Chicken Hunt

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Chicken Hunt

Minecraft Pxls victory:

  • Chicken template successfully protected and defiddled
  • Progs repelled
Proggity Prog OwO

Minecraft Pxls

Supported by:
League of Factions
Commanders and leaders
tam PixleByte
~3 6+

The Chicken Hunt was a minor war on Canvas 37 that lasted an estimated 5 hours and 20 minutes. The attack was on a Minecraft chicken made by the Minecraft Pxls faction by Tam's Proggity Prog OwO.


Opening stages

It began first with Tam's faction the Proggity Prog OwO sieging the chicken, trying to build a minecraft like sign saying "fiddle abuse is no fun". Minecraft Pxls response to that was the defence of their chicken, and were winning aswell. As Proggity Prog OwO failed to siege the chicken, they then tried to build their sign around the chicken. Minecraft Pxls was not happy with this and responded with a minecraft steve and creeper head lattice around the chicken.

This lattice would work as defence against the sign idea by Proggity Prog OwO. Proggity Prog OwO later abandoned the idea of building a sign background for the chicken, and wanted to build its melon background around the chicken instead. Minecraft Pxls didn't like this either as they thought that Proggity Prog OwO would just attack their chicken again.


During the conflict, Atelier defiddled the chicken template. The Prog attack strength was diminished at this point, allowing the chicken to be defiddled during the battle itself. Multiple volunteers from Atelier also supported the Minecraft Pxls side of the conflict.

Final Diplomacy

Tam the leader of Proggity Prog OwO made PJG spokesperson. PJG joined Minecraft Pxls official discord, and him and some of the higher upps of Minecraft Pxls that being KingKirby and PixleByte the leader of Minecraft Pxls, began talking about the situation and what was happening. They didn't really come to a deal. Until when AppleBurger the second leader of Minecraft Pxls became active after being inactive for a while. Multiple propositions were made, and only one of them were accepted by Tam.

People involved

The Prog attack consisted of 1-2 people, while 3-5 defenders (including members Minecraft Pxls, Atelier and volunteers) protected the chicken template.

Notable figures

  • tam: Leader of Proggity Prog OwO
  • PixleByte: Co-leader of Minecraft Pxls
  • themann: Co-leader of Atelier