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Atelier was a defiddling and original art faction founded on Canvas 37 by themann and TroyTheWhip. It was formed with the purpose of improving community art standards. The faction provided general artistic advice and showcases original works from various artists. It lists the following as its four purposes.

1) Provide a platform for artists to showcase and present their original work

2) Create a close-knit community for artists of all calibre to assist another

3) Collaborate to create fully original, faction-themed templates

4) Assist other players to defiddle and rework their templates


Canvas 37

Atelier organized in a closed, private server, doing various, small favors for other factions. This initial group of people on the private server were part of the 'Atelier 1', as it would be known as later, particularly during the end times of Atelier.

It participated in the Chicken Hunt as a defiddler, defender, and artist to Minecraft Pxls. The faction attempted to use a Minecraft Lattice," to overtake the surrounding watermelon background owned by Proggity Prog, but Minecraft Pxls negotiated peace terms with the aforementioned "Progs," faction.

Shortly after the conflict ended, Atelier defiddled a work by a member of the "Cursed Clan," marking its first non-conflict-related action.

Pixel Count: 59,873

Canvas 38

The faction made its official canvas debut, adopting a grayscale theme. It took on a territorial style, making various medium-sized artworks surrounding a larger core. To the right of this core were randomly ordered egoes of some of the faction's original members. The ego owners, read from left to right and starting from the top row are NinjaQwert, Sen. Ruoka, TroyTheThirsty, themann, chriichrii, swffl, Sidestep, and katiekool.

Its territory was later filled in with a background of a dark, mountainous terrain and a starry sky, with a moon occupying the top right. This background was designed originally by themann, and was later used as the faction's "promotional image." Despite starting its art at the beginning of canvas, the faction would not be publicly available until 07/19/20. Following the completion of its art, it defiddled art from smaller factions, including Polonian Pxls, Minecraft Pxls, and Slatpile's "Nature."

Canvas 39

Pixel Count: 83,957

Atelier had a collaboration with Magenta Squad, both adopting a "space," theme. During this canvas, the art had frequent updates, the final update being shown here.

However, this piece of art wasn't as good as the previous, because the head artists, themann and chriichrii were rushed to finish his part of the collaboration, deeming much of Atelier as simply, not very good art. The moon looked weird, the face of Atelier's mascot was also strange and it didn't have the detail as the previous canvas. themann made up for this, though, by constantly working on the art piece, and perfecting it into the final piece.

In this time, themann temporarily transferred ownership to swffl, who was later temporarily replaced by Sidestep. Sidestep was responsible for the addition of the WALL-E to the template.

Canvas 40

Pixel Count: 73,500

The faction started out with a desert theme. Due to rushed reset preparation, the faction initially claimed territories with blank, circular outlines, with only one side art and the main art finished. This canvas saw a stagnation in the main artist's output, who experienced heavy burnout. Territory placement progressed relatively slowly until completion by independent volunteers. The art featured a slight redesign of the mascot's suit and facial structure, the head of Anubis, a sarcophagus, a chariot, the Great Pyramids, a sphynx, and a smaller version of the Atelier mascot. The pharaoh and the traveller (top right) were designed by TooBlue and amber, respectively.

The background depicted a sunny sand dune with a sphynx in front of one of the Great Pyramids. The most notable feature of the sphynx was its purpose as both a section of the main art and the background, with the art's white outline ending around the horizon line of the desert sky.

During this canvas, Atelier offered to defiddle the nearby Sagres Beer Bottle, an edit the art's owner vehemently rejected under grounds that its fiddled qualities made the art more "realistic." A group of raiders representing the woke cells later attacked the beer. Atelier offered its services once more, and the owner reluctantly accepted.

Canvas 41

Jupiter defiddle

Atelier took a break this canvas as a result of placing fatigue and the main artist's burnout as well as a hand injury hindering themann's placing abilities. During this time, it defiddled two pieces before the owner temporarily transferred full ownership to TroyTheWhip for the rest of the canvas. The first piece was a "sunglasses duck" from kippypaws's duck faction. The second defiddle was an image of Jupiter from the Awe faction.

Canvas 42

Canvas 42 would be the final canvas that Atelier would be present on. This is due to several issues, most notably the continued hand injury that hindered themann's placing and defiddling ability, as well as increasing tensions between users. The featured art were several greyscale pieces, featuring a stature of Arty Boy and provided some sense of continuity, showing Arty Boy becoming better as an artist, however this was never officially affirmed as being true. Atelier also had several smaller pieces, notably the pieces from SlatPile.

End of Atelier

Continued burnout, arguments between users and a lack of new Atelier themed art led to the end of the Atelier discord server. This sparked new servers that were copies of Atelier, created by TooBlue, Mulk, and others that only lasted only a few hours. By the time Atelier had finally died, there had been 6 other groups created to mimic the faction, all of which had died. These were simply numbered, with the original private group being dubbed 'Atelier 1', the second open group being 'Atelier 2' and 'Atelier 3' as leaders changed, before another 3-4 servers were created and deleted following the deletion of the original Atelier server.

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