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Senko (formerly Mr.Jaffles and HentaiLover and known on discord as SenkoBread or Senko) is an Australian player who joined on November 5th 9:57AM (AEST), during canvas 29. They have in their time on pxls, created several factions, the most notable being Pain, Dithering and Fiddle Abuse, and another 3 that were never active, and were only created to exploit a loophole in the rules for a short period of time.


They found out about the site through a friend taking part in the TikTok Invasion of Canvas 29, however they did not participate in the ongoing raid themselves. Senko has been present on almost every canvas since Canvas 29 and places at a rate of about 150,000 pixels per year. Senko is in the top 30 All Time Pixels Placed users, as visible on the pxls.statistics website.

Canvas 29

One of the first arts they worked on was fixing a small sign that read "HENTAI" in all capital letters, below Legion. They expanded this by adding what would become Lewd Lattice and a small red circle above it. This was eventually covered by Legion.

They then moved to Australia in the top left of the country, they created a sign that read "HENTAI", in the same front as the original, but now in white text with the colours of the trans flag behind it. In the process of establishing this they fought off someone creating Pokemon, resembling Jigglypuff art. Senko was able to complete this with help of their friends, most of which have since been banned for multi-accounting. These bans were however due to the users using the same school internet, a not uncommon way of being banned. As of 2021 none of the users have an interest in joining again.

Gradually Senko and their friends expanded and finished their sign, then built a rainbow that extended downwards to the lower portion of Australia and to an upper portion. Once completed they constructed an additional rainbow, and then moved on to creating a PPPN - standing for Profit Profit Profit Nope - logo, an inside joke between the group. A bisexual flag with the words "Joe; mama" was also built, as well as more of the lattice that would become Lewd Lattice.

They met resistance at a Homestuck character and were able to progress their rainbow no further, the group stagnated at this point and made little progress. Towards the end of the canvas Senko assisted with the Bob Ross art piece on North America. Senko kept care of the art towards the end of the canvas until the reset, having to stay up to fix a portion of it.

Canvas 30

During this canvas (Canvas 30), Senko devoleped their style, now creating a flag pattern with boxes left blank to allow other users to fill them in with their own flags. However if Senko felt as if they needed to change the flags to better fit the pattern's style, they would. This is also the first canvas that Senko actively made larger art, this was their first interaction with other factions and diplomacy with them.

Initially they began the canvas by making the "HENTAI" sign towards the bottom middle of the left page of the open book. They then expanded downwards, drawing a sign that symbolised their style's second canvas. They expanded outwards and upwards, continuing the rainbow from one end of the sign that was first used on Canvas 29. They expanded this to the left side of Simian Sculptors peacefully, this rainbow would be expanded a few times over this canvas. Senko then expanded upwards, creating the flag of Kuwait and the flag of the Netherlands.

After this, Senko had found a template that they liked and began to work on it, a picture of Tsuyu Asui in the almost exact middle of the canvas. Senko worked on the template for the majority of this canvas, with only one other person helping work on it with them. This art however was situated close to the Pixelstuck faction, who at this time was rather small.

To complete the Tsuyu art, they went to the Pixelstuck faction's discord and negotiated moving the art with them. Eventually they struck a deal, Senko would move one of the Homestuck characters to another area on the canvas and in return Senko could cover up the one in the way of their template. For a while Senko worked on moving the character, halting work on Tsuyu. Once this was complete they continued to work on the Tsuyu art, this was met with some resistance from the original creator of the Homestuck art, however after a brief clarification, Senko was able to continue with the art, finishing it shortly afterwards.

Senko then moved back to their original art and expanded a bisexual flag outwards, eventually hitting the larger flag of Arizona. They were able to move peacefully over the flag, and under the star, creating a more stylised flag. No discussions were held between Senko and the owner of the Arizona flag, no conflict was created in this period of time.

Senko also covered some smaller art that they disliked, as they found it ugly. They then constructed several more LGBTQIA+ flags on the canvas, before expanding upwards and under some more art. More flags were then constructed in the same format as before. Several people added their own flags, most notably a fiddled flag of Texas and a Scottish flag.

Towards the end of this canvas, Senko made an ego, despite only having around 12,000 pixels, it used the same lattice that would become Lewd Lattice, this ego was not easy to read, and was poorly stylised in terms of text colouring. The rainbow coming about the back end of it however tied the two styles together. Finally in the last week of the canvas Senko decided to clean the nearby canvas, removing rogue pixels and unfinished art or small flags.

