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Active CanvasesCanvas 28Canvas 47, Canvas 50, Canvas 66 (briefly)
Leader(s)General Assembly
Members133; including krabyoko, DHXT, PJG, ioanBG
AlliesPxls Refugees
Green Lattice

YOIB was a faction on pxls.space. It was founded on Canvas 28 as a countermeasure against voids, due to an increased number of voiders from TikTok. Later, it became a more general-purpose art faction marked by some controversy, including the Banned Lives Matter art, as well as criticism over it's internal ranking system.

To rank up in YOIB there was a system of operations that allow to you gain OP points, these points are gained through activity in the discord, pol reactions, nitro boosting the server, and most importantly placing in operations. An operation was getting a group focused on placing on a specified art by overseers usually with multiple phases. 1 OP point is awarded with every 10 pixels placed in an operation. Ranking up gets harder and harder as you progress through the ranks due to the increased op requirement each time you rank up increasing.

YOIB was at one point the third-largest faction on pxls in terms of members, after the former Pink Gang and Legion, and the largest faction in terms of pixels placed (with 10.5m+ pixels).

Former management (general assembly)

Rank Name Position
Cpt. Genewuw Lyank Operation Overseeing, Yobbi coder/caretaker
Cpt. Genewuw Sevev Operation Overseeing
Cpt. Genewuw Monster_Chicken Operation Overseeing, Main Temp Handling, Poll Handling Art contributor
Awmy Genewuw Dudemanguybruh Art contributor, Main Temp Handling
Ld. Genewuw Shorrer Server owner, Yobbi coder/caretaker
Mayo Genewuw Chriichrii Art contributor Poll Handling
Mayo Genewuw PJG CTO of Trolling and Ban control


Ranks as of Canvas 44
Rank Points to rank up
Yust Yookin No rank
Sowdado 10
Cabbo Sega 15
Cabbo Prima 20
Sarg Sega 30
Sarg Prima 40
Sarg Mayestro 50
Ofical Candidi
Suboffical 60
Cheef suboffical Vote required/80
Kadett Vote required/100
Subayyferez Vote required
Yuni ofical
Sublewdenund 90
Lewdenund 120
Supralewdenund 150
Capita Sega 190
Capita Prima 240
Mayo offical
Mayo 310
Lewdenund Cornel 420
Cornel 530
Briyadear 650
Mayo Briyadear 800
Mayo Genewuw 1000
Lewdenund Genewuw 1500
Awmy Genewuw 2000
Capita Genewuw 3300
YOIB Marshmewuw N/A

A bit about the ranks

Rank Bracket Info
Yust Yookin A member with no ranks, generally just looking or lurking in the discord.
Ayylistado The lowest bracket of ranks in YOIB this is where the largest amount of members will be due to it being the starter ranks within. People dedicated to placing for YOIB can tend to get out of this within a few days with steady placing.
Ofical Candidi This bracket is in place to allow members to show they can be trusted by the higher up community, this is why a vote is required to rank up from this bracket. Voting takes place in #polz only available to Ofical candidi and above.
Yuni Ofical The first bracket into the trusted circle from here you are able to able to suggest art from the current or upcoming canvas and access more channels in the discord.
Mayo Ofical The second bracket into the trusted circle, these members tend to have dedicated a large amount of time and pixels to YOIB on canvas and and from this they gain more permissions in the discord and power into more diplomatic issues.
Genewuw This is the highest bracket into the trusted circle, these members moderate the faction and have the largest amount of power within the faction normally doing the more important jobs. They have donated a vast amount of time, pixels and energy into YOIB and can call it their home. These members will conduct the operations, finalise the canvas template, authorise ranking ups and have the final say in diplomatic matters.


When reaching Mayo Briyadear and having maxed the op requirement in this area, the option to prestige will be available, allowing you to restart the ranking system with an op requirement increased to 150% of the usual.



Canvas 28

The faction started firstly as a joke/psychological warfare to channel invading voiders from TikTok. At first, the chat was flooded with "Yoibspeak", then a subreddit was made. After the subreddit was banned for unknown reasons, the Discord Server was made in 2019-10-31.

Notable projects:

  • Core.

Canvas 29

The goal was to fill some area in dark gray color. Only a few pieces of art were made except core (Kekega, Yoibcopter...) Several anti-invasion operations were held against invaders (sinkers in SA and Oceania, voiders and rogue Portugals in Asia). During this canvas the rank system was made.

Notable projects:

  • Yunta core.

Canvas 30

Since this canvas, the background changes every canvas. Also, more arts from faction members were built on the canvas.

Notable projects:

  • Melon core (including mandrake).

Canvas 30a (RGB canvas)

Notable projects:

  • RGB green core (YO18 as 18th color was used).


Canvas 31

Notable projects:

  • Mauve/Cat YOIB core.
  • Roach taste fiddle abuse art.

