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ActiveCanvas 29 - present
CreationNovember 12th, 2019
PredecessorHomestuck Crew
Current LeadersKarma
Flame | Stellaris | Yorude#0816
Former Leaderhazard12100

Pixelstuck is a faction that makes art based on the webcomic Homestuck. On Canvas 28, many Homestucks joined Pxls after seeing a Homestuck character in flromp’s tiktok. The next canvas, 🐺 the v [5] 🐺#4163 created the Pixelstuck Discord server to coordinate these fans.

You can find all their templates and art sources in their discord.



Canvas 28

hazard12100 made Jade. Later in the canvas, many Homestucks joined after seeing this project in flromps tiktok.

Canvas 28
Canvas 28

Canvas 29

Various users made small Homestuck ministrife sprites and other arts individually. Pixeltugal went over the Terezi that was made in South America, they were later remade in India. User 🐺 the v [5] 🐺#4163 started the Discord server on November 12 to help her build a Jade ministrife, which was later moved to a void above India, and finally to California. Later in the canvas, ?? went over the Homestuck art in east Australia.

Australian art before it got destroyed
Australian art before it got destroyed

Canvas 30

Pixelstuck started with their logo and expanded, making sprites of various sizes. Karkat originally was much bigger, but was later scaled down.

Canvas 30
Canvas 30

Canvas 30a

Two main projects were made: Dave and Lord English (the latter was made before on canvas 6). Dave had lights added partway through the canvas, this was inspired by a cosplay by Ceondoc#3560. Lord English was originally placed in the bottom right corner overlapping a leaf by pxls.es, which was later moved. Lord English was expected to go under the redstone block and over Avogadro, but later agreed to go under both instead. When the canvas was expanded he was moved to the top left corner.

Canvas 30a
Canvas 30a


Canvas 31

This canvas marked the start of making art that wasn’t just sprites, but defiddled art in different styles. Vriska and the Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead album cover were made, along with a collaboration with the user caofho showing Dolorosa holding Russia. On this canvas Pixelstuck planned a lattice to help make Vriska’s wings look semi transparent, they were later modified to have the same effect over winter garden.

Canvas 31
Canvas 31

Canvas 32

Pixelstuck planned Nepeta along with Jaspersprite. Coincidentally the canvas was also shaped like a cat, so they decided to go with a cat theme. This was the first canvas where the projects had a common theme.

Canvas 32
Canvas 32

Canvas 33

Pixelstuck originally planned Joey and Dammek without the background. Some smaller arts were added by individual users. After the two characters were finished well before the canvas was expected to reset, a background was added from the original art.

Joey and Dammek
Joey and Dammek

Canvas 34

For this canvas, Pixelstuck made the Prospit & Derse album cover.

Prospit and Derse
Prospit and Derse

Canvas 34a

Since this canvas wasn’t announced ahead of time, Pixelstuck quickly made two ministrifes for this canvas. Partway through the canvas Veil went over Eridan, but later helped remake him up a bit more and move some projects to make space.

Eridan and Feferi
Eridan and Feferi

Canvas 35

At the start of this canvas, Pixelstuck made 4 John themed projects. Due to the canvas’s unusually low size, YOIB wasn’t able to fit in many of their projects. PixelStuck, after being contacted and in fear of a war with YOIB, decided to cancel their lattice and allow them to go over three of four projects. Pixelstuck made some new projects to fit in with YOIB’s yellow theme.

Canvas 35
Canvas 35

Canvas 36

The John projects that were cancelled on the previous canvas were made along with a lattice. In addition to this, several ministrifes were made in Pink Gang's area as a collab, and a captchalogue card was added in the MS-Paint window. Near the end of the canvas, YOIB attacked the Sanses near Pixelstuck after being griefed by their owner(check). Several members decided to independently help out.

Canvas 36
Canvas 36

Canvas 37

Pixelstuck did a collab withPink Gang, and thus chose to have a Rose theme, building many arts featuring either her or Roxy, and making a lattice with a pink background. Because of Pride month, a few arts got pride flag outlines.

Canvas 37
Canvas 37

Canvas 38

On this canvas, they had a Dave theme, with other characters that fitted the red aesthetic, as well as a gear lattice.