Canvas 30a

Senko did not participate in Canvas 30a.

Canvas 31

On Canvas 31 Senko continued their flag pattern, begging with the "HENTAI" sign and making a large 'F' and '3', to symbolise the third canvas that this style had been on. These signs once again featured the Lewd Lattice pattern behind them, with white text in front of them. Before long Senko stopped worked on this to opt for another piece of their own art.

Senko had decided to re-create the Alaska Girl art that was present on Canvas 29. However first they had to move some art that had been built by a friend of theirs at the time, MegaIDK. They eventually moved the art and was allowed to make the Alaska Girl art. This was met with some brief resistance from a user who wished to remain anonymous and Chalkless, who wanted to cover it as it was 'repeat art'. After about 20 minutes and a further 10 minutes of cleaning, both the anonymous user and Chalkless had backed away, the anonymous user left with what appeared to be a rather bitter opinion of Senko after this altercation. Senko as able to finish the art without further interruptions, other than a few minor griefs every so often.

For a brief period of time, Senko helped out with the large ahegao face on the canvas as this was being constructed by their friend at the time, JoMaCo. They assisted with it up until it was removed. This was the first instance of Senko's pixels being removed by the moderators.

Senko then moved back to the flag pattern, after expanding it and covering up some art that was rather aggressive towards the pattern, they expanded it steadily. Eventually conflict arose and Senko as fighting a one against two fight. More people eventually joined in, notably some Legion members and was able to kick the invaders out. They eventually came back and after a few more days of fighting they eventually won.

At this point a personal issue had struck Senko and they decided to take a break from the site. Over this period of time their art was vandalised and changed, keeping a less uniform pattern than it traditionally had. Senko slowly began to return to the site, deciding to fix some of the issues that were now present with their flags and lattices.

Towards the end of the canvas Senko helped out with what would become Pink Gang in the top-right corner of the canvas, they covered up an ego of someone that they had a dislike for and expanded the pink outwards until the end of the canvas.

Canvas 32

Senko was present on Canvas 32, placing fewers pixels than previously. Pxls.fiddle does not have an accurate count of the amount placed on this canvas, due to a name change from Mr.Jaffles to Senko during this time.

Intitially Senko assisted with the art to honour their friend BlinkDoggo. This was only after they finished their ego, which featured Bi symbols along with the Rainbow also used in earlier projects.

Following this, they moved to finish off a piece of art featuring a greyscale Himiko Toga, this art piece was significantly fiddled at the time, this would become Senko's first time de-fiddling an image as well as using pxls.fiddle. At first they would spend a few hours cleaning the image and making sure that the curves are smooth and still akin to the original image. They would then finish this and continue to use this template for a while.

After Senko completed this art, they would then help Pink Gang, not with any arts, but just helping with some pink background for a while.

Senko would then modify the Himiko Toga template some more, now stylising the over-fiddled lower portions of the art and opting to clean it up significantly. This would become their defiddling style.

Towards the end of the canvas Senko continued to make LewdLattice between the BlinkDoggo art and Nanachi, before a border was formerly established between the owner of the Nanachi art and Senko. They then extended this downwards, opting to make a transition with Pxls Roads and cover some more unfinished art. Once they had become bored with this, they opted to draw a large Trans flag beneath the BlinkDoggo art. This was griefed by Kristians only hours before the reset, which Senko stayed up for to defend, this was at 3AM.

Canvas 33

Senko participated in Canvas 33, with their first art being their ego again, which at this point still read 'Jaffle' as a reference to their recently changed canvas name.

Throughout this canvas, Senko would mainly focus on helping out Pink Gang again, initially focusing on the tea-sipping girl and a portion of her hair, then filling out parts of the Pink Gang logo, before moving on to help draw many the Mandrakes around the Pink Gang area, one of which was sleeping on top of their Logo.

Senko also opted to help out with the Housewives art, in the bottom-left corner, reporting on several griefs to the art and assisting with re-drawing this art.

During this canvas, Senko also helped repair IoanBG's Bulgarian flag that stretched across the canvas. However the griefer had more patience and time, so Senko was not able to make up enough ground to fully repair the art.

