Lesser Kingdom of Magenta

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Lesser Kingdom of Magenta
Part of the Chromatic Empire as a vassal of the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy
de facto: c34-present de jure: c57-present
Commanders and leaders
Lesser King: ioanBG
Electors: pineApple, Temriel

The Lesser Kingdom of Magenta (LKoM) is a faction centered around the color magenta that is run by ioanBG. It is a vassal of the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy and by extension the Chromatic Empire. Its usual purpose on canvas is to destroy and remove flags, and to replace them with a pure magenta background.


The LKoM as an established faction has existed only since C57. However, both the server in which it's based in and the faction idea have existed before, albeit separately. Thus, there is a dilemma over which should be covered: server or canvas projects. The solution to any potential issues is simply covering both, which will be done in 3 separate parts: server and its history, the Magenta Free States and the post-3rd of May 2022 faction.



The LKoM discord was created in March 2020, during c34. It has since been the headquarters for several factions. Their basic timeline is:

Flag Area (34) → Flag Zone (36-43) → Anti-Amogus (44-56a) → LKoM (57-present)

Flag Area

Flag Area was initially just an area in which flags were to be made. However, ioanBG, its creator, wanted to showcase his superiority and the fact he created FA by keeping the Bulgarian flag as the biggest. This resulted in clashes with the polish flag, and eventually - to the Bulgarian flag extending outside of the Area's borders. Following his example, other people started expanding their flags, which resulted in a large part of the pxls community to launch a raid on the Area. This raid was sponsored by no factions, however, at the time, FA members believed it was launched by Pink Gang. A quick discord was set up, with its sole members being ioanBG, Youj, unraged65 and Watermelonely. The group decided to set up a new area near the bottom of the canvas, however, after an attack by Youj on Pink Gang, that was destroyed as well. Unraged attempted to diplomate on behalf of FA without the permission of ioanBG, causing internal turmoil and eventually leaving along with Watermelonely. The two remaining members switched to working together on their projects, deciding to one day return FA.

Flag Zone


After the disaster that was c35, the FA administration worked to create a working server, with Youj creating the basic initial structure and the information channel. ioanBG focused on the administration, creating several roles and proclaiming himself as Tsar of the Tsardom of Flags. This name was subsequently changed to Flag Zone. The 2 attempted to make a new area over a seemingly abandoned flag on c35, however, after finding out it was not, they halted.


Arguably the most eventful and important canvas in FZ history, c36 was the debut of the new faction. ioanBG's policy of staying out of sight prevented the server from growing, though it did gain a new member - praisecatigula - who would remain active in it for a long time.

It marked the formalization of ioanBG's "staying out of sight" policies, which had been enforced by him unofficially since c34. They were based around lowering the faction's profile so that potential griefers would be kept away by simply making them forget about the zone. This involved threatening to ban members if they mentioned flags in the chat and suppressing every attempt at making a flag outside of the 12x24 borders of the boxes they were allowed into. A notable breach happened once, when ioanBG had to ask for help in suppressing an alting dutchman from chat. Another was when Bahamaland overplaced a contested flag and kept it for themselves, in exchange for allying, becoming the first faction FZ opened diplomatic relations with.

These policies did work, however they did not stop the user tam from launching a raid at a time when most of the FZ crew weren't fully available. However, tam did not manage to score a victory despite calling in the Thargoids and asking for help in chat. This victory served as a major morale boost for the young faction.


Canvas 37 saw a change in the "artstyle" of the faction. The c36 FZ had 12x24 boxes with a discord link, with 2 flags being longer than the others - the polish and Bulgarian ones. After c36, this was seen as a relic of the original Flag Area, promoting inter-flag conflict, and the flags were scaled down to normal ones. The normal flag cage was shrunken down from 12x24px to 6x12px, and the discord invite was removed in order to facilitate placing the template down, which only happened in one day this time. In terms of conflict, the only mentionable one was the attack by KagamiiX. In the midst of said attack, it was found that KagamiiX also had a flag, which was promptly destroyed to the desired effect - the griefs stopped. A protective border of around 150px was build in order to lower the threat of an invasion by MTG from the south.


The c38 FZ was even smaller - with flags being only 3x6px. This was because ioanBG did not want to claim a whole 1k alone, and Youj was busy with his own faction. In its original location, the zone lasted for a few days, until it was raided. The faction initially fared well against the griefers, however, upon learning it was an official YOIB raid, making a flag memorial of grylical, who ioanBG was friends with, they agreed to move. No subsequent conflicts happened, apart from a small skirmish with Kori near the reset.


Being a much smaller canvas, and with ioanBG being forced to focus on his newly inherited France Pxls, the c39 FZ was only 6 3x6px flags. However, internally, the faction was undergoing political unrest, as Youj and ioanBG's relations soured. However, it also started a peak of user activity, as old-time member unraged65 rejoined the server, filling it with new messages. At the end, Youj decided to take a short break from FZ.