Canvas 32

At the end of this canvas the grief alert bot (Yobbi Bobbi) has started being developed from scratch.

Notable projects:

  • Peach/Bone YOIB core.
  • Peach Yoib-chan, Widely considered one of the best Yoib-chans.

Canvas 33

Notable projects:

  • Cbybayoib core.
  • Cyber Yoib-chan.

Canvas 34

Notable projects:

  • YOIB Inc. core.
  • Toxic Yoib-chan.

Canvas 34a (Corona virus canvas -snip- Mode)

Notable projects:

  • Cloon core.

Canvas 35

During this canvas the faction was under ObscureCharmling's management.

Notable projects

  • Light core.
  • Maid Yoib-Chan.
  • Rick May Memorial.

Canvas 36

Notable projects:

  • Forest Core.
  • Yoibronpa.
  • Rayquaza on top of fiddle abuse space flower.

Canvas 37

Notable projects:

  • Hexagonal core.
  • Lady helix.
  • Battleship.
  • Alice.

Canvas 38

This canvas saw a notable loss to the YOIB community placing power due to the banning's related to the BLM (banned lives matter) movement art piece and later on due to DHXT's ban.

Notable projects:

  • Stone core (Join the Bad Guys).
  • Deep gray Yoib-chan, which was widely considered to be one of the best pieces by YOIB members at the time.
  • The most bullshit ban ever art (DHXT's Ban).
  • No justice no peace BLM (banned lives matter) art.

Canvas 39

Notable projects:

  • Eggplant core (Hottest Racist Femboys).
  • Unholy Amalgamation a collaboration between YOIB, Legion, Veil and Woke gang Size: 400x400 Pixels 160,000 pixels.
  • Tiananmen Square Tank man BLM (banned lives matter) art.

Canvas 40

Notable projects

  • YOBA core (2ch, Добро пожаловать. Снова).
  • 2ch style Yoib-chan.
  • Achi/2chi Cirno.
  • Maestro YOBA.
  • Remember the fallen BLM (banned lives matter) art.

Canvas 41

Notable projects:

Canvas 42

Notable projects:

  • Anniversary (uwu bi boib) core.
  • Me and the boys waiting BLM (banned lives matter) art.
  • Ninja.
  • YOIB atlas statue art.
  • Dark gray Yoib-chan.
  • Unban us Luigi panda art (DHXT and PJG).


Canvas 43

Notable projects:

  • Yoib windows 95 core.
  • Creative freedom BLM (banned lives matter) art.
  • Jojo art collaboration with Dani26795 over 50k pixels before Dani joined the general ranks of YOIB.
  • Army Forest snow camo Yoib-chan.
  • Yoib-chan's birthday art.

Canvas 43a (break canvas to prepare for new palette)

Notable projects:

  • Trolling State of YOIB (organisation forbidden on safe.space).
  • Melon eating khaki Yoib-chan.
  • Jail cell BLMv9 (banned lives matter) art.
  • AOT art.

Canvas 44

Notable projects:

  • Ballin core.
  • Mirror Yoib-chan (YOIB is you).
  • Haikyuu art.
  • Lemonade lady.
  • Yoib, 2ch, Woke holding pxls.space statue.

Canvas 45

Notable projects:

Canvas 45a

Notable projects:

Canvas 46

Notable projects:

Canvas 47

Notable projects:

  • Banned Lives Fight #StandWithFunta.

Canvas 50 (farewell)

Notable projects:

  • The Matrix-style Yoib-chan.

Background Colors

Canvas Color Location
28 black → dark gray North (over the ghost's eye)
29 dark gray Chile/Argentina, South America
30 melon North-West (left page)
30a 8th green North-East
31 mauve West of canvas center (first zero)
32 peach West and East of canvas center (cat legs)
33 cyan North, North-East, East
34 maroon North-East
34a black East
35 cream East
36 forest Middle East
37 navy North-East
38 deep gray North-West
39 purple North-East
40 orange North-East
41 green Middle East
42 dark gray West
43 teal South-East
43a khaki South-East
44 rust North-West
45 azure South-West
45a orange North-West
46 rose South-East
47 lime North
48 (none) (skipped)
49 (none) (skipped)
50 dark gray South-West


  • Clown Voider vs Northeast Corner Void (RubeyBros): C30a.
  • DDLC vs Fiddled Belgian Background (Helislothic): C31.
  • Smol Yoib (Kanna) vs Fiddled Castle: C32.
  • Smol Yoib vs MTL: C32.
  • Smol Yoib vs Polish Flags (YoujX): C32.
  • Gachimuchi vs Northeast Corner Void (RubeyBros): C32.
  • Marisa Kirisame vs Fiddled Mona Lisa: C32.
  • Cat D.Va vs Fiddled Arizona Flag: C32.



  • Refugees
  • Green lattice


Canvas 40 Template Timelapse

A gallery of YOIB's canvas arts:

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