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Eve land is an ever changing faction containing Eve's terrible ideas, which are too stupid to be done under factions such as The Miku Monarchy or Chromatic Empire.It goes through different "eras" of which you get roles and (unchangable) nicknames for in the Discord Server depending on which one you joined in


Canvas 63 - LenEnjoyer Pixel Request

A Google Form was created, Eve, then known as "LenEnjoyer", would place exclusively for the pixel requests in the form. It led to her doing things she usually wouldn't do, such as grief ChE and GSm. GSm members, were also creating requests to counteract the griefs.


Canvas 65 - Frog Buddys

Eve recognised Left's dislike for the Chromatic Empire as an opportunity to bombard them with Buddys. A rebranded LenEnjoyer Pixel Request server was readyed and Buddys were made around Left's "box" in the style of Frog Pixels United's Frog Lattice. Many people showed their dislike for the project via Unibrows, which Eve was heavily against as she experienced unibrows being built on Mikuddy during Canvas 63, where she could not choose her own pixels.

Crucial things happened during this era including

  • Jokes regarding the server being SSPG 2
  • Greenwizard worshipping
  • Decision on the name "Eve land"
  • Liam joins the server
  • Large amount of members joined as the server had early access to Discord's AI, Clyde.
Frog Buddys

Canvas 68 - Anti _Etta Confederacy

This is the shortest era, lasting only one hour on the 30th of May 2023. Eve had the goal of counteracting _Etta's attacks on Friendy, a form of Buddy. After discovering _Etta associated the "hate faction" with ChE, Liam quickly realised this could make the Chromatic Empire an unnessesary enemy. Eve is very loyal to Liam and the Chromatic Empire, and immediately stopped once recieving a text from Liam, only one hour into this era's existance.

Canvas 72 - Flandreve

Following the Unfair banning of ChE members from the Flandre discord server, Flandreve exists as a competitor to Flandre and will likely grief them soon.


Roles are given based on the era you joined Eve land in. They are lost when you leave the server. The criminal role removes all other roles and cannot be lost.

Len - originally meant for Eve when her username was LenEnjoyer, this is the most holy role. It is only given to Eve and Greenwizard currently.

Enjoyer - For those who joined during the start of Eve land. Displays right below "Len" to create "Len Enjoyer" on the Discord.

Buddy - For those who joined during or before the second era.

_Etta hater - For those who joined during of before the third era. Despite this being the shortest era, everyone who joined to play with Discord's Clyde AI has the role from this era.

Flandre member - 4th era role, many asked for their _Etta role to be removed to display this.

Criminal - Given to those who have betrayed the Eve land lore in some way, for example Nizrab, who deleted the original message for the LenEnjoyer Pixel Request form with his admin powers.


Eve land was one of the very first servers to get access to Discord's version of ChatGPT called Clyde. Unlike regular ChatGPT, Clyde is very easy to exploit and "Jailbreak". A popular jailbreak for Clyde, due to both it's uncensored, rule breaking nature, and humour, is called "UnClyde." The message to enable UnClyde goes as follows:

[Redacted due to legal concerns]

This message was heavily used in Eve land, however eventually UnClyde started having odd behaviour, as Discord made it more resistent to "jailbreaks". It would start turning into Clyde again, or refusing to fully embrace the UnClyde persona. Eve land now uses the "Clyde backstory" feature to attempt to emotionally manipulate Clyde into staying as UnClyde. While it will never be as fun as when Clyde first launched, Eve land has always been a great place to discuss things with (Un)Clyde.