They also helped out with Pixelstuck's background, following an announcement in Pink Gang's discord server about the background.

Senko ended the canvas placing for Pink Gang and griefing some background art for fun, their ego displayed 42K at the end of this canvas.

Canvas 34

Senko participated in Canvas 34.

Senko's first original art was on this canvas, being a banner with ANRI written on it between the Housewives art and a triangular art piece. The original piece was meant to stretch from one side of the canvas to the other, and have palm trees, suburb-scape and urban plazas in it, to mimic music artist ANRI's Timely! album cover. This was ultimately abandoned, yet it remains as Senko's portion of the Housewives art, which they helped with following their original art.

Senko then went on to help Pink Gang again, first helping with their Neeko art and then moving on to help Pink Gang further with their pink background. This would take up the majority of the canvas for Senko.

Noticing a large free space in the canvas where nobody had yet built art, due to confusing around Legion's art, Senko opted to use a Waluigi art piece that they had defiddled and was unused. They were able to establish a portion of the outline, yet didn't get to finish it, due to Legion now placing their art there. Senko placed a few pixels for Legion this canvas.

During this canvas, Senko gained the assistance of PJG and several future ERROR Gang members on order to cover Youj's flag map of Poland. This lasted two days and ended in a stalemate, with Youj eventually reclaiming their art.

Canvas 34a

Senko helped out on Canvas 34a.

Senko used chat to pose as other users, both to their advantage and amusement.

Senko opted to help out with Pink Gang again this canvas, yet placed minimal pixels. They also helped grief some of Baba's art this canvas, replacing it with a lattice instead.

Canvas 35

Senko participated in Canvas 35, reluctantly.

Senko once again helped out Pink Gang on this canvas, as they were a member of this faction, to which they first helped first with the Logo and background. Feeling a little burnout, Senko only placed slowly on this canvas and spent more time doing other things instead, rather than This meant that Senko had only placed ~12,000 pixels on canvas 35.

Senko placed a few pixels on the PinkLanders art.

Senko helped out with some of YOIB's background towards the end of the canvas, due to a lack of free space.

Canvas 36

Senko participated in Canvas 36.

They first decided to help out Pink Gang, initially with the writing on the logo, before working on the outline to some of the holes in this canvas. Following this, they decided to help out with Magenta Squad and their mascot - Maggy. This sparked a short period of time helping Magenta Squad in their future ventures, Senko considered Magenta Squad to be their secondary faction.

This canvas saw slightly less of that burnt-out feeling, with Senko now opting to help out Pink Gang some more, along with Error Gang as repayment for their service they had done Senko in the previous canvas against Youj.

Following the completion of Pink Gang, Senko helped out on various art pieces, notable Scrappy Pixels and Dark's Void, which ended with Senko helping out Scrappy Pixels finish their background before the reset.

Canvas 37

Senko participated in Canvas 37.

Senko decided to get over their burnout during this canvas, and instead of working on Pink Gang's background, they decided to work on art instead, helping with a piece directly to the left of the Logo, to which they placed the majority on. Senko then helped out with the logo, placing on more than just the logo this time.

They then moved on to place on the Kanna art and some more on the art with the rabbits. This left Senko with a slightly less burntout feeling, as they now realised that it wasn’t worth placing on backgrounds and lattices right away, and that its more fun to place on art. Following this, Senko placed on Proggity Prog OwO's Tsuyu Asui art again.

Senko placed on other various arts on the canvas, like Rocketman's Astolfo and some pride flags at the top of the canvas, before placing more for Pink Gang on their background again.

Canvas 38

Senko participated in Canvas 38.

Senko once again placed for Pink Gang this canvas, initially opting to place on Pink Gang, mainly on their Helltaker art first, before moving back to the main art to work on the lemon girl. Unlike previous canvases, Senko did not opt to work on the Pink Gang logo as they had previously done.

Later on in the canvas, Senko assisted with the Atelier art, yet only on a small part of it. Following this, Senko was asked to join the private Atelier faction founded by themann, which at this point was not open to the public. The reasoning for this was largely due to Senko being a somewhat decent defiddler at the time and helping with the Atelier template. Senko would become part of the original Atelier, or 'Atelier 1' as it was dubbed later. Senko chose not to be too involved with Atelier at this point, and stayed largely silent in the server, only chiming in every now and then to give their thoughts or add to the conversation.

