Homestuck Crew

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The Homestuck Crew was a faction that built art relating to the Homestuck comic and its fandom. The group was first formed on Canvas 6 and made appearances on canvases up to Canvas 23, where internal conflict brought the group to an end.


Canvas 6

Homestuck Crew's area on Canvas 6

noisyPitta and a small group of other Homestuck fans joined forces after finding someone making a Dirk, which the group helped finish. The Homestuck crew then took on their first real group project of Lord English, before scattering to various individual projects after that.

Canvas 20

Canvas 7

Due to the small size and relative obscurity of the group, nobody in the Homestuck crew was fast enough to stake a claim on Canvas 7. Instead, they built a minisprite in each of the different coloured areas of the canvas.

Canvas 9

The Homestuck Crew had no official projects on Canvas 9, though many members assisted in the construction of a Tavros head in the top left corner.

Canvas 21

Canvas 20

Members of the Crew struggled to find space on Canvas 20, and due to their limited numbers, were only able to make a small array of aspect symbols.

Vriska beneath the infamous Vriska Grave on Canvas 23

Canvas 21

With a template and location claimed by Nexo-kor, the Crew made their mark on Canvas 21 with a Skaia near the bottom of the canvas.

Canvas 23

The group constructed a Vriska on Canvas 23, though it was griefed by the Vriska Grave placed directly on top of it. The builders of the grave put it there as retribution for an attack that a newer member of the Homestuck Crew made on someone else's work earlier in the canvas, dragging the whole group into a conflict that saw the small Homestuck Crew give up. Years later, the mantle of making Homestuck art would be picked up by Pixelstuck.