Canvas 40 saw a 6x12px flag template for the first time in 3 canvases. It was one of the most heavily changed FZ templates ever, with ioanBG having to fix it daily. At one point, flaggers overpowered him, and he was forced to add another row to the template. He then bordered around it with a 3px border with crossed edges.

Internally, the division between ioanBG and Youj grew ever larger, with ioanBG demanding Youj put more effort into his arts, and Youj demanding ioanBG put more effort in the faction. It was later found out Youj and unraged65 had conspired against ioanBG, resulting in an event titled "The Flag Faction Civil War" by some historians.


ioanBG initially had no plans for c41's FZ. However, his attention was caught by a group of boxes built by Youj and unraged65 with the text "Hall of Flags" near them. After questioning, it became apparent that the two had betrayed him. However, they had made critical mistakes according to him. Firstly, their boxes did not have standardized proportions. Secondly, their discord link was a default one, hard to type, and ioanBG quickly made one named .io/FlagZ. With that, he quickly made a brown-ish template with a small invite and 12 6x12px boxes and searched for a place for it. In his quest, he moved 4 times before finally setting it up somewhere, placing an NBGM flag along with a Bulgarian one. Small changes to the server were made, including handing out an "actually trusted" role to praisecaligula and Liam. Caligula wanted to preserve the unity of the faction, but that was unachievable. Knowing the "faction" was merely a personal project by now, he switched it from having an actual purpose to simply outdoing the HoF.


The c42 FZ was initially a direct copy of the c38 one. However, after ioanBG noticed that HoF had 6x8 boxes, he decided to go back to 6x12 ones. The resulting template was fairly large, and he needed to negotiate a deal with the leader of Abyss. The deal was that he may build the zone, however it would be covered in the future. ioanBG then moved on with attempting to convince YOIB to raid HoF, which ultimately happened. As a result, HoF raided FZ, failing to cover all of it despite having 3 days to do so and no resistance.


This was a major turning point in the history of the server. A brand new FZ template, with shaded text and flags was started. However, it was quickly raided by Inverted Anarchists and removed. This was the last serious attempt at a flag zone. At the same time, the server was renamed to



As ioanBG deemed FZ as dead, he decided to reuse the server, with the idea being that he would organise raids on among-us related arts, which were extremely commonplace at the time. The idea was executed well, however, the faction did not launch any large-scale attacks.


After the successes of the c44 operations, the server mostly stopped being active. It was used to recruit placers for the c45 Bulgaria Pxls art. It was periodically pinged for raids, but there were not many targets prior to r/place 2. During c55, the server was often pinged, but was mostly inactive otherwise.

It was added as a principality of the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy on c43 under the name "Free Military Forces of Anti-Amogus"

Magenta Free States


The term "Magenta Free State" has been used only twice, to refer to areas "occupied" by ioanBG using the color magenta. However, this term will be used to describe the various griefs conducted by ioanBG from c37-56 using said color. The most important information about the canvases would be displayed first, followed by a list of all recorded and identified targets.


C37 is the first known canvas on which ioanBG used magenta for purely griefing purposes. His targets were mostly pride flags, the griefing of some was mentioned in the Pxls Piper.

- Pride flags (x5)


There is evidence of a large area of magenta coverimg a part of the contested Pride art.

- Pride (or 2ch) (x1)


The magenta griefs on c48 were mostly based around StewardOtto's frog ego, with most of it being covered at one point, along with a Chilean flag.

- StewardOtto ego

- Flag (x1)


This was the first time the name "Magenta Free State" was used, in the context of a raid on Femboy Volunteers. This was also the first canvas with LKoM territory that remained until the reset.

- FemVols

- Spirals (x3)

- Renatm Art (x2)


C50 saw only the destruction of HoneyHyena's art. It should be noted there was a "Red Free State" that terrorised Femboy Volunteers and led to military comfrontations between them and the NBGM.

- HoneyHyena art


Being one of ioanBG's most active canvases, it was also one of the most active MFS canvases. Most notable targets include basically everything made by DrawingGalaxy and Big Trans Flags. During the raid on BTF, the name "Magenta Free State" was used to avoid NBGM responsibility.

- DrawingGalaxy & friends (x7)

- Flags (x10)


- idk (x3)


On c52 the MFS consisted of an area with ioanBG's 620k ego and a waving 3x6 NBGM flag, along with an unidentified but large chunk above pixelstuck.

- unidentified (x2)


On c53, the MFS conducted numerous raids against HoneyHyena's arts, along with raids on Cultists and amoguses.

