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Can is a Pxls user that was banned on Canvas 62 for multi-accounting. He has attempted to appeal the ban, but was rejected.


"fuck you" - can

"man i love can" - LenEnjoyer

"can" - ARdude

"can is great" - LenEnjoyer

"can is my sugar daddy"-LenEnjoyer

"I DID NOT SAY THAT" - eve, previously known as LenEnjoyer


Canvas 60

During this canvas as a joke, a bunch of cans were built everywhere. Later on, Flandre and other "can hunters" destroyed all but one can which was designed by allisonwins.

Can vas 60

Canvas 61

Since the canvas ended later than expected, there was no lattices or artwork that had been left unfinished. Because of this, some users began "Can Hunting," where they would attempt to find and remove all of Can's pixels. Can had a stroke of luck though, and was able to build a small can at the end of the canvas. The existence of this can was announced with only a few seconds before the reset along with the quote "can never dies bitches"

can vas 61

Canvas 62

After being banned for having multiple accounts, can got LenEnjoyer to do his bidding. At first, they were willing to help, with a mixture of comedy and genuine empathy being their drive. Overtime many people in the pxls community warned Len to not help can, and after an attack on their faction's Discord server (MikuAM], and some transphobic comments from can, enough was enough. Len decided to cover the can with the transgender flag. Though can's silhouette made it to the end of the canvas.

can vas 62

Canvas 65a

Can made a return: Low Church of Can

Canvas 66

can vas 66

Eve (LenEnjoyer) made a can this canvas, out of boredom.

Criticism & Disappearence

Can and his followers have frequently been criticised by members of chat for 'forcing' can as a meme onto others. Arguments typically mention the temporary banning of GreenCatKid for assisting a permanently banned user and how strange it is that people aren't given the same treatment for assisting Can, who is also permanently banned. They can also mention how strange it is that people are obsessing over a random angry child on the internet. Normal human behaviour, apparently.

Other criticisms come from the fact Can hangs around with some not very nice individuals.

However, pushback from users such as _Etta, Fruity and Liam have heavily cemented the "Can meme", and it isn't referenced nearly as much anymore. Those who were unfortunate enough to talk to HaxWay have discovered that Can is no longer active in any of their communities either, or his new Discord account, which was mainly kept secret from Pxls users. Both Can lovers and haters alike hope that he has moved on from his days doing mundane pixel tasks for bad people on the internet. It is important to remember that Can was only a 14 year old during his time on Pxls, and has now hopefully matured.