Pride Fist Invasion

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Pride Fist Invasion
Result Pride Faction victory

Pxls Refugees

Rice Feilds
Other volunteers
Pride Faction
Commanders and leaders
grylical Voider

The Pride Fist Invasion was an invasion on canvas 37 launched by Kekistan, Rice Feilds and a swarm of 4channers against the Pride Faction, its allies, and volunteers from other factions.


First attack

The initial invasion proved to be a success for the Kekistan battle group, which converted most of the existing Pride Faction template into a Pepe template. However as news of the conflict spread, volunteers began assisting Pride Faction in large numbers, eventually beating back the assault and restoring the template.

Second attack

The Kekistan battle group made one more organized effort to invade the Pride Fist, but their numbers were reduced and the Pride Faction had become well prepared for them by that point, allowing them to crush both fronts of the Kekistan counterattack within minutes. Griefs continued to be made on the Pride Fist for a while, but these eventually stopped and all hostilities ended.


Many of the 4channers were banned as they didn't follow the site rules; as a result, very little griefing happened after the second attack.

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