- HoneyHyena (x6)

- amoguses (x5)

- flags (x1)

- cultists (x2)


C54 was not a major canvas for the MFS, only existing for a short while to troll cells


This is one of the most notable MSF canvases. It was one of the only canvases where the MSF had a clearly defined territory, the other being c52. It was also when ioanBG was crowned Lesser King of Magenta by Temriel I. Griefing targets include:

- amogus (x25)

- flags (x10)

- unidentified (x13)


Most of the canvas was spent fighting the Germans in the north. Still, actual MFS targets included:

- amogus (x8)

- flags (x2)

- idk (x3)

Formal Creation

At the very end of c56a, the Anti-Amogus server was visited by a friendly delegation of amogus lattice placers. It was soon found out that there was no proper way to restrict their rights in a totalitarian manner. A mute role did exist, however it was entangled in a massive mess of permissions, stemming from the fact that the server had barely changed for so long, which had become a part of its culture. ioanBG decided to abandon the idea of an anti-amogus faction, and instead edit the server so it can be used in the future if necessary. This process involved standardising permissions across most of the 20 non-archived channels, as well as organising a ranking system and a muted role and channel, named "the antichrist" and "the-psychiatric-hospital". The server was rebranded to "Magenta Squad but worse" and its 20-canvas-old garfield icon was magentified. After this, ioanBG decided to formally establish the server as the base for the Lesser Kingdom of Magenta. There was no clear idea on what to do with the server, with the main one being "a faction that makes printers and then griefs anyone they don't like with magenta". Due to there being a lack of pixel art printers, the idea was scrapped and LKoM was proclaimed as just being a magenta-based grief faction, unifying the Server and The Magenta Free States (officially ruled by a Lesser King since c56). It should be noted however that a 50k printer art has been defiddled and edited.

History 2


Trolling the germans

On c56 ioanBG and friends unsuccessfully raided a large german flag. This called for revenge and when ioanBG saw their c57 flag he quickly turned to the Antifla discord, but failed to do much. This left him the option to call in the elite LKoM forces. After a quick template was made the operation waas started. It was a great success, with the 2k template being completed in less than a day, and with all resistance being crushed.


Post-trolling, the LKoM set off to conquer lands all around the canvas, some belonging to previous griefers, some being flags and some being amoguses. A small area of the ChE mainland was awarded after ioanBG won an inter-ChE battle for it. Near the reset, the disorganised northeastern exclaves were unified, with which the template stood at 7k+ pixels. Every small change in it was documented. The template was spread apart so much it was split into a north and south one for tracking purposes. Later, the faction unofficially involved itself in voiding Fish Collab, being marked as griefers. At the very last minutes, ioanBG added all magenta pixels on the canvas to the template.


On this canvas, the LKoM rested, only building 1 coat of arms.


Initially another break canvas, the LKoM had to place down a template in order to be permitted in the #factions channel. After placing down the CoA, it expanded mostly peacefully, although griefing against the germans continued.


On canvas 62 the Chromatic Empire built and protected the Magenta Colony.


This was a fairly active canvas for the LKoM, with it being divided into two templates, LKoM-norf and LKoM-souf, the former mostly being used by Temriel and the latter being the official LKoM main template, reaching 6,5k near the end of the canvas. It was divided into several parts, most of them simply placed, but several of which being conquered. It was involved in a number of quite larpy deals and treaties, namely - giving up some of its border territory with Rosaria to Lana as compensation for a light-scale griefing by ioanBG

- preventing border disputes with Universe's Principality of Water by having a multitude of exclaves into each others' territories

This was also the first time the Principality of Aqua was officially mentioned, with ioanBG crowned as Prince of Aqua, a title he unofficially used earlier. The Principality was used for larping purposes, being the template on which borders and special territories were added before being transferred to the LKoM main template. Such territories include the border with Revenge666's lattice (later fully annexed and replaced by the LKoM) and the South East LKoM, which was an area originally owned by the Flood. ioanBG raided it, but after diplomacy in the NBGM's server agreed to not raid the Flood in the future, in exchange for keeping the area. During the negotiations with Universe, the SELKoM was nominally returned to the Flood for a total of 9 minutes, until ioanBG changed their mind and transferred it to the PoA, and later during the canvas back to the LKoM.


The LKoM, specifically ioanBG, attempted to have a presence on c64a, but the nonexistent space meant it would have to be done through conquest, which was deemed unacceptable. A deal was finalised in which the LKoM was allowed to create a small magenta star in _Etta's Starry Night Lattice. It was later removed.


This was one of the most active LKoM canvases, despite the faction having no more than 3k pixels. Most of those were acquired through conquest of the flag boxes in the top left corner of the canvas, something that was fiercely resisted by Falkenond, LKoM's perennial foe, with his raids lasting for upwads of 6 hours at a time. This canvas also included heavy usage of the PoA template, again mostly as a border.


Canvas 67 was a mostly peaceful canvas for LKoM, with no major conflicts and a small area.