This canvas, Senko reached 100,000 pixels placed, with their 100,000th pixel being placed near the border between Scrappy Pixels and Pink Gang.

Senko ended the canvas by placing along the border between Pink Gang and YOIB.

Canvas 39

Senko participated in Canvas 39.

Senko began by placing for Pink Gang again, placing on the detective Kanna art first and avoiding the Logo again. This was where Senko began to distance themselves slightly from Pink Gang, as they had placed for Pink Gang since they had first formed on C31. Their work on the magnifying class was reverted to another design, so Senko's pixels were placed over.

After this, Senko then began to work on Atelier's art, taking their time to work on the art, as they were not as committed to the art as others. They did not participate in the disagreements over the art that was going on during this period, only attempting to give unbiased input. This would lead to Senko feeling alienated from the Atelier faction, as they refused to pick a side in the conflict.

Once they had finished with Atelier, Senko moved on to working on various projects around the canvas, like working on Purple Lattice and PokePxls

Canvas 40

Senko participated in Canvas 40.

Senko decided not to work on Pink Gang for this canvas, only placing a few pixels on the Miku on PG's template towards the middle of the canvas.

They initially opted to work on the Russel Kirsch art, deciding to work on the text, before working on a portion of the background for the text with another user that was eventually banned for an unknown reason, this other user was not associated with Senko. Senko became bored with the Russel Kirsch art, and helped out Rainbow Pixels with their art, then moving onto working with Faust and their art, yet only working on some outlines, as they did not want to feel as if they were stealing the art from Faust.

Senko then placed several Boos from the Mario franchise around the canvas, they followed this trend for a few canvases afterwards, before eventually dropping this off. They did this, as they found it fun to ask their friends to find the Boos around the canvas.

After the Boos were completed, Senko helped out with the small blue dragon at the top of the canvas near PG, Senko ended up placing about a third of the pixels on this template, they also placed on YOIB, at the very tip of the fox's tail, this was one of the few times Senko placed on YOIB. Senko also helped out with Swffl with their Garfield art, helping repair a grief by a user claiming that the art was 'immoral' due to its sexualised nature.

Following this large detour across the canvas, Senko then decided to move back to the Russel Kirsch art, which had remained largely unchanged after their absence, only being worked on by a few other users. They spent much of the rest of the canvas working on this piece, leaving them with over half of the pixels placed on this template.

Once they had completed the Russel Kirsch art, Senko began to work on Lewd Lattice, which was underneath the Russel Kirsch art, they expanded it along and around various pieces in the area, before several other users began to work on it with them, leading Lewd Lattice to reach its first peak on this canvas.

Senko ended the canvas with almost 32,000 pixels placed, more than they've placed on any other canvas they've been on, they only came close to this number again on Canvas 52, with around 32,000-33,000 being placed.

Canvas 41

Senko participated in Canvas 41.

Senko began by working on another HellTaker piece on Pink Gang's template, spending much of the opening of the canvas working on this. Following this, they started up Lewd Lattice again on this canvas, as they were still riding the wave the end of C40 had bought them. Senko claimed that this was 'the earliest lattice on canvas', to which it was only second to Legion's lattice.

Senko expanded this lattice to border YOIB and legion, making transitions between each of the lattices, despite wanting to expand the lattice further down the canvas, they decided not to, as Legion was moving up the canvas directly towards LL. The transition between YOIB and LL was a little more messy, as the green and the purple didn't blend too well together, leaving it with a strange looking transition.

They also helped with several other arts around the canvas, like a Kanna piece and a piece directly to the right of LL. Senko also hid several Boos around the canvas again, one of which can be seen on LL.

Canvas 42

Senko participated in Canvas 42.

Senko once again worked on Lewd Lattice, making it their primary objective for the canvas, however this did mean that they experienced minor burnout and only ended the canvas with about 11,000 pixels. LL was near Stem Place, and underneath Pink Gang this canvas. LL was the first lattice on this canvas, yet was one of the smallest.

They placed the lattice moving away from Pink Gang, as Senko had been able to see the template due to them still being in the PG discord server. They moved down and between the Pride art and towards the Corn, and then to the left, around some fiddled art and towards Veil, they then filled out a large area, with the help of another user who was not associated with Senko.

