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Femboy Café
Commanders and leaders

The Femboy Café (originally Femboy Volunteers) was a faction based around making art with the theme of Femboys and Tomboys as well as popular characters that portray a feminine male or masculine female traits/looks. As of Canvas 57, the faction tag on pxls had over 110 members.

The beginnings of the Femboy Volunteers. Artist: DelilahArt


Femboy Café was started by DelilahArt on Canvas 47 while teaming up with another faction to make an "anime collab" containing over 180k pixels of art including Felix Argyle from Re:Zero.


Canvas 47

Below FemBoy Volunteers c47

Canvas 47 started off with the aforementioned "anime collab". An unknown user made the text "Neko" in reference to the fact Felix has cat ears. Midway through the canvas, back and forth jokes between the Dinosaur's owner "rowrowrowyourboat" and Femboy Café resulted in Row becoming a long term member and friend with the Femboy faction.

Canvas 48

artists: DelilahArt & hazard12100

Femboy Café started out in the left hand corner of the canvas by making Astolfo, but later in the canvas another femboy was added to the template leading more and more femboys to be added to the template as the canvas progressed.

Canvas 49

Artist's: Tam, DelilahArt and Tobezz
Artists: DelilahArt and Tam

Canvas 49 was a huge step up on the pixel count for the Femboy faction, resulting in almost 40k pixels. Multiple changes were made to the template during that time, but everything worked out in the end with no wars or attacks.

Canvas 50

Artists: DelilahArt, Pan_Pony, and HeliumiteJosie

Canvas 50 had a heavy start for the faction, including a mess with multiple debates about the art for Canvas 50, as well as going through several template changes before and after the canvas started. After about 3 weeks of the new canvas, a war on the Femboy furry was started by Sidestep. The war included many many NGBM members as well as some popular Pxls users. The main premise of the war was that the art was deemed too "NSFW" but the staff team allowed it anyways.

The end result of the war was the Femboy furry being covered in skinny jeans and a crop top shirt while everything else remained the same. The last remaining discussion of the end result of the war was this: "Bc people don't like content that's commonly sexualised about and easily exploitable, and the fact that some guy (me) is still learning about Pxls and this stuff as a whole, making some/most the stuff I do not being liked by the Pxls community oh and bc we did furry art that shouldn't of been done in the first place. (yes I agree with that statement)" -DelilahArt

Canvas 51

Nothing much happend during c51, even the griefing was quite slow and no signs of any griefing 3 hours prior to Reset, Lattice was built up incudling a extra chunck of lattice conecting to Pink Gang along with a small monster can. Suprsingly a few peices of femboy art was slapped into Legions areana by Me6

Canvas 52

C52 was also another calm canvas with what seemed to be no issue's. It was a collab with Grayturtles "Neon lattice" and an xmas theme for Link as a collab with the faction "Video Gaming" ending with quite a big lattice covering around 113k pixels including the art

Canvas 53

C53 was again another calm canvas but it was the first canvas to have art drawn by Heliumite_josie and featured their character Francis as well as Astolfo. Later on Rainbow Lattice surrounded Femboy Café to serve as a lattice.

Canvas 54

This canvas again again and again was another calm canvas featuring the comic Boyfriends with quite a few updates along the way.

Canvas 55

C55 was the femboys first active canvas in a long time for quite a few reasons. During this canvas, they had a 90k pixel milestone. This canvas also marked the return of r/place, so the femboys spent time preparing for the onslaught of new players.

The spike in players led to a void being built in the top left corner. Volunteers from the Femboy Café were among the many who fought against it, wiping it out in around 20 minutes.

Canvas 63

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