Canvas 35

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The initial canvas
The final canvas

2020/04/19 - 2020/05/04 (15 days)

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Canvas 35 started as a giant rain cloud to represent April showers.

Several large factions, namely Legion, Veil, YOIB, and Pink Gang all claimed large areas in the cloud, causing many users to be upset that most of the building area was claimed.


The size of the canvas was 1500x1488 and 1,182,714 of the 2,232,000 total pixels were placeable. (53%)

An interactive version of this canvas showing the names of factions and where they were located can be found here.

More detailed info such as timelapses, the final virginmap, and more can be found on the official archives.

Major Events

  • Anglerfish War: A war between Simian Sculptors against Veil and Legion over territory in the small canvas. The war lasted around three days and ended in a ceasefire with both sides, and an agreement to move templates in order to make space for all sides.

Minor Events

  • MTG-Legion War: A war between Missing Texture Gang (now ERROR Gang) and Legion over territory. The 'mini-war' lasted several hours and ended with a demilitarized zone being constructed to pronounce a border.
  • Irish-Bahamian War: A war between the Ireland faction and Bahamaland, in which Bahamaland decimated a flag of Ireland and built a sign over it.



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