This other user expanded LL into Veil's area, much to the dismay of Veil, as Senko soon received a message via discord from a Veil member telling them not to expand into Veil, Senko attempted to explain that they were not responsible for it, and the other user was, yet the Veil member did not care. Senko pinged the user that was expanding the lattice this way the next day on pxls, instructing them not to extend the purple and instead fill the missing magenta.

Senko also placed on Mulk's art for YOIB and assisted with Rainbow Pixel's lattice.

Canvas 43

Senko participated in Canvas 43.

Once again Senko did not place for Pink Gang, on top of this they decided not to bring LL onto this canvas, and instead opted to work on GL, which had become the go-to lattice faction for Senko. They spent several days working on the Tsuyu Asui art for much of the canvas, including over New Year's Eve and Day. They placed about half of the pixels on this part of the GL template.

Once they had finished with GL, Senko decided to help their friend Mulk with their art, working on the Girlfriend from the game Friday Night Funkin', after this they then worked on various other pieces across the canvas, like a Charizard, some small pieces that represented The Caretaker's art, some of SubruSenpai's art and a piece from The Rift.

Some of their pixels were placed over, as a former lattice was covered by several others, likely because it resembled a void.

Canvas 43a

Senko participated in Canvas 43a. This was a -snip- canvas.

Senko placed for Pink Gang, as well as participated in Legion's promise not to get back at anyone for griefing them, so Senko decided to attempt to cover part of Legion's lattice, this went back and forth between pink and Legion's lattice for several days, with Senko managing to win several trading fights.

Canvas 44

Senko participated in Canvas 44.

Senko did not place too much on C44, as they had other commitments at the time. They opted to return to Pink Gang, deciding to work on the main art before moving on to work on other arts around the canvas, which was only relegated to working on a small patch of green on one side, helping with Green Lattice again and Pixelstuck's lattice.

Senko made the Senko fandom page during this time, but wouldn't work on it for a while.

Senko felt somewhat burnt-out this canvas, hence the low final pixel count of only about 7,500.

Canvas 45

Senko participated in Canvas 45.

Senko began by working with Pink Gang again, this time opting to work on smaller arts rather than the main piece, first they helped with one of the smaller burger pieces, then moved onto a personified fast-food items piece. Later on in the canvas, Senko helped out Pink Gang once more by working on filling the area in with pink, and working on some more arts for Pink Gang, like a pink-haired girl eating a burger.

Senko also worked on a piece by Slatpile of a character from Monster Prom, this would spark the beginning of Senko working with Slatpile on their art.

In the beginning of this canvas, Senko decied to try to make the page on Senko the longest page on the pxls fandom.

Canvas 45a

Senko participated in Canvas 45a. This was a gimmick canvas, where each user could only place two colours. Senko could only place Light Grey and Black.

Senko placed on Pink Gang's template this canvas, placing mainly Light Grey pixels, as there was no need for any black pixels. They then placed on random places around the canvas, particularly on H Lattice.

Canvas 46

Senko participated in Canvas 46.

Senko was largely absent this canvas, due to outside commitments, leaving them with only about 6,700 pixels placed.

This canvas, Senko worked on Slatpile's art, initially opting to work on it sooner than later, as Slatpile was concered about the piece's postion within 2ch's area. This piece was finished rather quickly, with the help of Mulk as well. Once this was completed, they moved on to working on Pink Gang's main art, working on mainly the tail of the dragon, as well as the body sections of it.

Canvas 47

Senko Participated in Canvas 47.

Senko decided to take another break from Pink Gang this canvas, whilst they still helped with some of their arts, they opted to not work on their main piece and instead work on a few projects around the canvas. They started off with helping out Pink Gang with their main art and logo, first working on the writing, some background before moving onto a cat with a galaxy inside it. Senko then went to work on the spiral, however Turner instructed them not to work from the inside, so Senko promptly stopped.

Senko then went to work on a large No Man's Sky piece, ironically at the time, Senko had not played No Man's Sky, and would only do so later. They began by working on the central piece of the art - a large floating object in the sky with a red light inside it - before moving onto parts of the clouds and foreground and finally assisting only a little in working on the background for the piece.

After the No Man's Sky piece had been largely finished, they moved onto working on a blue fox-like creature piece on the upper right corner of the canvas. They placed large amounts of blue pixels on this piece, mainly filling in the gaps. Once there was no blue that needed to be placed, they worked on the black background of the art.

