United Nations of Pxls.space

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Flag of the Pxls UN

The United Nations of Pxls.space (or simply the Pxls UN) was a faction union and later, normal faction run by TopsDaily.


Canvas 28

On the 26/10/2019 (Canvas 28) Tall Leaf was formed. Beforehand TopsDaily got an anonymous tip saying a Rebellion against Canada pxls was coming, at the time no-one listened to him as he was a new player on pxls.space. The Tall Leaf was a Rebellion against Canada where they turned the Canadian Maple Leaf into an ever growing leaf that took over parts of Canada. Alaska pxls was formed during this time at 2:00am! By 3:00am most of Canada Pxls Went To sleep but TopsDaily and his new United Nations Of Pxls.space remained. Aswell as another person still Unknown but very helpful in the conflict. The Void arrived at 5:00am to help in the conflict. Tall Leaf was defeated around 6am/7am.

On the 28/10/2019 The Void launched two main attacks. One later in the day against Canada and one during that attack against Ireland, Fortunately Canada sprung up and quickly defeating The Void' s attack. Canada helped out to defeat the attack on Ireland. And later on a minor attack on England happened (England neboured Canada) But was swiftly evaded by a user known as Goodtimes and his forces.

On the 29/10/2019 Two attacks on Ireland occurred the first damaged Ireland leaving it defenceless and the second defeating Ireland almost entirely. During these attacks Japan Pxls was established. Canada were caught up in their own battles at the time after the Tall Leaf attack earlier in the day. By the end of the day Ireland was destroyed and it's leader TopsDailyYT lost his power in Ireland pxls. He still held considerable power in the UN. He made quite a few bad decisions during this time making many doubt his leadership! This left him in bad terms with Canada also getting him banned from the Canada Pxls discord server by Canada Pxls' leader Redstonian. On that same day canvas 29, most well known as the world canvas was announced for November 1st 2019.

Canvas 29

During Canvas 29 The UN didn't do much art on the canvas. Although they did launch various attacks upon Portugal Pxls one of the largest factions in the history of Pxls.space. The UN's main attack was against Portugal in Ireland. It took over 4 days planning and the end result was that the UN took back Ireland for only 20 minutes before Portugal rallied it's forces into a counter attack. The 2 main attack were on the re-established Ireland Pxls art in the middle of Russia. The other attack was 10 minutes later on the actual in game Ireland which the UN had previously re-taken. The UN put up a good fight but in the end Portugal took back Ireland in 15 Minutes. This essentially made many lose respect for The United Nations Of Pxls.space and almost all the Factions in the UN leave permanently. After this embarrassing defeat the UN never regained the strength it had in Canvas 28 and Canvas 29. By canvas 30 the UN had all but fizzled out of existence. With the Leader TopsDaily Abandoning The UN altogether.

Canvas 40

In Canvas 40 the UN was reformed as the United Factions Of Pxls.space, but they only found out that the League of Factions essentially was in the position the UF had been in during Canvas 28. The Leader of the LoF known as Liam entered talks with the UF leader TopsDaily later that day.

On September 21st 2020, the UF was officially discontinued permanently. It was said that the UF was to merge with the LoF in order to not have any conflict between the two large factions. The UF Discord server was still available to see but was left entirely inactive with TopsDaily mainly talking with Liam in the LoF server.

Canvas 42

On Saturday 12th of December 2020, TopsDaily was banned from the League of Factions for setting up several plans including attacking the League and trying to start a LOF-Legion war.  

By the next day, the 13th of December TopsDaily announced that the UF and LoF would peacefully be going their separate ways agreeing to not be rival factions but simply separate factions. The UF was renamed to The Old Republic Of Pxls.space. TopsDaily stated this name was simply a place holder until he thought of a better name. 


  1. Ireland
  2. Canada
  3. Japan
  4. Alaska
  5. Proggity Prog OwO