Low Church of Can

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Low Church of Can
Date26/2/23 - 27/2/23
Top left of Canvas 65a
Result 2 can's survived, 2 cans ridden, and the face in severe agony

Low Church of Can

Miku Monarchy


Commanders and leaders





Low Church of Can was a gimmick faction made by left for Canvas 65a. It was ruthlessly attacked and defended throughout the 24 hour long canvas, and was able to join 3 different suprafactions within its 24 hours of life:

  • League of Associated Realms of Pxls - Tied into the League
  • Chromatic Empire - Vassal represented by the Miku Monarchy and the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy
  • Super Serious Pixel Group - Membered faction

Despite its wide allyship, SSPG no longer existed and the other two were too busy defending themselves, meaning Low Church of Can was up to mainly just Len and Left. Left did their duty to can and did not sleep at all that night, despite having school the next day. Left ended as the top placer of C65a, beating out Reissecup, a primary attacker of the church. Len decided to get help from the Miku Monarchy, as she had made it a vassal and couldn't handle the fight alone, offering special roles to helpers. Unfortunately despite Miku Monarchy outnumbering the opposition, it was too late and there was simply not enough time to make every can.

Len decided to focus on the middle two, and then moved defense towards theface (to the right), and as it was being repaired the canvas ended.