Scrappy Pixels

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Scrappy Pixels
FoundedCanvas 34
Active CanvasesCanvas 34 - present
ContactDiscord - Wispy#4282

Scrappy Pixels is an mediocre sized faction set for helping small groups or users in making art and putting together large projects. Their art typically revolves around cute themes and various depictions of a wolfboy character named En-Kun by model maker Filn-San. Scrappy's depictions of such character have been given names based on their color, including Ash (Red), Jade (Green), Azure (Blue), Rusty (Yellow), Violet (Pink) and Rory (Magenta).


Canvas 34

Scrappy Pixels begun relatively large, starting out left of Legion on the Canvas 34 foot of the Teddy Bear. It gained traction quite quickly with big name allies such as The Pink Gang and collaborations with Baba has Server and Faction. Their centerpiece, a pixelated version of a screenshot from VRChat including the owner and a close friend using two wolf-boy avatars. Alongside the large main art was the ego of user Swffl.

Later into canvas 34, a shared border between Green Lattice / Borderlands and Scrappy Pixels was created, taking the colors of Scrappy's lattice and transposing them onto Green Lattice's colors. Additional artwork such as the 'Mini Wolfboys' inspired by Plant Place also appeared within Scrappy's territory.


Canvas 35

Scrappy Pixels had two art pieces over the course of Canvas 35; a collaboration with The Pink Gang and a solo art of four parrots. The parrots served as Scrappy's centerpiece and core, situated at the very top center of the raincloud above the head of Legion. Scrappy's lattice, now taking on the colors of the four birds rather than the red and green of the wolfboys, would spread around this area, as well as a reappearance of the Mini Wolfboys, now including blue and yellow variants to match the parrots.

The collaboration with Pink Gang included a singular large wolfboy within Pink's territory, purple in color and more

feminine in nature, sporting a ponytail. Between this pink wolfboy and the four parrot-colored wolfboys, the Scrappy universe now had 5 different fruity colored friends to choose from.

This would increase to 6 with the small collab including the Magenta Squad, leading to the creation of a Magenta mini-wolfboy within their territory. Members of Scrappy Pixels seemed to greatly enjoy the idea of these multicolored characters, inspiring the 'family photo' theme of Canvas 36.

Canvas 36

Scrappy Pixels' main art template this canvas was a 'family photo* consisting of 6 wolfboys Wispy made all in different poses. This would be the first time Wispy had an original art piece of the Scrappy mascots not in a collab. There have been many wolf boys spread across the canvas and their pattern was everywhere expanding quickly during its time.

Scrappy would get friends amongst the likes of KrowPan, who owned the Space Patrol Luluc Pxls now dubbed Studio Triggers Pxls, new allies and members joining, helping other arts and Pink Gang helping them with the portrait as well they breezed through c36 with no other damage other than the occasional vandalism.

Wispy's art style was drastically different from what he uses present time (as of c45 during writing of this)

Author's note:

there's not much else to say wispy plz fix the rest and make it more accurate goddammit