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The original iteration of the "Buddy" emote, used in the Pxls chat and Discord server. Multiple variations exist.

The Buddy emote is a project that has existed on multiple Pxls.space canvases, and an emote in the Pxls chat and the Pxls Discord. Originally created as a mascot of the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy on Canvas 26, a huge number of variants have since been created by different factions, especially (but not exclusively) those associated with the Chromatic Empire. These variants have a variety of meanings to different people.

The Knights of Buddy are dedicated to the creation and defense of Buddy and its variants.


Early Buddy's intended look

Canvas 25 - Yellow War

Simple yellow and lime green faces were created by the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy during the Yellow War of Canvas 25.

Canvas 26 - Navy Blue 'Early Buddys'

On Canvas 26, an early version of Buddy was built based on the face design from Canvas 25, laying the groundwork for all future iterations of the emote. While he was griefed, you can see what he looked like before the grief in timelapses. However, Buddy was largely forgotten after this.

Canvas 41 - Beginning of modern Buddy

Buddy's appearance on the League of Factions Safe Zone revived interest in Buddy, landing him a place as an emote on the Bahamaland Discord server. While slightly shorter, this Buddy resembles the modern Buddy very closely.

Canvas 47 - Buddy comes back

Buddy on the NBGM memorial
Buddy on NBGM's c47 template

Buddy appeared again in NBGM, which had revived a few canvases ago.

Canvas 49 - Vacationing Buddy

Buddy was used in a raid template during the Invasion of COUP castle.

Canvas 50 - Canvasly Buddys

Canvas 50 and forward, Buddy became a crucial part of NBGM, and there would rarely be a template without him.

Canvas 55 - Chromatic Empire

The Chromatic Empire was formed, and custom buddy variants were made for Orange Gang and The Purple Empire. The Chromatic Empire's Discord server was jokingly called the "Buddy emote dump" due to the amount of Buddy variants, and it was expected that all future Imperial Subjects of the Empire would have a Buddy variant made in their colour to reflect their faction's identity.

Canvas 60 - Chromatic Empire Vassals

The Metallic Monarchy and Watermelon Province were formed, the first of many Chromatic Imperial vassal factions. They had their own unique buddy variants, starting a trend for future vassals.

Canvas 63 - Buddy removed from Pxls

The Buddy emote was removed from the Pxls chat and Discord server, despite its frequent use and the absence of technical limitations on the amount of emotes in the chat. It was also removed from the Pxls Discord server, despite it having 15 boosts at the time. Chromatic Empire members and other users of the emote saw this as an offence.

Canvas 64 - Buddy protests and restoration

Many measures were taken place to help get Buddy restored on Pxls including:

  • Extreme begging, mainly from eve
  • The "Bring Back Buddy" text on the Miku Monarchy x Watermelon Province collab
  • eve's daily posting of Buddys in #six-hour-slowmode, which she persisted in doing until Buddy was back, and other pro-Buddy activism in #six-hour-slowmode
  • Nizrab's plugin which restored buddy to Pxls chat, but only to those who had the plugin, causing confusion and unnecessary separation.
  • A request written by pineApple in the suggestions channel of the Pxls Discord to restore Buddy to the site.

A combination of these measures, which were unlikely to die down, and the drama which happened around this time regarding Pxls ownership, saw Buddy's return to the Pxls server. Text reading "in chat", added below the "Bring Back Buddy" text served as the final poke needed to get Buddy back in Pxls chat.

Canvas 67 - Forming of Knights of Buddy

Liam, leader of NBGM, LoF, Bahamaland and ChE appointed eve to lead the Knights of Buddy, a faction dedicated to the defence and organization of the vast amounts of Buddy variants being shared as emotes, and being built on canvas. This included Buddy variants considered "cursed" such as Can Buddy, Fella, and Mikuddy.


This list should be up to date as of 24/7/2023, but new Buddy variants are being made frequently.


In 2023, a mockup Operating System called BuddyOS was made by French OSM creator ChromaticAeternus, from the Chromaverse Discord Server.