Canvas 38
Canvas 38

A Doc Scratch featuring his head as an Avogadro Project was built with Pixelstuck as well.

Canvas 39

Pixelstuck had a Jade theme, as well as a space background, finishing the 4 beta kids from Homestuck (John, Rose, Dave and Jade), at the start of the canvas they had a territory dispute with Grayscale Pxls but it was resolved.

Canvas 39
Canvas 39

Canvas 40

Several arts were made with no clear theming, including the 4 beta kids, 2 Vriska arts, a Jade art and others. They also did a lattice with the Homestuck logo in a rainbow color gradient.

Canvas 40
Canvas 40

Canvas 41

Pixelstuck had a Halloween theme, and had a background composed of the Cascade background and candy icons. They had a collaboration with Awe faction to make the floating space John in front of Jupiter, and a small collaboration with Corner Gang to make the John hugging a strawberry. They also made a memorial of Cascade, one of the most elaborate and loved Homestuck flashes, for its 9th anniversary on the 25th of October.

Canvas 41

Canvas 42

To celebrate the long awaited Hiveswap Act 2, Pixelstuck dedicated this canvas to the game. A collaboration with ManePxls was also built, depicting Dirk Strider riding upon Rainbow Dash.

Canvas 42
Canvas 42

Canvas 43

This canvas was created with a winter theme in mind, with a snowflake background and several Christmas themed arts. A collaboration with Legion, the Signless, was created thanks to a growing friendship between the factions. Around Christmas day, Pixelstuck was involved in the conflict around an art sporting a confederate flag, and the diplomatic actions that followed.


Canvas 43a

Due to the small canvas size, Pixelstuck decided to make mostly item sprites from Openbound.

Canvas 43a
Canvas 43a

Canvas 44

Pixelstuck had a Valentines Day/Shipping theme, featuring several pairings from the webcomic, along with a quadrant lattice.

Canvas 44
Canvas 44

Canvas 45

Pixelstuck had a collaboration with Green Lattice, and featured a St. Patrick's day/green theme with a large God Tier Vriska and Leprechaun charms.

Canvas 45
Canvas 45

Canvas 45a

For April Fools, this canvas featured a gimmick where in users had access to two colors determined by their join dates. Pixelstuck made of Dirk in a maid costume, Dave with Wayward Vagabond, and several small sprites. The dark grey pixels on Dirk was originally black, as dark grey was an uncommon color and largely unavaliable.

Canvas 45a
Canvas 45a

Canvas 46

A blue theme was decided for this canvas, featuring John, Tavrisprite, and other small sprites.

Canvas 46
Canvas 46

Canvas 47

For Pride Month, Pixelstuck made art of characters and ships with pride flag outlines and designs. The lattice was the troll romance exposition page coded into Betamaze.

Canvas 48

On this canvas, album art from coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B was made. Due to the large scale of the art, a background was not done and instead a very thick outline was made instead. Pxls Town sprites of various trolls and faction members were added after the main art was completed.

Canvas 49

A lowblood theme with the Cascade background again. The link to the faction's discord had to be changed due to the original one being taken down for unknown reasons.

Canvas 50

Continuing the hemospectrum theming, Pixelstuck had a midblood theme. The lattice also came from a different segment of Cascade.

Canvas 51

A Highblood theme was decided for Halloween canvas to finish the cycle from the previous 2 canvases. A horrorterror lattice was made. Pixelstuck also had a collaboration with ManePxls, featuring Dirk, again.

Canvas 52

Pixelstuck decided on a villains theme, along with a kringlefucker to celebrate Christmas. The lattice came from this panel.


Canvas 53

This canvas featured a main art from the Homestuck inspired webcomic Vast Error, along with the cover art from the album Homestuck Vol. 10. Pixelstuck also had a collab with Grayscale.

Canvas 54

Pixelstuck had a God Tier theme for this canvas, featuring large arts of Dirk and John. Zodiac symbols were made with a small joint effort from Cells.

Canvas 55

This canvas was the last that featured art from Pink Gang, so Pixelstuck decided on a pink theme to honor their long-time presence on the site. The art featured two modified MSPARs to represent the friendship between the two factions.

