpachi leadership

Canvas 29

First active canvas of French Pxls, with the purpose of protecting the two little French islands that were being attacked. France built two little projects:

  • French Boat and French Island
    French Boat and French Island
  • Baguette on French Flag

Canvas 30

During this canvas, France Pxls allied with the faction called "Bourgeoisie". During this canvas they built a flag together. France Pxls also built a French Map Art, hot air balloon and a baguette Nyan Cat.

Canvas 31

On this canvas some small arts were made, notably the Eiffel tower, which had its flag turned into a belgian one shortly before the reset.

Canvas 30: French flag in collab with Bourgeoisie Faction
Canvas 30: France map and hot air ballon

Canvas 32

On c32 a large french flags with several frogs on it was made alongside with a hot air baloon in french colors and a red-blue lattice

Canvas 33

On c33 a chicken in a suit on a french-colored shield was created. This was the only art officially made, however a french heart was placed on the long bulgarian flag.

Canvas 34

Canvas 30: Baguette Nyan cat

Canvas 34 was an important one for France, as it got it involved in the First War Against Legion, which resulted in it losing the main art, a french soldier in a WW1-style uniform. The rest of the time was spent on plotting a second attack, which never came to be.

Canvas 35

C35 was a tight one, and so the first art was a small french map. Soon, however, user themann created an art piece of the french composers Ravel and Debussy, which was placed on one of the raindrops.

Canvas 36

Canvas 36 continued themann's art creation with the Arc of Triumph, later followed by a stylized french flag, a croissant and some frogs. France later helped defend Coffin Gang's art from YOIB. User tam tried to get people to join Flag Incursion, however that wasn't achieved.

Canvas 37

Canvas: 31 Marianne w/ flag, and a simple french flag with little drawings on it.

A large Gaspard de la nuit (a french suite written by Ravel) themed art was made. After its completion, the userbase split into 2 groups - those who supported tam's griefing of eliasville and MC pixels, led by tam, and those who did not - led by themann, the main artist. At this point the owner, Chinpachi, decided to leave pxls after a while, eventually settling on ioanBG as his sucsessor.

Canvas 38 (initial)

Canvas 38 saw a decline of activity in the faction and template, eventually leading to Chinpachi's quitting of pxls and his transfer of ownership to ioanBG. The art on this canvas was Marianne waving a flag.

ioanBG leadership

Canvas 31: French blue and red lattice; Eiffel tower w/ little flag; french "shield"

Canvas 38

Almost immediately after ioanBG came to power, the Vaktovian Campaign happened. In it, France Pxls was griefed several times, but, with Antde's help, managed to resist. The art was quickly completed and some changes were made, mostly the addition of the BASED and Roi (king) roles and the addition of diplomacy, templates and rules channels.

Canvas 39

Canvas 39 was one of the smallest canvases yet. Despite this, France managed to claim an area for its 8k project. A different project, comprised of arts from previous canvases was planned, but shortly before the reset the owner, ioanBG scrapped it for a pixel art of the Notre Dame de Paris that he most definetly didn't steal from google images. It was one of the most active canvases for France yet.

Canvas 40

Canvas 40 started out with the king, ioanBG wanting to make a french chungus (an image of Big Chungus holding a baguette and a bottle of wine) and the server participants wanting an art of hapoleon (the mascot of the french site Ioan had originally posted a poll that favored hapoleon by a factor of 4:2 (original results: chungus: 2, hapoleon: 8). After much complaints, the art was changed and ioan completed almost 90% of it.

Canvas 33: First try of a chicken, then replaced.

Later on the 2ch Incursion happened. The french art was directly next to the american flag that had been attacked. On the 12th of September user GrayTurtles reported the grief. Initially France was only helped by 2 users, however as time passed by, 2ch users started to leave. Later on, high-ranking officials on 2ch's side and ioanBG on the french one came to the agreement that 1. France Pxls will not be attacked again and 2. France Pxls should try to cooperate with 2ch. Even though Ioan liked 2ch, he decided not to intervene much, as his members would probably revolt.

Canvas 33: Cute chicken on French "shield"

On the 12th of september user GrayTurtles reported an attack on Hapoleon, that turned out to be 2ch attempting to make a yoba over it. At first, the battle seemed like an easy win for 2ch, however France kept on resisting. At the end, most of the 2ch users had left. Later on, Ioan and high-ranking 2ch officials signed a peace treaty that contained the following: 1. 2ch will not attack France in the future and 2. France won't attack 2ch and would try to cooperate with them.

Canvas 34: Prog w/ baguette and beret; WW1 french soldier on french flag background.

The rest of c40 passed on without much trouble, with the server becoming less active and losing one of its prime members and defenders, Gohavefun2222.

Canvas 35: Due to little space, small French map.

Canvas 41

Canvas 35: Portrait of Ravel (left) and Debussy (right), both french music compositors, both lived in 19 and 20th sentury.

On this canvas France Pxls built an art of Isabelle from Animal Crossing next to a guillotine. Later on the art piece was altered to look a bit more french - a french flag was made as the background and a :hap: was added, although it was griefed later. There were plans for a lattice, however none were actually started.

Canvas 42

On c42 a pixel art of Charles de Gaulle was made, followed by a hap. Not a lot of other stuff to say heh.

Canvas 44

Canvas 44 was the last canvas France Pxls participated in before the return of Chinpachi. By this point, the faction had largely gone inactive and the only person working on it was IoanBG, its leader. The first project was a discord screenshot of Chinpachi with the :hap: emote and the date 20/07/2020, on which he left pxls, along with an ego and a message saying "Come back!" underneath it. Later on, user Joseph suggested a Fleur de lys art, which was edited and placed by ioanBG with help from HotSauceBear.