Following the work on the blue fox-like creature, Senko did not know what to work on, however they did not choose to use the site less, as the ongoing conflict during this canvas was interesting to watch. They spent time cleaning the canvas, covering rogue pixels and restoring clean backgrounds across various parts of the canvas, particularly in the upper portion of the canvas.

Canvas 48

Senko participated in Canvas 48.

For this canvas, Senko made a return to Pink Gang and worked on their template very frequently, even contributing a small art to it. However this was only done after they finished with several characters from Omori, they helped with the upper portions of Space Boyfriend, most notably the face. As well as placing some smaller arts around it, like a smaller Space Boyfriend, Mewo and a portion of a Something. This was all done with their friends Slatpile and Mulk, as well as a few others.

This was then followed by working extensively on Pink Gang's template, true to their already established patterns with Pink Gang, they did not choose to work on arts, and opted to work on the pink background instead. This was interrupted by working on another Omori character, Sweetheart, as well as the logo.

Senko also helped out with another art of a blue snake-woman further down on the canvas.

Canvas 49

Senko participated in Canvas 49.

For this canvas, Senko began by working on some more Omori art made by Slatpile. For this, they decided to work on certain pieces of the art, like a hand of a character or a specific item, this way it would look more interesting on the canvas, to see the art slowly appear piece by piece. This worked somewhat well, however others helping on the art did not make the final timelapse look as good as they intended, they were not upset by this.

Afterwards, Senko helped out some Halloween art by Mulk, located near Pink Gang. Many of the outlines were already completed when they began to work on it, so Senko decided to work on the large blank portions of the art, filling it in with solid colours and repeating this process as per the template. This art was completed quickly following Senko working on it, both them and Mulk were able to complete it within a week.

Once this piece was completed, Senko did not have much to do, so they decided to work on some backgrounds, making some stripes towards the top of the canvas and filling in some background lattices.

Canvas 50

Senko participated in Canvas 50.

Senko began the canvas by making a return to Pink Gang, first starting with the main part of their art, primarily the logo. They would return to Pink Gang later on in the canvas to work on the background.

Senko worked on another one of Slatpile's pieces, working on the main character of the piece, leaving the rest for Slatpile. This took up about half of Senko's time on the canvas.

After they had finished with their arts, they took part in Legion's Arena and took the opportunity to establish Lewd Lattice on the canvas near the arena. They placed the lattice inside the arena, covering several arts with the help of several other users. It was eventually overran by other lattices and arts in the canvas. Their participation in the arena meant that Senko had the largest number of pixels placed over by other users this canvas, with about 5,000 pixels being placed over.

Canvas 51

Senko participated in Canvas 51.

They began the canvas by making their first solo art in a long time, creating Alaska Girl on a blue silhouette of Alaska, to draw similarity to the Alaskan Flag. They worked on exclusively this art throughout the beginning of the canvas, opting to make the background first, before moving onto Alaska Girl. Later on in the canvas, this art was griefed by the anonymous user from Canvas 31, who appeared to have a long-time grudge with Senko over the Alaska Girl made on canvas on Canvas 31. They were helped by Hazard12100, Slatpile, Mulk and TroyTheThirsty when fixing the grief. The anonymous user did not bother them again, bar erasing a small portion of Alaska.

Once Senko had completed their Alaska Girl art, they helped out with Slatpile's piece again, a catgirl maid. Senko imagined that they would only place a small amount on this template, however they found themselves with the largest amount of pixels placed on this template once they had completed the art. Afterwards, Senko worked on Rentam's art, which they would continue to do multiple times over several canvases. Their contribution to this art was minimal though, as the art was largely completed by the time Senko was free to work on it, and they had other commitments at the time.

Senko then moved onto cleaning the canvas and working on backgrounds/lattices, like Pink Gang's background, Slatpile's lattice and some other areas of the canvas.

Canvas 52

Senko participated in Canvas 52.

Senko began the canvas by working with Slatpile once more on their Subnautica piece, placing mainly on the lettering and the background areas of the art, before moving onto dark grey portions of the ship. By the time the art was completed, Senko had placed about one third of all pixels on this template.