Canvas 56

A Red Team theme was decided for this canvas, along with an art featuring the Strider brothers. Because of the canvas's alignment with the anniversary of the webcomic, a small animation of the character John turning their head was made.

Canvas 56a

This canvas featured a gimmick that limited the colors to Gameboy colors. An alpha kids art was converted to the palette as it was mostly greyscale already. Pixelstuck helped in the effort to completely devirgin the canvas.

Canvas 57

Pixelstuck participated in the Fish Collab, creating art of the character Feferi, but also having art of Eridan outside the box as well.

Canvas 58

Pixelstuck had a Pride Month theme again, featuring characters with more pride flag designs. A space lattice was designed with rainbow stars and constellations.

Canvas 59

A blue theme was decided, with the main art matching the art from c56. They were able to secure a claim on one of the sun rays.

They also had a collaboration piece with Schlatt & Co.

Canvas 60

For this canvas, Pixelstuck did a Beta Kids theme, featuring a rainbow lattice.

Canvas 60a

A template with a Dave scalemate was quickly made due to the canvas' unexpected shape, and John and Jade scalemates were added later to expand their claim on a few boxes, along with a small Rose.

Canvas 61

They decided on a Homestuck 2: Beyond Canon theme with art of the four kid characters from the comic.

Canvas 62

Continuing the tradition, Pixelstuck had a Halloween theme for this canvas, featuring characters in costumes and a spider lattice. The cobwebs covering parts of it were made by dia

Canvas 63

To celebrate the season, an Autumn themed template was made. Pixelstuck worked with Greyscale and Toki Pona to create the shared leaf lattice.

Canvas 64

To celebrate Christmas, they made themed art of the beta kids in a laurel.


Canvas 64a

On this especially small canvas, Pixelstuck made an Alterniabound sprite of Eridan.

Canvas 65

red and blue theme, lattice made by _Etta

Canvas 65a

Another small gimmick canvas, a gamzee scalemate was made.

Canvas 66

Purple and Green theme, adopted a recolored version of the lattice of the faction above.

Canvas 67

Aradia theme

Canvas 67a

Gamzee go rotate


Canvas 68

Terezi/Pyrope theme

Canvas 69

Pride canvas

Canvas 70

Red and Green

Canvas 71

Nepeta theme

Canvas 72

red and blue theme

Canvas 73

Halloween theme

Canvas 74

Halloween 2: electric boogaloo

Canvas 75

Rose theme, adapted osu lattice

Canvas 76

Christmas theme


Canvas 77

Collaboration with the Bag Nation, featuring a space theme with constellations and a spirograph lattice.

Types of Art

Pixelstuck uses several types of art pieces when creating their templates. They can be categorized by their method of creation.


Much of the smaller art pieces on Pixelstuck templates come from panels or interactive pages from the webcomic itself. These sprites usually are already pixel art, and can be converted to the pxls.space palette easily. Due to their simpler nature, it is common for fans to make their own variations on such sprites, either by making new outfits, or spriting different characters in the respective styles. The smaller arts are often used repeatedly across canvases.


These sprites come from the page [S] [A6I3] MINISTRIFE!!!, and feature downsized versions of characters with different outfits.


Originating from an interactive flash page, these sprites are usually less than 500 pixels large and are often added to templates after the main art is complete to fill gaps around Pixelstuck's plans.


The main sprites used in the webcomic for the characters need to be downsized before being useable on canvas. They have fallen out of use as they often do not convert well.


Sprites from other parts of the comic have been made, examples including talksprites, openbound walksprites, and original scale assets.


Troll, kid, aspect, and other symbols are common additions to templates usually near the end of a canvas.

Original Art

Occasionally, Pixelstuck members will make original pixel art that can be put on canvas. This comprises a small percentage of art made.


Homestuck fan-made pixel art is often converted to the pxls palette and built on canvas.


A good majority of present-day Pixelstuck art has been manually downsized and recolored by the artists in the faction.


Character Frequency

Name Frequency Dedicated Canvases
John 1
Rose 2
Dave 1
Jade 1
Aradia 1
Nepeta 1
Terezi 1