Legion VOL "Apollo Gloria"

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Legion VOL "Apollo Gloria"
Commanders and leaders
Tyto alba
Units involved
Defense cohorts

Legion VOL "Apollo Gloria", often simply called Legion by the Pxls community, is a faction on pxls.space and subgroup of the greater Legion, which creates art pieces inspired by Caesar's Legion from Fallout: New Vegas, the real-life Roman Empire, and videos of YouTuber Wycc220. Because of this, Legion's arts are commonly red, yellow/gold, orange, brown and black-white scaled in colour.

Legion is the largest and one of the strongest factions on Pxls, if not the strongest. It actively retaliates against those who grief it, even if the offense was conducted multiple canvases in the past. Legion has the most faction members, according to the pxls stats page, the only other faction to come close to having a similar mount of members on the stats page was Pink Gang.

Legion is well-known amongst the pxls community, for their general secrecy, formal way of giving announcements and retaliation to griefers. Several memes have risen from this, a notable one being older players encouraging newer players to grief Legion.

This article is about the subunit active on Pxls. For the greater organization that Legion VOL "Apollo Gloria" is part of, see Legion on Pxls.


See also: Legion § History

Canvas 28

After third VK's Pixel Battle, Legion started to build during the last third of the canvas. Having found a place with great difficulty, Legion depicted a number of small drawings, including the Antler drawing ([Bogorog] or Godhorn in russian version) and Legion's forepost.


Canvas 29

On this canvas, Legion had a greater presence with one of the largest and most significant pieces on c29. Molodoy painted a large art depicting the eagle of the Legion, Legate Lanius, Vulpes Inculta and "The Respected Man". Initially this piece was fiddled, yet was later defiddled as the canvas went on. This art was gradually expanded as the canvas progressed, with the most notable additions being the hanging banners and background lattice.

At the beginning of the canvas, there was a conflict with Cozy Vault faction over territory, which ended in Legion moving east. In addition to the main drawings, "Legion-chan" art was created, New Vegas billboard captured by the Legion, an aquifer, "Maniac with an axe", "Bar-Forepost", as well as a carved stone depicting the identification numbers of legions from VK Pixel Battle from which the volunteers making up The Legion faction came from. On this canvas, Legion has an altercation with Cozy Vault over territory shortly after canvas started. There was a mellow, but prolonged conflict with builders of Finland flag.

Main art
Maniac with an axe

Canvas 30

Canvas 31

On canvas 31, Legion created a large piece in the upper-left corner, over the top of the word "Happy" amongst several other arts. Initially Legion only had only planned to make the large, shirtless man [name needed] as the main piece, yet made several additions to this, including the two characters next to him [names needed], as well as the clouds and rays behind his head. Along with this, Legion also made several other slightly smaller pieces, including a soldier and another smaller character beneath the soldier [name needed].

Legion also created an expansive background behind their pieces, this ended up covering several smaller pieces around it, all of which were smaller projects that could've fit elsewhere on the canvas, or were fiddle abuse.

Canvas 32

Canvas 33

Canvas 34

Canvas 35

Canvas 36

Canvas 37

Canvas 38

Canvas 39

Canvas 40

Canvas 41

Canvas 42

On this canvas, the Legion with renewed vigor after VK PB2020 began to develop large projects again. The central idea this time was to display the officers of the Legion, as well as those who made the greatest contribution of all time to its development, for which the art received the name "Pillars of the Legion".

The canvas was typical for Legion with constant updates due to the high employment of the Legate, who alone was engaged in the development of the art. In general, the canvas went without conflict, apart from a small disagreement with Antde, which led to the creation of the Seventh Anti-Legion. After the negotiations, the conflict was resolved, and the Seventh Anti-Legion collapsed.

Canvas 46

Legion dominated the bottom 25%–33% of this canvas with a sizeable artwork of Legate Lanius, sparking controversy about canvas "pre-claims" by large factions and raising complaints from small and medium factions which either had to downsize their plans (like Touhou Fanclub) or outright skip the canvas altogether.

Legate Lanius

Organization structure


The Legion has a structure similar to that of the Roman Legion, but adjusted for a small number of people. Legion is ruled by the Legate (Legatus). He has veto power in all matters. His name is Molodoy#8805 and he is also the author of artworks used by the faction.

Three people, called Consules, also have the freedom to govern the Legion.

  • Praefectus praetorio - Tyto alba#1100. Praefectus responsible for Discord server, diplomacy and internal affairs.
  • Tribunus militum - Snegovich#4997. Tribunus responsible for military operations (military officer), diplomacy and internal affairs.
  • Orator primus - uhbyr1#6372. Orator has less power, nevertheless, it is he who plays a key role in the drafting of various kinds of agreements.

In total, more than 12 people are engaged in various kinds of officer work in the Legion.

Retired officers - Miror#5048 (military officer), rederik_#5587 (diplomat)

Legion Diplomatic Corps

"Greetings, Legion’s Diplomatic Corps is speaking."
  • Founder and leader - Tyto alba#1100
  • Senior diplomat - uhbyr1#6372
  • Diplomat - Snegovich#4997, Brushboss#2569
  • Interpreter - Spectral_Force#0113

First appearing on the 35th canvas, the LDC was the structure necessary to resolve the diplomatic issues of the Legion and other factions. LDC's debut was the peaceful resolution of the war between Veil and Simian Sculptors, in which the Legion was involuntarily drawn into. In general, the LDC is responsible for all negotiations conducted by the Legion from Canvas 35.

The overly formal appeal of the LDC in the negotiations has become a meme amongst the pxls community.