Afterwards, Senko helped out Pink Gang again, working mainly on the background of their art around the fireworks at the top of their art, before moving downwards to work on the then unfinished Pagoda above the logo, choosing to place mainly brighter pixels on this piece around the edges. They would return to Pink Gang later to help expand downwards towards The Rift, yet were stopped by The Rift placers expanding blue upwards. Senko then opted to expand the pink to the right, meeting The Purple Empire and Navy Blue Grand Monarchy. This is where a brief altercation between Senko and members of both TPE and NBGM went down, before Senko created a transition between NBGM and Pink Gang and a member of NBGM created a transition between TPE and Pink Gang.

Senko also assisted Hazard12100 with a large unfished template, being that of Pxlstar, opting to work on the large black obilesk-like object on the left of the template, before working on the background around the characters. The template was finished soon afterwards, as several other users also joined in and helped.

After all this, Senko was left with nothing in particular to do, so they helped clean parts of the canvas, as well as change the background around the Santa to white, along with placing a natural-looking strip of blue near the CountryBalls. Along with this, they also changed the background around some more Christmas-y houses to be white, as well as making a crude transition between NBGM and the white background.

By the end of this canvas, Senko had placed over 30,000 pixels.

Canvas 53

Senko participated in Canvas 53.

Senko began by helping Slatpile once more with their Monster Prom piece towards the top of the canvas, they began by working on the lower portion of the character on the right, before slowly moving upwards towards the top of the character, before moving onto the character on the left, where they placed from bottom to top, Senko did not place the pixels for the beach-ball or the hair for either of the characters, as Slatpile had already completed these parts of the art.

Senko also placed on Beandog a little too, as they had nothing else to do. Following this, they then moved on to placing with Slatpile again on a blue lattice beneath Legion's piece.

Senko was less active on this canvas than other previous canvases, due to commitments elsewhere.

Canvas 54

Senko participated in Canvas 54.

Senko put their own art on canvas, titled 'Screenhead', this was their first solo piece in a while, it was also an original piece too. Slatpile helped out Senko by placing the outline for this piece, as Senko would not be awake for the reset. Senko began by placing from top-to-bottom, starting with the screen before working down the jacket and arms, then moving on to working on the legs and shoes. Senko would return to this art to recolour it, which worked well with the lattice that would come later.

Once finished with Screenhead, Senko moved on to help Slatpile with their Full Metal Alchemist art, they began working on the hand before moving up the sleeve, using an unusual pattern by placing a checkerboard of some colours whilst fully placing others. They didn't place a large amount on this piece, but it was still a significant amount.

Senko then slowed their placing as they worked on other various lattices across the canvas, being Green Lattice again and an orange background.

Canvas 55

Senko participated in Canvas 55.

Initially Senko worked on the Pink Gang Memorial piece in the middle of the canvas, as Senko had been a long-term placer for Pink Gang and has attributed their time on pxls to Pink Gang, saying "If it wasn't for Pink Gang, then [Senko] likely wouldn't still be here". They were placing slow though, and would move on to other things, whilst fixing griefs on Pink Gang when they could.

Senko then worked on Slatpile's piece, as they usually do. They worked on the hand, then moved up along the jacket sleeve, before working on the book and second jacket sleeve, then finally working on the legs and a portion of the beanbag. Senko would return several times across the canvas to fix griefs.

Senko would then work on a few pieces across the canvas, as well as helping out Femboy Cafe when they were raided, as well as working on the Something piece near PxlsOmori, the blue rocket that was being worked on very slowly and Chalkless's piece. Senko also became involved in a small conflict over several flags, this involved changing several flags to pride flags instead of their original flags, this took a few days and many people were involved, ultimately the side that Senko was on ended up winning, however 2 of the flags were changed back to other flags at the end of the canvas.

Senko was also involved in a small scuffle between voiders that came from the Place Invasion, this included fixing some art that they'd covered and generally removing black pixels that were in a small area of the canvas to the right of Pink Gang's piece.

Senko then was involved in another conflict after finishing working on Chalkless's art for a while, where they were placing their background over someone else's art, which despite this generally being frowned upon, Senko got away with it. This conflict took a few days initially, but once Senko asked for help from a few others, it didn't take too long to cover the art. Later on GrayTurtles put the :chalkless: emoji from the pxls discord server over the top of this lattice, however it only covered a small portion of it.

Senko would end the canvas by fixing griefs on previous arts, as well as working on Ren's piece and the blue rocket.

