High Church of Luigi

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High Church of Luigi
ActiveCanvas 61 - Canvas 74
Pontiff: Nick XXI

High Church of Luigi was a faction centred around making artwork of the Super Mario series or other Nintendo properties.

The faction was started by Pontiff Nik XXI on Canvas 61. Although small Luigi sprites (usually referred to as "Luigis") have been made on the previous 2 canvases and the idea of the Church itself began on Canvas 60a, the faction tag was created on Canvas 61 and joined the Chromatic Empire as a vassal soon after.



High Church of Luigi started out as nik_ (at the time Nik21st) making small sprites of Super Mario characters and objects on Canvas 60 and Canvas 60a. On the latter canvas the thought of making a faction entered Nik's head and later, on Canvas 61 Nik created High Church of Luigi. Sometimes later, near the end of the canvas, Nik was contacted by Liam, with the proposition to join the Chromatic Empire as a vassal. Nik accepted the deal and High Church of Luigi became an official Chromatic Vassal and Nik gained the title of Pontiff. The faction continued making small sprites and hadn't made an actual proper art until Canvas 62.

Collaboration of HCoL and PokePxls

Canvas 62

This canvas would see the first actual art of High Church of Luigi. Well first 2 arts, neither of which were standalone arts, both were collaborations, one of the arts was a collaboration with PokePxls and the other was supposed to be a part of the failed collaboration with Video Game Artists. As well as the main art more sprites of Luigi were made.

Canvas 63

On this canvas HCoL had first major art piece done by themselves which was not part of any collaboration, the art itself was defiddled by Nizrab. Smaller Luigi sprites were also placed across the whole canvas. On this canvas HCoL's art was initially surrounded by "Among Us" Lattice. Nik did not like that, and neither did _Etta. Together Nik and _Etta designed a brick lattice with which they would invade the "Among Us" Lattice. This invasion was met with retaliation from the opposing side, at first the progress on the lattice was going fine, but then Falkenond began placing for the side of the "Among Us" lattice. Soon after a big part of the Brick Lattice got replace, but Nik managed to convince Falkenond to stop placing. With that out the Brick Lattice would expand, until the main Luigi art began getting griefed. Because of that Nik decided to make a peace deal between HCoL and the "Among Us" Lattice. The peace deal would later be broken by _Etta and "Among Us" Lattice would be wiped from the canvas entirely. This event would later be called HCoL invasion of Among Us Lattice. Here it is on the interactive map: Main Luigi piece, HCoL invasion of Among Us Lattice.

Main piece of canvas 64

Canvas 64

On this canvas High Church of Luigi made one main piece, it was Luigi holding a present and saying happy holidays, the art was very simple, probably because it was Nik's second ever defiddle, and her first defiddle that was put on canvas. Despite being simple it helped bring in new placers. No additional sprites were made.

Canvas 64a

This canvas was incredibly small and so was the HCoL art, which was located right in the middle of the canvas, there also was a second one, used to cover up a german flag, located in the right lower corner.

The entirety of c64a

Canvas 65

This canvas HCoL would be a part of Chromatic Empire's huge template. The art itself was Valentine's Day themed and was an overall major improvement to the previous one. This canvas would also see the birth of Luiddy, High Church's of Luigi official mascot, which is Luigi that is made to look like Chromatic Empire's buddy. A few small Luigi sprites were also made.

Canvas 65a

On this canvas High Church of Luigi had a pretty small art, about the size of a Luigi sprite, except it was entirely made by Nik. Such size is normal for gimmick canvases.

Canvas 66


Canvas 67