Banned Lives Matter

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Banned Lives Matter was a YOIB template on Canvas 38 that compared the banning of grylical to the death of George Floyd. It was extremely controversial and was nuked by mods. The users who contributed to the art were given bans of varying length. The nuke opened up a space on the canvas which was contested in the Banhammer War. Ultimately, YOIB was victorious and built "Banned Lives Matter V2," without the elements comparing grylical's ban to George Floyd's death, over the same spot.

After this incident, YOIB continued to make Banned Lives Matter templates with different looks, turning it into more of a slogan.

Users involved


PJG owned ERROR Gang. He was temporarily banned in the Banned Lives Matter nuke.


IceTicket was permanently banned for helping the creation of Banned Lives Matter and previous records of mass toxicity like saying racial slurs and heavy language.