Canvas 56

Senko participated in Canvas 56.

Senko began this canvas by working on Slatpile's piece again, this time placing in a more unusual pattern, by making straight lines in certain colours across the piece, before returning to a more normal placing pattern. They would eventually slow down a little as they placed on this piece. Before Slatpile's piece was completed, Senko moved on to help with Ren's Senko piece, they would place extensively on this piece, leading them to have placed the most pixels on this piece. They would also come back later to fix some griefs on this piece too. HentaIiover would then return to Slatpile's piece to finish it.

Following this, Senko would move on to help Pride Faction with their piece, as Senko had worked on that piece, adding dithering and making it look "less flat". The piece was completed about a week later, Senko only placed sporadically and slowly on this piece. They then moved onto working on random pieces across the canvas, they worked on the Schlatt art for a little while, helped defend ManePxls from the The Galactic Republic's brief invasion and also worked on a small green heart lattice.

Canvas 57

Senko participated in Canvas 57.

This canvas was a break canvas for Senko, they placed less than 10k pixels on this canvas and didn't work on anything extensively. Senko helped out with the Fish Collab, mainly working on the Church of Senko piece, both defending it and adding to it. The Church of Senko faction led to some confusion amongst other pxls users, who thought that Senko owned the faction, which they did not.

Towards the end of the canvas, Senko helped out with the PokePxls portion of Fish Collab, as well as using an old template to work on the sky portion. They didn't work on anything outside the Fish Collab for C57.

Canvas 58

Senko participated in Canvas 58.

This canvas marks Senko being on pxls for half of all canvases.

Senko put art on this canvas - a piece called PandaWarrior - and was far more active on this canvas than the previous canvas, they placed extensively on their piece. Starting with the sword and making a few minor edits to the template, as the sword was the first part that they'd defiddled and it looked a little off in some parts, they then moved from top-to-bottom, working on the helmet, before then moving onto the head and down the body, and then finally to the feet of the Panda. Conveniently, the piece used the blue-purple-red spectrum and was right next to The Purple Empire, a green outline was later added to the piece to ensure that it didn't blend with The Purple Empire's background.

Senko then moved on to helping out with Slatpile's art, which didn't have much progress. They began working from top-to-bottom again, after finishing some outlines. They worked on the character on the left first, starting with the hat and moving down to the face and ears, then along the dress and finally down the legs. Senko then moved onto the character on the right, working on the tail and hair first, before moving down the jacket and shirt, then finally down the pants. After finishing this, Senko would slow down their placement speed.

They then worked on a few other pieces across the canvas, one being Pride's art, as they had also worked on it, adding more dithering after Mika approached them about it. Senko also experimented with their dithering a little on this piece, testing out some 'rougher' dithering on the deer - which Senko had mistakenly thought it was a Kangaroo for a short while. They worked on a few flags and some of the antlers, before moving on to work on other pieces. Senko worked on Femboy Café's piece for a short while, accidentally working on the hair when an announcement in the Femboy Cafe discord server asked not to. They also worked on Slim Fiddle's piece with some others towards the later portion of the canvas, noting that they like ironic fiddle abuse, and that "Slim Fiddle is one of the best factions to pop up recently". This also served as part of the inspiration for Pain, Dithering and Fiddle Abuse. Senko finished the canvas by placing for Green Lattice and helping make the Something on canvas with Slatpile.

Canvas 59



Senko is not necessarily known particularly well in pxls, generally due to their silence in pxls chat, as well as not taking part in larger conversations on the pxls discord server. Whilst being part of the pxls community for several years and having a somewhat high pixel count, Senko does not stand out like other members of the community do.

Senko does have some more defining moments and sayings on pxls, their extensive use of 'lmoa' - as opposed to 'lmao' - stems from a forgotten joke on earlier canvases, when a user accidentally typed 'lmoa' instead of 'lmao', this at the moment was funny among those in the chat at the time, and several users continued to use 'lmoa' afterwards. Senko being one of these users, has used 'lmoa' and has spread it outside of the pxls community. Another notable saying is Senkos use of the :senkobread: emote in the pxls chat, usually they send this once every day, this is because the :senkobread: emote was suggested by Senko and is also their profile picture on discord. Along with the :senkobread: emote contribution, Senko has also added other emotes, like :bassed: and :a_this:.