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Commanders and leaders
Neo, PJG

ERROR Gang is a faction which focuses on creating anything to do with computer errors, and surrounding that art with the missing texture lattice. It was formerly known as Missing Texture Gang. Not to be confused with Missing Texture Lattice.


Canvas 34

The forming of ERROR Gang came towards the end of Canvas 34. Originally, Neo, PJG, and friends chose to expand the Perry lattice, a lattice that was originally started by Titeiiko during a twitch stream of his, however they were incorrectly banned for multi accounting by Chalkless. Once they had been unbanned, the Perry lattice was covered by another piece of artwork, so they decided to give up and looked for other ideas. They then came across a small area of Missing Texture lattice and decided to expand on it. This formed the faction called Missing Texture Gang (MTG).

Towards the end of this canvas, ERROR Gang were involved in a small conflict with Youj's map of Poland. HentaiLover was also involved with this conflict, some would say this is when ERROR Gang become a faction.

Canvas 35

They continued this faction throughout C35, covering the top left raindrop and areas nearby on the cloud with Missing Textures.

Canvas 36

Once C36 started, the pair decided that there was not much they could do with only a lattice, so they changed MTG into ERROR Gang so they could add art and expand on the faction.

Canvas 37

On C37 they made a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) in the top right corner of the canvas, surrounded by Missing Textures.

Canvas 38

The end of ERROR Gang, reasons involve losing motivation and users being banned. Several users that were involved in setting up the faction were thanked, messages were exchanged between HentaiLover and PJG during this time.

Other Error-like imagery after c38.

ERROR Gang was being long gone by this canvas, user BingBong463 created a small portion of missing texture lattice, they claimed their lattice was created because "...the error faction I was a part of in 2019 split so I made my own". ERROR Gang did not exist in 2019, therefore there is no association between the other error faction BingBong463 mentioned.




  • Pink Gang vs MTG (C34)
  • Youj vs MTG + HentaiLover (C34)
  • ioanBG vs MTG (C35)
  • Legion vs MTG (C35)
  • YOIB vs Coffin Gang + ERROR (C36)