Canvas 37

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The initial canvas
The final canvas

2020/05/31 - 2020/07/07 (37 days)

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This canvas was defiddled by TheWaffleLord.

The size of the canvas was 1500x2600 and 2,489,833 of the 3,900,000 total pixels were placeable. (63.8%)

An interactive version of this canvas showing the names of factions and where they were located can be found here.

More detailed info such as timelapses, the final virginmap, and more can be found on the official archives.


  • Legion takes another "rest canvas," making smaller artwork than usual. YOIB and Pink Gang collaborate on a border project at the middle of the canvas.
  • Kekistan and Rice Feilds members attack Pride Faction's template near the top of the canvas. Their first invasion proves largely successful, but are fought back by the community. The second invasion stalls almost immediately.
  • Community members void an attempted picture of Hitler's face with navy blue before covering it with artwork.
  • Proggity Prog OwO attempts to replace eliasville's area with a template called "PROGS VILLE" (in retaliation for an interchange of griefs on the last canvas) but are quickly beaten back by eliasville and other community members. Elias and his supporters grief a Prog-Pink Gang collab piece, reducing support for eliasville. A peace deal is reached between the Progs and eliasville.
  • YOIB covers a flag on the canvas and rumors spread, prompting speculation about an upcoming larger Flag Incursion.
  • Proggity Prog OwO violates their peace deal with eliasville and begins covering it with their melon background. After making strong progress, eliasville defenders push back and destroy the Prog background with the eliasville one, ending the war for good.
  • Pride Faction is attacked by two separate griefer rings, a Russian and a Squidward one. Both are lighter in intensity than previous attacks and are fought back.
  • The League of Factions is founded.
  • Cursed Clan is attacked by Cell Lattice for the aesthetic design of its lattice. Receiving community support, Cursed Clan is able to stall the CL attack almost to a stalemate. Shortly thereafter a new border and peace deal are reached.
  • Cursed Clan attacks Green Lattice and consumes a portion of their territory before facing a counterattack from Green Lattice, Cell Lattice, and Veil. Soon their defense collapses.



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